The Forest Dark

by R. Palmer

Original HIATUS Drama Horror Psychological Romance Female Lead GameLit Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Portal Fantasy / Isekai Supernatural Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Alexa González is alone. That’s fine.

Following the sudden loss of her long-time gaming partner, Alexa has fallen back to old, nasty habits; namely, wielding her independent nature like a weapon. It’s one thing to be a solo player by choice. It’s another to be a pariah when the UI disappears, taking the logout button with it.

Justin Hayes is not alone. That’s also fine.

As a long-time streamer, Justin’s never played DUSKFALL without an audience to keep his attention off the demon-infested forests and brutal violence.  But hastily chosen teammates in a world gone sideways can have more repercussions than a few bruised feelings.

None of this is fine; not remotely. If either is going to survive, they can’t do it alone, they can’t do it lightly, and they have to figure it out soon... before it’s too late for either of them.

Guaranteed Wednesday updates.

Contains light LitRPG elements

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Exciting, fun, and full of memorable characters.

I love the action and emotion in this story. Such a cool premise, and I'm excited for more!