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I'm your dream, make you real

I'm your eyes when you must steal

I'm your pain when you can't feel

Sad but true

A thunder blast of lightning scattered out of the pores of my xenomorphic skin. All my dark mass of tentacles collided into the walls of the cave. A splatter of black blood gurged the lava cavern walls.

[You have been reverted back to Human Form!]

I look at my human hands and legs, my abs and chest. Everything was there like before my reincarnation. I was no longer a tentacle monster! I was free at last! I finally have my human body back! I touched my face and arms, then rubbed my dark brown hair in amazement. I can still see! I am not blind! It felt so good to be human again especially now that I have my vision back! Fuck yes!

If I can get my skills back then I will be the most powerful human in Zareth! And I will go back to my past world to get my revenge!- "Gaaaah!My eyes! What's going on!?" My vision begins fading away and slowly deteriorating by the seconds. Pixel by pixels of my vision cracked and shattered like a skyscraper made of crystal glass.

No! This can't be happening! I've finally got my human body back! And now I am blind again! All I ever wanted was too fucking see with my own eyes!!!" I thundered out in anger as I faintly look at my reflection on the ruby red mana crystals around the cave walls.

"Haha! An eye for an eye! A soul for a soul! Equivalent Exchange!" My symbiote tentacles uncontrollably laughed like a madman.

How could I be so foolish, my life has been nothing but a huge fuck up! Something inside me snaps, "HAHAHA!" I couldn't help but let loose my insanity and let out all out. I lift my hands in the air embracing my darkness and the truth of never getting my vision back in my human form. "Fuck this world! I will still survive with or without my fucking vision! I don't care what stands in my way!" I angrily punch the walls of the lava stone cave walls exploding everything around me.

The two choices I had now was to keep my human form and be blind or accept my Xenomorphic form and have my vision back. For now, I chose my Xenokthu form and absorbed back my symbiote tentacles. I had enough bullshit to take in, this time I won't be weak. Never fucking again.

"Hey what was, that sound?" Says a monotone female voice. "Will you shut your trap and I don't know but it was coming this way." Says a young brash male voice. Through the explode cave walls I could barely see three human figures. One of them was a female wearing a black and red fox mask with x-lines on the eye sections, she had raven black hair tied in a ponytail, the other two were males whose faces I couldn't picture out clearly. "Great more problems. I will probably kill them or maybe blend in with them." I thought to myself as I cracked my symbiote knuckles.

Next to my feet was one bloody disfigured thunder raptor who was struggling to live. Damn choices I already have chosen darkness the moment I evolved, "I will be taking this," I step on the raptor's neck and cleanly rip off its head with my bare hands. A *POP!SNAP!* sound was lightly heard. I peel off the scaly skin from the raptor's skull with my demonic sharp claws and take out its eyeballs straight from its eye sockets. I was making my own mask with the raptors skull.

I place the skull on my face and flatten out the front of the jaws and snout. The rest of my xenomorphic tentacles came back to me and formed themselves around my new skull raptor mask. The xenomorph tentacles morph around my body to its outline and are absorbed inside my skin.

"So, you have finally accepted your fate. What shall you do next? Kill these humans perhaps? I am still voracious I can use a quick snack right about now." My tentacles said to me in my mindscape as they rubbed against each other filled with an endless appetite.

"No. We join them. For now." My red and gold eyes coldly stare at the adventurers through my mask. This world is mine.


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