The Azra El Series

by TimeTraveler121

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Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content

Synopsis: A young human wakes up in a new world and with a new body. The world of Azra El is filled with winged angels, demons, and energy manipulation 'magic'. Delve into the intricacies of Azra El, teeming with its own mystical creatures, factions, races and ideologies.

(The chapters are quite long. 831 pages at chapter 16.)

Follow the adventure of Blaze, the only male in the world, as he explores new knowledge, power, and women.
It’s an Epic fantasy that follows Blaze’s across a continent larger than Asia, as he figures out himself and the reason for his existence, slowly realizing that the world is not as black and white as it seems.

Though the focus is on Blaze, the story will try to develop multiple characters who are individuals with their own goals and desires.

Note to readers: I initially began this work on whim and based on a wet dream I woke up from. Thus, the first few chapters are a bit of a male fantasy and the story takes time to develop. If you decide to read this novel, I urge you to have some patience and not immedietely set it aside as a mere sexual wish-fulfillment story (though there will always be that).

From chapter 7 onwards you should begin to see the intricacies of the world. The academy life becomes important from chapter 8 but this novel is not like HP. The story will move on after the first year at the academy.

Patreon: If you like the story, please consider supporting me on Patreon. It will help me decide on becoming a full time author, hire professional editors, and expand more on the world I've built.

CapDragon121 is my Patreon account.

Status: I haven't disappeared. Just working on later chapters on Patreon. I need to edit them for the Royalroad version, which I will try to do this coming week. Apologies :)

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Character Descriptions, Maps, Countries, Fauna, and Flora ago
Chapter 1 - Angel ago
Chapter 2 - Wings? ago
Chapter 3.1 - Wager ago
Chapter 3.2 - Friend? ago
Chapter 4.1 - Flying ago
Chapter 4.2 ago
Chapter 5.1 - Californication (Auction) ago
Chapter 5.2 - Californication (Brija) ago
Chapter 5.3 – Californication (Flyball game and Astrid) ago
Chapter 6.1 - Archangel? ago
Chapter 6.2 - Quetzal ago
Chapter 7.1 - Rin and Lin ago
Chapter 7.2 - Healing Energy? ago
Chapter 8.1 - Training and Tir Academy ago
Chapter 8.2 – Headmistress ago
Chapter 9.1 - First day of classes ago
Chapter 9.2 – Pegasi Lesson, and Blaze Schemes against a teacher? ago
Chapter 9.3 - Seshat and History ago
Chapter 10.1 – Flyball and Fun ago
Chapter 10.2 – Siofra ago
Chapter 10.3 - Fight vs Priscilla ago
Chapter 10.4 – Righteous Fury ago
Chapter 10.5 – Claudis ago
Chapter 11.1 – Siofra meets Class 1A; Claudis in a stable ago
Chapter 11.2 - Badava (things don't go as planned) ago
Chapter 11.3 - Returning home to Sky ago
Chapter 12.1 – Duel against Siofra ago
Chapter 12.2 – Geography and history go well together? ago
Chapter 12.3 - Temporary reconcialiations? ago
Chapter 13.1 Txiki and the Soul Reaper ago
Chapter 13.2 - Aurnia ago
Chapter 13.3 – Regnbage Carnival and the Meeting of the Delegates ago
Chapter 13.4 - A princess’ party and meeting Clio ago
Chapter 13.5 – Dirty Dancing? ago
Chapter 14.1 - A bee gets stung? ago
Chapter 14.2 - Energy Manipulation and Energy Physics ago
Chapter 14.3 - Surprise Visitor ago
Chapter 15.1 - Meeting to decide Sky's fate ago
Chapter 15.2 - Vida Veles Lokra ago
Chapter 15.3 - Training Camp? ago
Chapter 16.1 - Clio gets an 'interview' ago
Chapter 16.2 - Agatha's Business Venture; Jie Er takes Blaze to Valinna Storm ago
Chapter 16.3 - Vida Veles Lokra? Blaze's nightmare training begins ago
Chapter 16.4 - A real nightmare ago
Chapter 16.5 - Azalea, a Mami Wata? ago
Chapter 17.1 - Training Ends with a Seismic Toss ago
Chapter 17.2 - Misery loves company ago

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  • Overall Score

Good mix of fantasy and erotica

This series is an excellent blend of epic fantasy with amazing world building and truly great erotica. I first discovered this series on literotica where I’ve followed it from chapter one and I must say that never expected the author to post it on RRL.

There are currently 13 chapters out and I can guarantee that none of them will disappoint you. In any case, I love this series to the point where I check for updates everyday even though it usually updates every 2 weeks.

Keep up the good work CapDragon!

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Mini-me is happy and so am I

Story is fuarking great, genius idea (will steal it) and there is enough NSFW for all of you horny teenagers to be happy. And all the little thingies-whateva get 5 starts too. 

This is also the first gender bender done right ever (in uh... [REDACTED]) 

Why are you not reading it yet? Am I a joke to you? 


Jacksonion Democracy
  • Overall Score

Good Source Of Scientific Research!

This novel is a very good source of scientific research for cultrured brethren such as ourselves, and some may say that this book could even become a holy scripture given enough time (presuming there is enough chapters *cough**cough*)

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A tale of twin titties

If doth seeketh battle and lust, then thy eyes need not strayeth further.

 So, having read up to the headmistress scene, *pushes up glasses.* I've found that the story is rather comedic, I'm laughing through nearly every encounter with characters and actions. It's pretty enter-tainting. 

The dialogue could do with some work, it can sound robotic and overly formal for words being spoken. Dreadfully unrealistic. 

