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[ Warning graphic content in this chapter

"Grawwwr!Grawwar!Arh! Arh!" Screeches the raptors in the distance.

Bolts of thunder zoomed past my face and exploded lava pillars into tiny bits of rock derby.

What attack was that!?

[ 3 Thunder Veloci Raptorzarus spotted!]( Nickname: Thunder Raptor Level:12]: The fastest land beast in Zareth. Can sprint up to 100mph, their lighting elemental horns give them an extra boost of electric mana to increase their agility. Their talons are the size of a lion's claws and even sharper and flexible than that of a lion's. These claws act as switchblades and can grow longer as they grow more mature.] [ATTK: 50 AGI: 70 DEF:30]

This is a real fight that I should take seriously have to be completely focused. My alien sentient tentacles slammed on one of the pillars and a rush of sound whirled across the empty den.

"Grawrrrr!" The thunder raptors bolted towards me, a flash streak of electricity followed behind their glowing long sparky scaly tails.

"You son of a bitch! You did that on purpose!" I said to my symbiote tentacles inside of my mindscape.

"I must have lost my grip. I am quite hungry and can't function properly without a meal! BAHA!"

One Thunder Raptor viciously tackles me and bite my blackish human hands and a surge of electricity shocked me to my core My nucleus system was inundated by static sparks.

"Garrrrrgh!" I spit out blackish and red blood as my xenomorphic humanoid body wildly convulses and twitches.

Another Thunder Raptor strikes me in the face with its sparky electric mana crystal tail. I am hit on directly on my skull, my Xenokthu tentacle humanoid body flew backward and smashes up against a pile of human bones. "Shit! I won't end up like this!" I glare over the human remains with no sense of pity or remorse. They died because there weren't strong enough to fight off the beast that roams in this volcanic dungeon layer. I wasn't like them I had evolved into something they would never become! [Tentacle smash!] Not a single spark of mana came out from fingers or anywhere in my body. My tentacles in my spine didn't even budge.

[Flame Blizzard Tornado! [Neuron Chain Bomb!] The results were the same. What the fuck is going on!? Althera activate my skills already!

[ Alert Skills are canceled and locked! You are not fully linked to the System Index!]

"This should be fun boy. What will you do without your powers?" said my xenomorphic tentacles on my spine as they rise up to my half-face which is covered in scars and sweat, the other part of my face had millions of blackish wiggling tentacles squirming in every direction.

"I utterly enjoy that look on your fearful face!" My symbiote tentacle's mocked me in a dark disgusting tone.

"Grawwwrh!ARRh!ARRh!" The alpha male of the Thunder Raptors loudly hisses and grunts as it charges over to me in such a blistering speed that my eyes lost track of where the reptilian beast was. Its powerful legs muscles and talons were extremely longer and bigger than the other two Thunder Raptors who followed by its side.

I slid back my long legs in a fighting stance, the only way I was going to defeat these incredibly fast creatures was by pure brute strength. I clenched my veiny blackish fist which was covered in swaying fiber thread tentacles. If this Xenokthu evolution is a hivemind of tentacles then I should be able to control them with my mind. First defense mode! The thunder raptor lunges at me and tackles my humanoid demonic tentacle-body against the ground with its powerful massive bird of prey legs.

My tentacles didn't react to my commands, the ones on my spine didn't even flinch. The apex thunder raptor plunges its long razor-sharp talons into my chest, "Gaahhh!Fuck!" I roar out in a heavy dark alien vibrating tone. I use a Bow and Arrow choke Jui Jitsu move and tightly grab the velociraptor by its tough scaly neck. I then throw it over my back with a hip toss Jui Jitsu martial art technique. The raptor was sent flying but not very far. It landed back on its hind legs and then attack me again. It was so fast that when I blink it was already in front of my face, the damn raptor took a chomp at my neck. "You bastard!" I roar in a hellstorm of furious demonic vocals.

"Arh!Arh!Sssss!"The apex raptor was enjoying my screams of pain, I could see the horns on its head charging up an electric shockwave.

