A D-rank Adventurer's Bizarre Reincarnation

by Juun Jūgo

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Anti-Hero Lead GameLit High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Reincarnation Strategy Strong Lead Wuxia Xianxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

In the Farcol Wastelands of Estellia Kingdom, a D-rank adventurer Ezio Walhein was killed by an S-rank dragon after stealing its precious divine artifact.

And in the Golden Dragon Sect's herb garden, a level 3 Mortal Realm Cultivator named Zheng Jin is slowly dying from his mortal wounds.

A wish to the heavens was made, and the multiverse's reincarnation wheel was disrupted.

Ezio, now inhabiting Zheng Jin's body, must survive in a completely different and unforgiving world, where the weak are prey for the strong!

Follow Ezio as he fights and schemes his way to his and Zheng Jin's dream...being the one above all!

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Why does it feel so good but hurt so bad ?

I like the MC he sound like a likable guy, not a pushover not a wanker, smart and cunning the system is cool too. No grammar mistakes come to mind but I read while playing video games and doing my homework so idk. Now what I hate hate hate hate is the pink haired girl urgh she is so hot and cold I’ll just ignore her like I do with the neighbors’ dog...

Denver Kane
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Pretty interesting start. Worth a read.

(This review is made as of Chapter 19 and may change later)


This fiction basically combine xianxia and litrpg elements... both of which I absolutely love!

I think the author is trying to stray away from an overly-OP MC for now. So, I'll recommend this for readers that don't want their main charactes to just "Protag, SMASH!!!" through all the villains with their godly powers. The MC of this story appears to be a wily one, also using schemes to win. Edit: And it turns out that I was absolutely right.


For now, the story is quite interesting, so 5 stars for that.


Though there are a few minor mistakes in grammar/spelling, the author corrects them eventually. I can still see him improve in the future if he continues this fiction, so I'll give a 4.5 for now, just to encourage the author to improve.


Only 10 chapters in, there's already a character development "special chapter" for one of the supporting characters...pretty good. The MC is developing steadily as the story goes, and in a good way for now, so 5 for chars.



Overall, I'd definitely recommend this to people who likes to read xianxia or litRPG fictions.


P.S. - This rating may change in the future as I follow where this story goes.




Henry Morgan
  • Overall Score

Great fun, good  concept, enjoyed the character development. The mc isn't too OP at the moment thank goodness, so sick of instantly OP wuxia MCs. I personally enjoy a story more when great power is gained after the MC works for it over a decent arc of time.

Will watch this story.