In a dictatorship, a man gets the strength of a country, and a country gets the weakness of a man.

- Candy


2 Hours Later - Deadman - Data Centre

“We know one of you is working for the enemy.” says Evil Dumbfuck.

Fuck. This meeting is the worst. I really thought the last meeting was the worst. Curse my optimism.

One of my colleagues was only mostly stupid. He was sniffing around another member of Candy’s Club. Omicron, I believe. Anyway, when I scrambled the profiles, he lost his work. He was smart enough to realize what happened, but too dumb to shut up about it.

“Don’t rush to confess.” says Evil Dumbfuck. “We’ll just check the surveillance.”

I not sure how much the surveil me, but I assume I’m fucked. I regret nothing. Can I break Evil Dumbfuck’s neck before they subdue me? Let’s find out.

“Don’t bother.” says Lodestone. “I’ll tell you who it is.”

Damn! Should’ve killed Evil Dumbfuck yesterday.

“It’s me.” says Lodestone.


Evil Dumbfuck looks at the Contracts Manager. Nods. The Contracts Manager nods back.

Awkward pause.

“She needs to be arrested.” says Evil Dumbfuck.

“Go ahead.” says Contracts Manager. “You don’t need my permission.”

“She’s at your facility, idiot.” says Evil Dumbfuck. “I can’t arrest her through virtual reality glasses.”

“Uhh… no. She’s not here. She’s an agent. She’s at your facility.” says Contracts Manager.

Lodestone smiles. Laughs.

God damn.


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