Yukio joined his wife when she prepared to try the waters.

And you promise this is safe?” he asked Urufu who stood on a cliff a bit further away.

Yeah, counts as a beach here in Sweden. Water's not too warm though, just telling you.”

Suddenly Yukio saw Kyoko break the surface, diving into the water in a way that told him she had more than a little experience.

But you told me you used to go swimming with Kuri. I should have known.

Gah! It's freezing!” she shouted when she came back up for air. “But it's good!”

She wants me to get into that?” Yukio said to Urufu and pointed at Kyoko in the water.

Ulf smiled back. “You want your wife telling you that you didn't dare?”

Yukio growled. “That's easy for you to say who just stand...”

The next splash announced Urufu entering the water. He dove as gracefully as always, which was like watching a brick falling into water.

Crap! Well, this counts as summer here, and it's not like I'll be back any time soon. Yukio jumped into the water and landed with a shriek. It was freezing. A little like February back home.


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