The Reaper's Legion

by Michael Adams

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Earth: An advanced inhabitable world in the ideal colonizable range. Moderate temperatures and consistent weather patterns make this planet an incredible resource, along with a wealth of animals and wildlife beyond most worlds. Inhabited by the sentient species designated “Humans,” Earth would likely have joined the galactic community of its own accord. Levels of technology in local populace indicate a sharp trend towards interstellar travel, but still needs to make the last push to acquire reasonable interstellar technologies. Up until quite recently, Earth has not been a fully classified planet and was largely unknown. Due to biotic activity in the quadrant, however, attention has been drawn to Earth and many other possibly habitable planets in the regions, primarily for quarantine and control tactics.

Matthew Todd was not a particularly unique human being before the meteors struck the earth. Average athletics, above average intelligence, but somewhat gifted in marksmanship, the post-apocalyptic earth has been a trial by fire for him and many others. Creatures that resemble bastardized wolves roam the land in packs numbering in the thousands. With entire cities decimated, those that remain are left with the harsh reality that they may be witnessing the end of humanity. 

And yet, there is a chance. Humanity knows they are not alone in the universe - the wolves are case enough for that - but what they do not know is that they are not alone in their plight. They are not without aid. Obelisks descend from the sky, giving the people a means to fight back. With tools ranging from guns to advanced mechanical apparatus and more bizarre tools, the people must cull the Biotics. Or, be consumed by the ever growing and mutating threat. 

Join Matthew in the fight to exterminate the Biotic threat, and to ensure the survival of human kind!



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Michael Adams

Michael Adams

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 The Beginning ago
Chapter 2 Lifeline ago
Chapter 3 The Deal ago
Chapter 4 Making Trails ago
Chapter 5 Risk and Reward ago
Chapter 6 Blood of the Reaper ago
Chapter 7 In For a Penny ago
Chapter 8 ...In For a Pound ago
Chapter 9 Downtime ago
Chapter 10 Around The Town ago
Chapter 11 Like a Moth To Flame... ago
Chapter 12 From Another Eye... ago
Chapter 13 Mobilization ago
Chapter 14 Organization ago
Chapter 15 Integration ago
Chapter 16 Tirade ago
Chapter 17 Dreams ago
Chapter 18: Strangers In The Woods ago
Chapter 19: The Difference In Design ago
Chapter 20 A Taste of Salt ago
Chapter 21 Tunnel Trouble ago
Chapter 22 Push (Pt. 1) ago
Chapter 22.5 Push (Part 2) ago
Chapter 23 On Swift Wings ago
Chapter 24 Remembrance ago
Chapter 25 Evaluation ago
Chapter 26 Public Service Announcement ago
Chapter 27 The Limitations of the System ago
Chapter 28: Training I ago
Chapter 29 Nickname ago
Chapter 30 New Ride ago
Chapter 31 Race ago
Chapter 31.1 Bonus ago
Chapter 32 Empty ago
Chapter 33 Captivated Learning ago
Chapter 34 Complicated ago
Chapter 35 Emergency Preparations ago
Chapter 36 Council ago
Chapter 37 Hit and Run ago
Chapter 37.5 Bonus Richard's Favor ago
Chapter 38 Adapting Offensive ago
Chapter 39 Retaliation ago
Chapter 40 Siege ago
Chapter 41 Torn Apart ago
Chapter 42 Distant Patron ago
Chapter 43 High-Risk Investments ago
Chapter 44 Galactic Council ago
Chapter 45 Shattered Rebirth ago
Chapter 46 Diplomatic Repercussions ago
Chapter 47 Backroom Deals ago
Chapter 48 Political Base ago
Chapter 49 Coming Home ago
Chapter 50 Bone and Blood. Biosteel and Biotic ago
Chapter 51 Nerves and Suits ago
Chapter 52 Research and Development ago
Chapter 53 Explosions ago
Chapter 54 Welcome Home ago
Chapter 55 The Carrot... ago
Chapter 56 ...And Now the Stick ago
Chapter 57 Testing Limits ago
Chapter 58 Gauntlet of Wolves ago
Chapter 59 Gauntlet of Salt ago
Chapter 60 Gauntlet of Harrowing ago
Chapter 61 Personal Mental Space ago
Chapter 62 Convoy ago
Chapter 63 Pin-Cushions ago
Chapter 64 Strategy Meeting ago
Chapter 65 Damond ago
Chapter 66 Forward Operations ago
Chapter 67 Carrier ago
Chapter 68 Melt ago
Chapter 69 The Cavalry ago
Chapter 70 No Good Deed Unpunished ago
Chapter 71 Reaver ago
Chapter 72 Cove ago
Chapter 73 Unexpected Problems ago
Chapter 74 Creation ago
Chapter 75 New Damond ago
Chapter 76 Echoes ago
Chapter 77 Smith ago
Chapter 78 The Stalking Mists ago
Chapter 79 Signs ago
Chapter 80 Feral ago
Chapter 81 Local Culture ago
Chapter 82 Disharmony ago
Chapter 83 The Human Element ago
Chapter 84 Grave ago
Chapter 85 Reckless Abandon ago
Chapter 86 ago
Chapter 87 Rescue...? ago
Chapter 88 Getting Through the Door ago
Chapter 89 Perspective ago
Chapter 90 Last Minute Negotiation ago
Chapter 91 Liberation Radio ago
Chapter 92 Domestic Affairs ago
Chapter 93 Warpath ago
Chapter 94 Knights and Lords ago
Chapter 95 Tug of War ago
Chapter 96 Arrival ago
Chapter 97 ago
Chapter 98 The Round Table ago
Chapter 99 Introductions At The Round ago
Chapter 100 Digger ago
Chapter 101 Sensor Net ago
Chapter 102 Best When Still Attached ago
Chapter 103 Casualties of War ago
Chapter 104 Venture In Revenge ago
Chapter 105 Glimpse ago
Chapter 106 Hope and Defense ago
Chapter 107 Cavalry Charge ago
Chapter 108 Carrier Shuffle ago
Chapter 109 Breach ago
Chapter 110 Axiom Breaker ago
Chapter 111 Grit ago
Chapter 112 Defensive Shuffling ago
Chapter 113 YOLO ago
Chapter 114 Dexter ago
Chapter 115 ago
Chapter 116 Tombstone ago
Chapter 117 ago
Chapter 118 Turbulence ago
Chapter 119 Hazardous Intervention ago
Chapter 120 Silent Defenses ago
Chapter 121 Raijin Cannon ago
Chapter 122 ago
Chapter 123 ago
Chapter 124 ago
Chapter 125 ago
Chapter 126 ago
Chapter 127 ago
Chapter 128 ago
Chapter 129 ago
Chapter 130 ago
Chapter 131 ago
Chapter 132 ago
Chapter 133 ago
Chapter 134 ago
Chapter 135 ago
Chapter 136 A Web Weaved ago
Chapter 137 Small Fish ago
Chapter 138 Big Fish ago
Chapter 139 Shell-Shocked ago
Chapter 140 Drop the Bass ago
Chapter 141 Underwater ago
Chapter 142 Unease ago