[Incoming Attack: Shadow Thunder!]

A wave of blackish static electricity strikes up against me I shake violently, my skeletal bone system was seen through my symbiote skin, my body shined brightly like a light bulb! The pain sensor meter was insane and off the charts, the shocks got worse the more I thrashed in the cave floors as I held on to my skull. By seeing my neck left unprotected and fully exposed the apex thunder raptor retracted its razor talon claws and slit my throat for a quick prey-kill. My Adam's apple was slice open cleanly, my symbiote tentacles didn't even bother to save me, on my human throat was a large gash exposing the bloody meaty insides of my neck. "Blarggggh!" I spurt out blood both from my mouth and neck opening. The apex raptor then slashed my right eye, gashing out my eyeball, "Fuckkkk!" I yelled at the top of my lungs as I tried to regenerate my eyes.

There was a large scar slash across my eyelids.

"No not like this!… I evolved only to be slaughter so easily! After all, I've endured! And this what happens! I said I will become stronger!" I thundered out and I get shocked even harder. I lose all consciousness.


"Hey Zed! Happy birthday! Buddy!" Cardin shouts as he raises a red plastic cup of beer in the air.

"What are you guys doing in my dorm room?" Zed asked as he looked around in confusion.

"Dude we are here to have some fun! To celebrate your birthday! Here have some. Your sister is already having a good time," Cardin said as he nudged Zed's shoulders. Violeta was grinding up against Cardin's muscular and alethic superior toned jock body. She was wearing skimpy teared up jean shorts and a tight white see-through tank top that showed off her huge D cup breasts and slender pale two pack ab stomach.

"Violeta what the fuck are doing!?" Zed snagged up his sister by her hands.

"Come on have a drink and stop being such a fucking pussy," Cardin pushes a red cup full of shitty beer on to Zed's chest.

"Just relax and have some fun," Violeta whispered into Zed's ear.

Zed took a small sip of beer and then drank even more, he chugged the hell of the red cup. He didn't give a fuck about his life anymore. Dr. Oaken had already kicked him out of his apprentice program after they got into a fight. He figured that today on his birthday he could at least lay back and let loose.

"Hey, Zed. How about we give you your birthday present." Cardin said as he grabbed Violeta by her forearms and held her down. His other two bulky friends held Violet shoulders, "What are you guys doing!?" She cries out.

Cardin has a sick smile on his fucked up face, "Happy Birthday Zed." He tears off Violeta's tank top and unhinges her black bra. Her soft and voluptuous big breast quickly bounce up and down freely, she screams for her life. She was so drunk and intoxicated that she vomited everywhere as she screamed.

Zed started to feel sick to his stomach, "Stop! You sick fuck! I will fucking kill you!" He clenched his fist and walked around with a wobble he could barely see and he was perhaps drugged like his sister. Their drinks had been most likely spiked.

"What the fuck are you going to do? Rember this is fucking payback for what you did to me last time. Your stupid bitch of a sister should have given me her system index card! Now I get to have fun with her banging hot body while you watch. Blind boy," Cardin smirks and unzips Violeta's tight shorts and takes them off without a single look of remorse on his sinister face.

"No one will hold me back! I going to punch your fucking face until I break your fucking skull!" Zed goes in for a fierce punch but was quickly blocked by Cardin's football jock friends.

"Tch. Haven't you learned Zed? You are nothing. You can't see, you can't do anything. You are defenseless and weak. Let me engrain this in your fucking insignificant mind and life. The weak die and the strong survive. Now sit back and watch how a real apex male looks like." Cardin pulls up Violeta's hazel hair and kisses her neck and starts vigorously rubbing her succulent breasts in a circular motion. His cock was getting harder inside his pants just by the touch Violeta's soft plump sweaty breasts.

"Fucking stop!" Zed shouts with all of his might as he gritted his teeth.

"Look at you being such a weakling beyond redemption. What will you do? You are powerless." Echoes his primal instincts inside of his mind.

