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Patreon Now Ready for Launch (Definitely not a chapter)


A note from Juun Jugo

Whew, finally done setting up the thing.  Here's the link:


Heya. I'm glad to announce that my Patreon page is now finally up. I have decided to just put up two tiers for now, and modeled my tier setup after checking other authors' patreon pages (I definitely did not copy the setup outright lol).

First Tier, just as promised, will feature two advanced chapters.

The Second Tier will feature 4 advanced chapters, but I am still actually working on it. Plus, there's a little something extra with that, so I limited it to 10 patrons for now. I included this tier early for those that don't want to be bothered switching when the other two advanced chapters are available, and so that the patrons of this tier can contact me immediately for the "something". Granted, I will work on those additional two chapters as fast as I can.

As I said before, ADRABR will never be pay-to-read, and I will only be offering advanced chapters and other stuff as incentives for donations. Moreover, although I have promised to see this novel through to its end, it is because I enjoy writing it and consider it as a healthy hobby. There is also a personal reason why I decided to do this, but I think mentioning it won't be necessary.

Truthfully, I cannot promise a consistent schedule for now, but what I could promise is at least 2 chapters per week when I'm done writing the advanced chapters.

My word count tends to vary a lot, from 2k words to 5k, though the upload time can depend on them too. For example, if I made a chapter under 3k words, it will be posted quicker compared to longer ones.

As for the where the money will go, I don't really have bills to pay in except for the water bill ($5/month on average lol), and I have already decided to get a summer job to get enough money for college.

The majority of the donations I will save upโ€”just in case I don't collect money enough from my job. Along with that, I will also prioritize finding an editor to help me with my fiction.

If I ever fail to get one, I will just strive to learn more about how to improve my writing as a whole. Shoutout to @royaldarknes for helping me with this. And also, a shoutout to the readers in the comments that correct typos or offer writing advice for me. I would pay you, but I'm afraid I can only offer peanuts and some Reputation +5 as payment ๐Ÿ˜‚

Though if there's a one-in-a-million chance I can get enough to splurge some for artworks and illustrations, I will. I really think Zheng Jin deserves a better illustration than the one on the fiction's cover.

If I don't, well, I have my sister who can draw pretty well.

(P.S. Never ask me to draw if you want to keep your vision)

Lastly, to all of you that are willing to support me via Patreon, Thank you in advance. You have my eternal-lasting thanks.

But also, to those that couldn't, I still owe a lot to you guys for reading. This all started because I wanted to share the product of my imagination in the first place, and the satisfaction of knowing that you like my story is enough for me.

As always, have a perfectly exquisite day ๐Ÿ‘


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