Forsaken Talents: A Dark Path

by Gravlox15

Original ONGOING Action Fantasy Horror Tragedy Anti-Hero Lead Dungeon GameLit Grimdark High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Strategy Strong Lead Villainous Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

From International Best-Selling Author Stuart Thaman:

The Seven Portals to Wonder changed the world. The most advanced AI ever created powered the worlds, creating infinite possibilities and endless adventure for everyone across the globe. War on Earth practically ceased as most of the planet's population became addicted to the game.

Ben Hales was no different. He spent a few years saving enough money to buy lifetime passes for himself and his daughter, Ingrid. Now he has the cash, and Ingrid just turned 16, the minimum age required to play. 

Not everything—or everyone—in Wonder is quite as it seems. Evil lurks both inside and outside the game, and that evil finds Ben all too soon.

Ravaged by loss and consumed by hatred, Ben awakens an ancient necromancer and a host of long-forgotten classes. Now he's building his citadel of darkness, raising an army of the dead hellbent on unbounded conquest.

Updates every Wednesday!


For all the hardcore LitRPG fans, here's what you can expect:

No logout, grimdark, gore, evil MC, moderate to heavy amount of stats, lots of dungeon building, loot heavy, non-VR, portal fantasy



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  • Overall Score

Quality story as described: Dark Litrpg + Antihero

This is definitely written by a good author! Writing quality is high and I never dropped out of the stories flow. If this is a first draft for a published novel it's a damn good first draft.

It is what it says in the description / blurb. As plot goes I'm a bit eh. It plays straight "trapped in an mmo and if you die you die for real". Sprinkle with some classic tragedy and off it goes. The story doesn't hang around though, as of chapter 6 everything in the blurb is introduced and in motion, so there's probably lots of new content and ideas left to come.

Author isn't right about being stat heavy though. Most status mentions are the odd "influence +1" etc. Compared to some litrpg's where an entire overcomplicated character sheet is shoved in three times a chapter to demonstrate a bit of HP change... it's stat light.

If you're looking for dark/edgy SAO style litrpg with an antihero protagonst, enjoy! I'm not though, so 4* for quality, not 5* because it's just not what I wanna read! (Sorry).

Mister Bill
  • Overall Score

Good story so far. Quite engaging.

Good story. A good bit of action and it really draws you in. There’s some base building and it has a non-traditional MC, which is a fun break from the usual. 

Certainly a recommended read and I’m looking forward to new chapters every week. Here’s hoping he finishes it soon. 

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Literally the only thing that even slightly detracts from this story are forgotten/uncompleted words - for example, instead of writing "the dog ran", sometimes the author writes (the equivalent of) "the ran" or "the dog ra".


I *need* more of this story.

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What make me really like this story is that anti-hero feel.
Chapter are very long and grammer is good
Worth the read

Anthony Evans
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Love this new genre you've gotten me into. Can't wait for the physical copies of this to be released and for more chapters of book two to come out! I really like how you've made mc just start spiraling into being full evil ever since the servers reset. I'm looking forwards to how this resolves If you ever write in the portals being fixxed

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Alright I originally didn't want to read this story due to the overabundance of VR stories on this site and others. i even stumbled on another commenter on the first chapter with the same confusion. in the same vein i skimmed over the synopsis seeing game i dismissed the story. now that there is no doubt in my mind i read the story. i have to say it's good not top tier but, i feel something and that's all that matters

  • Overall Score

Good Potential, but wait a year before reading

I like it, it's a good story. The MC and his interactions with "real" people sometimes feels like is still talking to NPCs but it's a fun read. I just suggest putting this on a read later list though until the plot begins to pick up. With an update once a week it is difficult to keep up with the storyline. Overall enjoyable though.