Christina tugged at Kyoko's sleeve. “Bad idea.”

Huh?” her friend said.

I wouldn't go inside the boat house right now. Let's talk loudly and make some noise first,” Christina suggested.

Beneath them seawater glimmered in the sunshine and the boat house wall was speckled with mirror shaped reflections of the sun dancing around to the broken rhythm of waves under the dock.

Seagulls greeted the summer's day, and any other time Christina would have regressed to childhood for the joy of showing her best friend what the Swedish west coast was like in summer.

Now, however, she needed to make certain they made a ruckus before something really embarrassing happened. Christina had good reasons to believe her daughter was inside letting someone else explore her body for the first time.

What about a short swim?” Christina said. The sound of bathing people nearby should wake anyone up, and if her kid was stupid enough not to get the message, then the entire party could walk in on the pair as far as Christina was concerned.

Now?” Kyoko asked, but she was already getting out of her dress. Like most of them she wore her swimsuit underneath.

Moments later Christina watched how Kyoko hit the surface with a shriek. That's your wakeup call kids. Make good use of it.

Her kid insisted on bringing her boyfriend since a couple of months, which in Christina's world was the same as planning for her sex-debut. As a mother she didn't mind at all. He was painfully shy and could need all the help he got from his girlfriend. In a way, but for very different reasons, he was a bit like Ulf.


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