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A very solid story with a leadership-based MC.

Reviewed at: Chapter 72 Cove

This story scratches a few issues that I sometimes have in some fairly appealing ways. And has quite a few (good) similarities to Scorched Earth.

- The MC is OP but only in relation to the rest of humanity, just strong enough to have an edge over most but not all of the "big bads".

- System-esq system but little direct effect (no levelling up or stat blocks)

- Supporting cast is enjoyable and fills their role nicely, also no love interest on the immediate horizon even after 72 chapters which is pretty good in my books.

- Quite interesting larger universe setting.

- MC is aware of his power, influence AND takes responsibility for it in logical ways. super +++ that I love to see in stories, none of this "lone wolf" nonsense when saving humanity.

Sure it falls into some cliches but they're not always a bad thing. I've quite enjoyed how the MC's power level has increased and it's mostly occured after plot events, making it feel much more natural than simply "I HAVE MC PLOT ARMOR! SYSTEM SAVE ME RAWR". Nice to see a MC actually suffer even through his victories. 


A fresh approach to a classic idea.

It's worth reading guys, the flow is pretty good and it doesn't take ten years to get meaningful progress, or a thousand chapters. The characters are all distinct and have feeling and depth. Give it a go. :-)


 This story is overall very good. There are a couple of issues that I feel may detract from the story slightly depending on your view. First is the way some side characters interactions with the world are written.

Spoiler: Spoiler

 Second is the separate characters pov chapters. The author has stated previously that they are not filler chapters and that they are important to the story. With some of them I agree but I personally don't think that we need a separate chapter for a person's pov every single time they go do something away from the mc. When it's that much it does end up feeling and almost reading like filler.

Last thing I'm going to hit on with this, author if your reading this, please for the love of god look up the difference between a mag and a clip! A drum clip is not possible to have what so ever.


Is good. Caveman not have much to say. He head hurt when he try to think hard about why. So he not. Then head not hurt.

Caveman Like Matthe...Matte... Matt. He like when he make big boom, and like when he go zoom into scary monsters.  He hate when Smith die. Smith good. Why Smith die? Caveman not know, but he not like.


Caveman think Matt should get wife, to make strong childs. Matts blood strong, so Matts childs strong. But Matt alone, so Caveman ask why Matt no get wife? Why Matt alone? Caveman is sad.


Caveman like big mechs, they are strong. He like big Daniel boom mech very much.


Caveman head hurt now, so Caveman stop cave writing. He hope big spirit of stories in skies hears him.


APOCALYPSE With a System Attached!

Reviewed at: Chapter 41 Torn Apart

I'm enjoying this story very much! The pacing is fast and goes really well with the flow of the story. The upgrades that come with this type of vending machine system are really fun to read about! 

coalmine overlord

the pace of the story is great and the gear is always a joy to read about be it the description or use of it. love the book


The story started off strong and I am a big fan of the genre. The problem I have is that is sooooo edgy (cringy). Also, the tags don't seem to match what I read. Comedy should really be switched with psychological. A lot of time is spent with the MCs emotions and mind, he is the ultimate brooding edgelord. If the story spent more time on action and plot, instead of having chapters dedicated to psychological struggle and conversation between characters it would be a lot better IMHO. 


System apocalypse with standard brooding OP MC

This story takes a weird medium and doesn't satisfy. Fans of "crunchier" stories with meaningful numbers will be disappointed in the shallow system. Fans of plot-driven stories will be offended by the endless cliches. I wanted to like it more than I did.


Reapers legion is amazing

Reviewed at: Chapter 138 Big Fish

The story is great and the flow is really good. I love the concepts and the characters. I'm slightly annoyed by some more recent things such as Matt not really talking with his team, and how he seems to have been stagnating a bit. I mean, the legion as a whole has grown but as far as I know, he has had no new suit from the monolith besides his advanced suit and tinkering with it. He doesn't even tell us about cost and supply of matter energy anymore which is a bit understandable. Honest opinion without my bickering complaints is that the story is a must read and it is tied with my favorite novel legendary mechanic and I would recommend anyone who enjoys one of them to read the other.  The grammar score was only lowered due to typos and occasional my misplaced words. Otherwise an amazing novel and I am looking forwards to its future.


This was what I needed, I have been craving a good post-apocalypse story for a while now and this definitely fulfilled that craving.

Ill finish the story and then ill leave a more indebt review.
So far though..... very good.