I like any species that sends nudes into the endless void.

  • Eve


5 Minutes Later - Doc-Danger - Earth-ish

High Roller, the Masked Man, and I are floating roughly where the Earth should be. Fox and Eve are out looking for clues.

“You left Megacles a God Machine, right?” High Roller asks.

I nod.

“Maybe she just moved everything.”

I shrug. It’s possible.

“Pluto’s gone.” says High Roller. “That’s a good sign. Megacles wouldn’t leave without Pluto.”

I nod.

A portal opens. Fox comes through.

“Judging by the orbit of what’s left - a few comets and dust clouds - the Sun’s been gone for about 11 weeks.” Fox glares at the Man in the Mask. “It disappeared around the same time as the Impossible Party.”

I shake my head. Fuck.

We float there for a bit. Staring at nothing.

A portal opens. Eve comes through. She’s dragging a big chunk of metal. “I found something. Maybe a clue.” It’s a Pioneer probe.

I hang my head. “Thank you. But, that isn’t a clue. We fired that off to prove we existed. In case something happened to us.”

“Oh.” says Eve. “Should I put it back?”

“No.” I tear a small plaque off the antenna strut. Hand it to Eve. “No. You were supposed to find it.”

Eve’s crying. I hold her.


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