D: Phones will soon put the economy in a death spiral.

MrP: Like, people will be too busy looking at their phones to do their jobs?

D: I meant the app-ification of white collar jobs. But, probably your thing too.


2 Hours Later - Mr. Popularity - Small Apartment

I stagger through my door. Dim the lights. Turn on quiet music. Get a beer. Sit. Do I need another beer? Maybe I should just smoke and go to bed.

Dee’s plan was fucking crazy. Her goal was pretty cool though. Some of the plan was cool, too. Would I want to live in the world she’s trying to make?

I wonder if I could get past the media gatekeepers?

I fire up my laptop. Check twitter. One million followers. I think about the bodycams cops should be wearing. I wonder if I can order one?

Fuck it. Let’s do this.

A note from Doctor Zero

End of Part 2 of 7.  The story continues with Part 3 - Red Team Dead Man.

Agent Salk spies on his fellow countrymen in order to keep them safe. Also, he hates his job, his countrymen, and himself. When he discovers the world's biggest secret, he has a chance to change all that. Well, not the hating himself part. He'll probably still hate himself.

Red Team Dead Man follows Deadman through The Great Blackout.

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