"No, I am not!" Zed head-butts one of the jocks and sends him falling to the floor. "You little blind fuck!" He yells out. Zed tackles Cardin on to the ground and starts choking him with every fiber of hatred in his blood and veins. Cardin swiftly punches Zed with a quick right hook which he couldn't see coming. His whole left eye was punched in and bleeding everywhere, a large purple swell started to form, "Aaaahhh!" Zed howled as he held his eye's in agony, his long hazel hair swayed back and forth by the impact hit. Cardin did a deadly uppercut punch under Zed's chin and finished the deed of whooping Zed's ass. His body lied on the floor twitching every few seconds, until he stops moving and was motionless, only one of his eyes were opened to see the hell that was about to unfold. Cardin went over to Violeta again and unzipped his own pants and took out his raging hard cock.

"Fuck! Why I am so fucking weak! I won't let this happen!" Zed's lifted his hands up in the air and coughed out blood.

"Tell me, boy…If you had the power to become stronger what would you do?" Says the dark and menacing demonic primal instinct voice inside his mindscape.

"I would fucking kill them all!!!" Zed's eyes opened wide and he roared to the skies as if he were a demon spawned from hell.

-Flashback ends-

My eyes open and I slammed my fist against the apex thunder raptors eye's, its eyeball exploded and it screeched out in anger and rage. I barely stand up and breathe heavily, half of my bloody scratched up human face was exposed and the other was full of xenomorphic tentacles thrashing aimlessly about.

"ARRRRH!GRAAWRRH!" The bloody one-eyed electric raptor bolted at me faster than lighting and double the time of the speed of light! It was like it teleported. All I could see was a sparky trail of electricity bouncing all across the cave walls.

One apex thunder raptor coming in and the other two lower tiers on the right! I turn and pivot my waste, both smaller thunder raptors swooshed past me. The apex wasn't anywhere to be seen, then out of nowhere a sudden burst of lighting crashed upon my skull, the raptor had clawed the top of my spine with its thunder talons from hell. I couldn't even yell at how powerful the attack was. The static shock made my brain sensory malfunction, a sea of memories over flooded me. The times when I was bullied to death and fighting for my life, my sister betraying me, all the beasts I ever devoured and absorbed into my body, and Violet's exploding head. I fell to the ground with a sense of lost hope. It wasn't that I have given up, but this battle and these thunder raptors were far greater than anything I have ever faced in Zareth. Without my skills activating the disadvantage was clear as the heaven skies.

[ Shield at 0%! HP at 8% Critical Condition! Mana and Force at -1%!] *Dings!* Althera.

Now you start working I cough out more blood.

The apex thunder raptor gave me a deadly piercing glare, as it went for a final strike, its whole jaws and jagged curved shaped were surging with electric sparks. The sharp light blue mana crystal shards scattered around its tail lit up and blinded my eyes.

[Shadow Thunder Jaws]

The velociraptor's jaws plunged through my already gash throat, I had no time to block the attack, it was way too fast for me to comprehend. I stood still frozen and shocked, as my two human eyes avert their attention at my health bar.

[ HP: 5%! Xenokthu evolution devolving! You are reverting back to human form!] I stutter back as the apex thunder raptor bit down harder my neck, the other raptors bite my symbiote legs to keep me in place so that I won't escape.

"You bastards think you can kill me! I won't stop fighting until the end! I am an apex predator!" I roar out into the skies of the lava cave. All of the thunder raptors screeched and roared as well, they felt no fear, only ravenous hunger and bloodlust. The thunder raptors shot out another assault of electric sparks from their horns. I blocked all the attacks with my elbow's crossed together. The electric current powers were too much for me to hold back, I was being shocked and electrocuted by the second.

[HP: 4%! ]

"Why don't you look at that. Your almost dead, too bad you were quite the interesting one! But I think it's time I devour you!" My symbiote tentacles all expanded out of my spine and throughout my whole body. They were trying to escape from my human body! My own tentacles had betrayed me!

