With gunshots still ringing in his ears the man stared at his phone in disbelief.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck! And after we've done so well. He opened up his com unit. “We're out of here. Split to the cars as planned!”

Two hours earlier they received the go ahead they needed, and now five men lay dead in different parts of Tokyo. The sixth managed to get halfway to Sendai before they found him and killed him in his hotel room.

He ran down the stairs and jumped into the waiting car. Police would arrive soon. Five minutes too late thanks to the green lieutenant colonel who abused every contact she had to have her former colleagues finish their meals or whatever they did with smiles on their faces. All knew, and none of them pretended knowing. Today would mean a sudden surge in unsolved homicide cases.

Then there was that message on his phone. A car accident. A car accident combined with a prepared transfer order for the headship of Himekaizen Academy meant that it was no accident at all.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck!

The other faction won in the end. A pyrrhic victory, but a victory still. In a burning car wreck the new principal had been found dead just minutes earlier. Another candidate would receive his career step soon.

How the fucking hell did he manage to get that position?

Starting tomorrow the new principal of Himekaizen Academy would be Kareyoshi Takeshi.


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