Super Science & Fast Romance

by Doctor Zero

Original ONGOING Comedy Psychological Romance Sci-fi Female Lead Strategy Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

A super-intelligence is only limited by its ambition. If you could do anything, what would you do?

Megacles has a pretty good life. Also, she is horny, lonely, bored, anxious, and a bit of a drunk. She decides to fix all this with science. It works okay, until she accidentally builds a doomsday device. At least she’s not bored anymore. 

Mr. President has inherited a broke, corrupt, government. Unemployment is high, nobody pays taxes, the healthcare system is collapsing, and the government is using systemic blackmail to cover it up. He has a plan to fix it all, he just needs to steal a trillion dollars to get started.

Super Science and Fast Romance is a near future, science fiction, romantic comedy, political psychodrama. It's fun. It teaches how to fix everyday problems with lasers, evil robots, and mass hallucinations. These solutions work really well. Only a couple people die.

Any money made by this book will be spent on drugs and super hot lasers.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
A Robot That's Fun At Parties ago
One Click Divorce ago
Astral Projection ago
The "Guy" ago
Virtual Date ago
Gun Drama ago
Police Trouble ago
More Police Trouble ago
Mr. President ago
Ambition ago
The Blackout ago
Leviathan ago
Agent Happy ago
Trillions of Guesses in a Past That Never Happens ago
Love and Rockets ago
Sparkles and Rainbows ago
Math Trouble and Dance Troupes ago
God Machine ago
Helping People… or, Killing Everybody ago
Planet Gazing ago
Deadman ago
A Short Life, But A Good One ago
Heavy Breathing ago
The Darkness ago
Into Darkness ago
Half Your Money ago
Decision Time ago
Red Team Dead Man ago
Leviathan ago
Lodestone ago
The Purge ago
This Monkey Was Lied To! ago
Airless Soundless Murder Terror ago
Space Dinosaurs in Love ago
Very Yummy Poison ago
The Optimal Job Experiment ago
The Victims of The Darkness ago
An Armageddon Class Caterer ago
To Hunt Man ago
Casus Belli ago
Monster ago
Danger's Laser ago
The March of the Dead ago
Optimal Uprising ago
Life Planning ago
The Destruction of The Mega Lab ago
The Laboratory of Doc-Danger ago
The Secret Laboratory of Doc-Danger ago
Interplanetary Brinksmanship ago
Wind ago
Beautiful Stranger ago
The Debate ago
Space Gods & Party Monsters ago
The Impossible Party ago
A Ride in The Rumor ago
The Khen Warper Party ago
Glowing Green Sludge ago
Escalation ago
Pillow Talk ago

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  • Overall Score

Hard sci-fi and fucking hilarious

Just finished part 1 and this is one of the best fictions I’ve read in a long time, free or paid for, here or elsewhere.

For me it’s blending L.E.Modesitt (the sci-fi/ethics style) with something like Cyteen and a ton of lewd, beautifully constructed humour.

If this is published I’ll buy it for posterity.

Truthfully I’ll mourn the lack of a Doc Zero in my life - anyone who can write this I want as a drinking buddy.

  • Overall Score

Life handed lemons she made virtual voyeur cam

This is a surreal leap into the weird to escape her deadend reality.


  Only for those who are willing to accept that the cultural rules are there to make things simple to control.

  Once the life starts to slip outside the bounds of regular society then so does reality.


TLDR its good and weird with a tiny slice of kinky.

  • Overall Score

i love it. I love it. I love it. This just keeps going down the rabbit hole but rabbits are cute so idk it works

  • Overall Score

Needs to be read slow

Needs to be read slowly to appreciate the true genius this story is.  Also, be sure to avoid reading this while eating or drinking because I almost choked.  Now that wouldn’t have been nearly as funny as this book is!

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This damn book has reinvigorated my desire to invent and create. What the heck. Literally the first thing in years to do so. Also, the only issue it has is the occasional missing word (I know that feeling, when the flow is great and you're writing fast and skip over a word on accident).



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  • Character Score

One of the most unique literary rabbit holes I've even fallen down. 

Clever, witty, and all over the place - yet it cums together. Or in tandem. Butt sometimes turn-based. I've... gotten distracted. Ahem, this isn't actually a novel about sex but rather hilarious obsurdity. 

Kudos to you Dr. Zero. Kudos. 

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Great story and awesome science

A great story whose title is dead on. I would recommend this to anyone whom likes science, action and is not to stuck up to realise that drugs and alcol are simply part of the story and a running joke :). The grammar is great (I believe this to be an important point).

The only criticism I would give is that author has to learn that you can't jump to other locations (real or virtual) without telling the reader that the location has changed (usally it is also told how they moved but this is not always needed) either by making it part of the story or by for example putting a note at the beginning of the chapter. Something similar could also be said for the fact that it is in the beginning of each chapter not always clear whom it is that we are currently following from a first person perspective.

Now I notice that I have given more lines of criticism than positive remarks so I would again like to point out that it really is a good story and it becomes even beter when you get past the first 5 a 10 chapters. (To the author: if you reupload the first chapters and PM me than I would be more than willing to change my review even though I think that I made clear that I really did like your story and that I hope you will continue writing it).

  • Overall Score

Do it for the hypno-clones

This is the best book I've ever read. You sould read it.

On a completely unrelated note, according to the author reviewing this fiction directly increases the odds of hypno-clones being invented.