Reborn as a Tentacle Monster

by ghostybones

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Dungeon GameLit Grimdark High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Mythos Non-Human lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Post Apocalyptic Reincarnation Strong Lead Supernatural War and Military Xianxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

A college scientist who is near-blind is reborn into a tentacle monster that can see everything. But will what he see with his new vision? Will he see the truth of the new world he is reborn in? Or will he see his past life flash before him as his body evolves into something ghastly? In the world of Zareth, one thing is sure. And that is the glory and honor of hunting down a Beast Born. A beast that has a human mind and soul. 

Every reincarnation comes with a price.

Gods against Demons. Humans against Beasts. The Seven God Realms of Zareth are finally unleashed. Will the young scientist survive in this new system world? Watch him as he cultivates his way to the top.


Side note: The content warnings are there for a reason. 

[Tags]: Reincarnation, System, Evolution, Cultivation, Overpowered Protagonist, Bloodline, Fantasy, Action

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Beast Born ago
Chapter 1: New Life- Edited ago
Chapter 2: Blood Origin ago
Chapter 3: Maiden ago
Chapter 4: The lost Witcher and the runaway Maiden ago
Chapter 5: Survival ago
Chapter 6: Hunted ago
Chapter 7: The Squad ago
Mass Realease ago
Chapter 8: The Hideout ago
The Hideout Part 2 ago
Chapter 9: Consequences ago
Chapter 10: Remembrance ago
Chapter 11: Temptation ago
Chapter 12: Secrets ago
Chapter 13: Discovery ago
Chapter 14:Trust ago
Chapter 15: Skill Forge ago
Chapter 16: Grimm Alliance ago
Chapter 17: Grimm Alliance Pt. 2 ago
Chapter 18: Grimm Alliance Pt. 3 ago
Anthology and Interlude: The Foundation of the Thrones. ago
Anthology: The Rulers of Zareth ago
Chapter 19: Evolution ago
Chapter 20: The Gates of Evolution ago
System Index Update: Character List ago
Author's Note+ Edit Notice ago
Chapter 21: Regret ago
Chapter 22: Shadow Thunder Catharsis ago
Chapter 23: Shadow Thunder Catharsis Final ago
Chapter 24: Equivalent Exchange ago
Chapter 25: Equivalent Exchange Final ago
Chapter 26:Friend or Foe? ago
Chapter 27:Disguise ago
Chapter 28: The World Eater ago
Chapter 29: Dreams ago
Chapter 30: Nightmares ago
Chapter 31: I will show you True Power ago
Open Discussion/Update ago
Growth Grid ago

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Good novel hope some romance with violet and zed

Hope some zedxviolet romance and some good sex scene. I think this story is very good but the main heroine shold be violet so the main male lead dont become a complete monster, i always liked the main that are realist than the idealist and the inner conflict he have is very good i belive he must keep violet to keep his last strand of humanity and the 2 should fall in love