The saga of madness

by natus_vincat

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Horror Psychological Grimdark LitRPG Male Lead Post Apocalyptic Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

This story started usually. A virus was appeared and scourged our planet quickly and smoothly. People got infected and mutated into hungry zombies which began to chase after the survivors, having a strong desire to eat them alive.
Ah, also there was some kind of god who had told us about the system and entertainment he expects to have watching this game.
We hadn't a choice but started to play this game... I as a zombie.

P.S. This is a draft so be ready that some text will be changed in the future.

P.P.S. Image by Peter-Lomas on Pixabay

Additional tag: dark, madness, psycho, monster girl

Warning! Only for adults! (+18, +21 and etc 'cause I dunno the legal age in your county!) Violence, rape and etc. This text is work of fiction (even a planet!). Don't recommend anyone to read! Stay aside if you are underage!

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  • Overall Score

I think the premise of the story is interesting but the character and world building are fairly poor. As the main character is extremely paranoid (well-founded), but the whole first chapter is simply focused on that aspect and has little world building. Grammar is decent.

  • Overall Score

Not sure if English isn't your first language or if you are a dyslexic 8-year-old but it is practically unreadable, Not sure if it gets better, couldn't get past the first few chapters.

  • Overall Score

The main character in mad and show a new definition to gore where he don't have a sense of reality and think the other are the crasy.

I don't like this type of novel but the author worked hard to create his mc. 

Is the wold real? Is everyting happen in his head? Is he realy crasy? Is his girl he?

Caution: reading this is a self torture because what you read in maybe not reality and considering it is just words, it realy is not reality.

  • Overall Score

Your going to have a mad, mad time.

Thano you author for bring into me this wonderful novel to read! Continue please because this is one of the best novels that I have read despite it being currently two chapters long! 

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It has an interesting presmise being that I dont read many books where the mc is mentally imparied/criminally insane.... It starts off... well... but the grammer really got to me, perhaps if it gets refined a bit it will improve tremendously as the author obviously has the same likes as me

Spoiler: Spoiler


Other than that the grammer will seriously limit the options as changing it to a normal level will most likely make the story completely different or atleast to a point where a re-read may be recquired. If you read alot of translated novels then this is perfect for you though.

  • Overall Score

Grammar is pretty bad, the author doesn't seem too fluent in english, but I imagine this might improve over time.

Story is interesting, I haven't read too far yet, but I will probably end up finishing it in about an hour.

Style is fine.

Character's are okay, the main character seems to be more indepth than the others, though i'm not great at telling if a character is written good or not, but the protag isn't really shallow or isekaish.

Interesting fact, there's a asian lady who believes that she's being controlled by a corporation, she states that she inherited money, thus she lives in her house 24/7.She streams herself on youtube.Perhaps you got the idea from that.Her name is chip-chan.