Kingdom of Stars

Kingdom of Stars

by Just a Rookie

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

The war against Demonkind has ended. Finally, after centuries of fighting peace has come to the world. But what exactly is peace?

Join Catherine, a demihuman raise in the slums as she tries to find peace in this war-scar world.

The war may be over, but scars are not so easily healed.

(Author note. You can find the full size of the cover Here)



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Just a Rookie

Just a Rookie

Little Dreamer

Top List #1000
7th Anniversary
Word Count (14)
Table of Contents
39 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Kingdom of Scars ago
Chapter 2: Nightcrawlers ago
Chapter 3: The Kingsman ago
Chapter 4: Sinners ago
Chapter 5: Where The Heart Lies ago
Chapter 6: Hero of Morningstar ago
Chapter 7: An Impossible Challenge ago
Chapter 8: And Thus, It Begins ago
Chapter 9: The First Step ago
Chapter 10: Rising Star ago
Chapter 11: The King's Game ago
Chapter 11.5: Fallen Angel ago
Literally went through hell for this small update also picture ago
Chapter 12: Moonlight Drifters (part 1) ago
Chapter 13: A Crooked World ago
Chapter 14: Awakening ago
Chapter 15: Reverie ago
Chapter 15.5: A Warped Perspective ago
Chapter 16: Graduation ago
Chapter 17: Depature ago
Chapter 18: The Promised Time ago
Chapter 18.5: The Crooked Man ago
Chapter 18.9: Spark of War ago
Chapter 19: New Dawn ago
Chapter 20: The First Trial ago
Chapter 21: The Pleasure District ago
Chapter 22: The Waiting Room ago
Chapter 23: The Massacre At The Art Theater ago
Chapter 24: Prometheus, The First Flame ago
Chapter 25: The Counterattack ago
Chapter 26: An Uneasy Alliance ago
Chapter 27: The Fable Labyrinth ago
Chapter 28: Skybound ago
Chapter 29: Mayhem in Capital ago
Chapter 30: The Final Trial ago
Chapter 31: For no one's sake ago
Chapter 32: Into the Dark ago
Chapter 33:Black Dawn ago
Chapter 34: City of Beasts ago

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I must be honest, the setting of the story has a really nice and appealing charm.

It shows a lot of promise and potential. Where it shines, though, is the characters. True, they need a bit of fleshing out, but three chapters in, they show potential.

The part that breaks it all is the grammer and punctuation. Ok... It's not as bad as it sounds. Overall those two components are good, however, and this is a big HOWEVER, the chapters are in need of some edditing. There are a few places sentences can get confusing, more so in the beginning of the story.

Overall, it is a good read. Looking forward to seeing where the story goes.


PS: I know it's not the best score, you as an author are hoping for, but it's an honest one. Hope it helps you :)

Lord Turtle

This work reaches both aspects of darkness and light simultainously and you can't help but cheer our MC on! As a wrok overall I would say that the style, structure, and grammar all flow really well and don't impede the story at all. While some of the characters do seem a tad nonsensical in their own ways this doesn't appear as much of a problem besides serving as a personal gripe on power levels present within the world.

TLDR: Good story, would recommend


A Potentially wonderful story, but...

Reviewed at: Chapter 26: An Uneasy Alliance

The story is fun and engaging. The action is well done. It is the mechanics of the story that make it nearly unreadable in places. The MC seems to be a bit too meek and mild for the story and her desired job, but that will have to change given the world and events she finds herself in. Her Master seems intent that she participate in the tournament, however, as presented so far, she wouldn't be defeated but rather destroyed almost instantly by every opponent. Really? One month of informal training versus life-long trained and experienced opponents? We'll see what lays ahead, I guess.

The Story and Style mesh well together and keep the reader reading. Nary a quibble with this.

The Characters are decently fleshed out if stereotypical. Seriously, if you are a fan of anime, you have seen every one of these tropes time and again. This doesn't make them bad, it is just noticeable.

The utter failure is Grammar and Spelling. Scarcely a paragraph goes by without an obvious error. Incorrect tenses, incorrect plurals, missing words, missing quotation marks. In a few cases, I cannot decipher what the author intended to say as the word(s) used make no sense.