A large swirl of dark mass tentacles began escaping both of my hands, spine, and lower body. I could see my human skin exposed, only my lower reign was still covered up by symbiote tentacles. My gashes and scars were slowly regenerating, not at the speed I wanted them to, unlike my original tentacle monster form.

"Finally! I am free!" My blackish alien tentacles yell triumphantly as it almost escapes from my fingertips, "What!? Why can't I move!?" It screams in anger and wrath. A spiral of invisible chains was tightening against my blackish xenomorphic alien tentacles. I had implanted a Neuron Chain Bomb not so long ago inside of my own brain and heart. I did this as a countermeasure when I was about to die. I didn't know it would finally work.

"Get this off me! You disgusting worthless human!" My tentacles turned and glared at me defiantly with its razor-sharp teeth.

"I won't let anyone push me around any longer! I told myself that I will survive no matter what! We either fight together or die together!" I held out my two fingers in the air like I was shooting a fake gun, I tried to hold all my xenomorphic tentacles back from escaping my fingertips, so they can return back into my human body. My veins were exploding out. The apex raptor blinks its eyes and hissed at the other smaller raptors, signaling them to kill me off. The two less dangerous thunder raptors went to tackle me, their sharp talons were raised up high and extended out in mid-air.

"*I will kill and devour everything in my path! No one can stop me! My eyes will destroy all that opposes me!*" I shout with rage in my dark blood-red eyes. Every shred of hatred I had from my past world, for this new world, and all the horrible things I've done overdrive my xenomorphic body into full gear. My unlimited rage and fiery anger had subdued my tentacles and brought them back inside my human body and inside my bloodstream. My own burning hatred had surpassed that of my demonic tentacles.

"Hungry! I am hungry! Devour everything! Let their blood spill! Rip and tear! No mercy!!!" I grip one of the thunder raptors neck as they zoom past me, I clenched so damn hard that its whole windpipe made a "CRACK!" sound and I lifted up by one hand into the ceilings of the cave, blood and saliva flew out of its jaws as it tried to bite me in mid-air.

"Maybe you are different then those other idoits! Haha! I am as well feeling very hungry!" Thousands of my blackish tentacles tighten around the two raptors necks and legs, the ten larger and longer tentacles on my back extended out and open their mouths. At the tip of my tentacles, a chainsaw arrangement of sharp demonic teeth was seen. The larger tentacles tear apart the thunder raptors neck, ripped out their eyeball's, and cracked open their skull by powerfully biting on top of their heads. Blood and raptor brain matter splashed all over my face. The two smaller thunder raptors shot out lighting from their horns as a futile attempt to pray themselves out of my tentacles. The alien tentacles absorb the attack easily by sucking in the electric sparks inside of their suction cup mouths. The raptors grunted and hissed for their lives as my powerful shadow tentacles ripped them apart limb from limb and devoured the bloody chunks of raptor meat, each of my hivemind tentacles fought each other for a piece of tender raptor meat. It's was an incredible gore fest. The apex thunder raptor jumped away out of fear, it had seen who was the real apex predator, it sparked and sprinted into the distance, never to be seen again. What a fucking smart creature. You clever bitch. I cracked my liquid black knuckles with a sense of pride and evilness.

[You have absorbed two thunder raptors level 12! Thunder Raptor Evolution Bloodline added to Evolution Bloodline!]

[Shadow Thunder Skill Gained!]

[Thunder Claw Skill Gained!]

+8 Agility

+4 Strength

+4 Defense

+4 Stamina

+ 10 Battle Power

Level 10 gained!

Cultivation Tier 12 gained!


"Graaaraaghhh! My head and stomach!" My skull and stomach start shaking insanely sparks of electricity shot out my eyes, ears, and mouth. A thunderous "CLAMP!" echoed throughout the lava den. Sparks entangled my body, it seemed the electric element bloodline from the thunder raptor beasts had overtaken my bloodstream and neural system.

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I wont be putting too many stats messages after this chapter so it won't overwhelm the story. Things are about to get OP. 

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