Sex scenes could do with touch more description. A lot of it is left to the imagination, which isn't bad, but I'm having troubles dealing nailing my tent down. (?)

There's a lack of contractions in your dialogue. It makes interactions between character's sound stiff and unrealistic. There's also the fact that Blaze comes from our world, and with him, comes his human morals, ideas, innovations, etc. As of now, him being from our world is almost a gimmick, his increased ability in physics and math, some thoughts comparing the two worlds; were they not mentioned, it would practically be the same story. Since this is a transmigration story, you want to have some themes and struggles that blaze has to deal with since he's from our world. His conflict with his 'mom' was a great first, you should work with it more. If you could remove something, and the story remained the same, what was the point of that 'thing.'
A story needs conflict, and Blaze, not having grown up in the Angel's world and not being indoctrinated in Angel ideals, has a lot of freedom and open-mindness. Capitalize on this. Also, there's an absolute load of words Blaze could use when talking to people that would make them scratch their heads, Earth slang, film quotes, etc, whatever Blaze enjoyed doing back home. Was he a fan of philosophy? Throw in some Machiavelli quotes. Did he love movies? Get some pop culture in there. Write what you know, so, usually, the author's taste in entertainment, will bleed into their main character's, and that's okay. 
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Interesting Premise, Brilliantly Executed

A believable and sympathetic MC. Nuanced and unique world building. A logical magic system. There's no hand waving or blatant inexplicable overpoweredness on the part of the MC. He does indeed have a notable advantage over his peers. However, it's made quite clear on numerous occasions that although he has some decent potential, there are tons of people who can squish him like a bug in a direct confrontation. 

The politics and social dynamics of the world are extrely intriguing and thoughtful. It's clear that the author has a fairly high level of intellect. Despite this, the prose is not overly verbose. And appart from fully skippable excerpts from in-world stories/histories/textbooks that are sometimes inserted at the start of a chapter, any limited exposition flows organically. Prospective readers need not worry that the author will tell rather than show. 

There are also quite a few erotic scenes, which may not be suitable for all readers. But those who can appreciate such things will find that they are well done: appropriate to the setting, suitably spicy, and not at all contrived under the circumstances. 

There are multiple side characters that are believable, three dimensional and likeable. Nonethless, the focus of the vast, vast majority of the story is on the MC -- as it should be. Those like myself, who hate it when an author constantly jumps around between characters, interrupting flow and making you want to skip ahead to get back to the character you care most about need not be concerned here.This is a story about the MC, and the author does an excellent job of making him likeable, interesting to read about, and fun to cheer for. 

Grammatically, the author is on point. There are occasionally some minor typos here and there. And I'm not sure how closely the author monitors comments, since I've occasionally seen comments that give him grammatical corrections to typos that ultimately go uncorrected. Nonetheless, they aren't that numerous or egregious and don't significantly impact reader enjoyment. 

Overall, I'd highly recommend this story. The only people who should stay away are those who don't like explicit scenes or the idea of an MC who has multiple sexual partners.

Although regarding the latter, it isn't as if the MC is being unfaithful or somehow immoral. The species that the MC is born into produces no biological waste, and does not reproduce sexually, but retains vestigial organs and sexual characteristics that indicate they used to do both (i.e. they're all women that have breasts that don't lactate, vaginas they don't use to reproduce, and anuses they don't use to deficate).

As you find out in pretty much the first chapter, angels reproduce by pumping energy over time into a special feather on their backs, which drop off and become an egg that hatches into another angel.

The MC is literally the only male angel in the world, as far as he and the reader knows. And as far as I can tell, he doesn't actual cause other angels to get pregnant when they have unprotected sex either.

When the MC arrives on scene, it's clear that the angels don't even have a concept of sex, of sexual fidelity, or of nuclear family units. Characters that MC beds, see sex as as a highly pleasureable and intimate massage or something of that nature -- massage that he's best at since he has a vestigial organ that no one else has.

  • Overall Score

Best story I've read in this genre in a while.

My first review!

The MC is poweful but not too overpowered. The relationships with other characters are solid and they don't seem to be there just to show how awesome he is.

I am really enjoying this story as it takes time to develop the world without ever slowing down. The creatures, the places and the maps add great realism.

Enjoyable story. I hope the author continues and keeps up my hopes.

The sex scenes - they are good but I like the story more.


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The story is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Though this story is not for kids, even Mary Poppins will agree that its good.

I had been hesitant to try this story after reading the other reviews. I was expecting a hare-brained, oversexualized, plotless fantasy of sorts. In fact, I feared my expectations would could true after the first chapter. The fight scene in chapter 4 or 5 was also a bit underwhelming.

But then it keeps getting better and better! Chpater 10 had my adrenaline running. The fight scene with Priscilla was spot on.

There is some vivid sexual content but nothing to be afraid of. Quite pleasant and fun if you're horny. Man or woman I'd like to believe.

Coming to the story itself, I must say that while familiar, it is also so unique in the way it is presented. The powers, species, kingdoms, interactions and the overall dynamics are very well described, while still leaving a healthy room for more development. The characters set in very definitely and for most part no one seems too out of place. Not much to say as we haven't really seen much but I am very intrigued and an very eager to see more of this fascinating world.

Finally, on to the characters themselves. Kudos to the author! I love what he has done with his characters. Many writers make the mistake of completely defining their characters in a hundred lines of physical and personaility description. The characters in this story develop with the story and they allow us to form impressions on them without giving a singular tag that defines everything they do.  I am so eager to find out more about them.

I am glad I've started reading this series and I hope the author will continue to dazzle us with his work.

  • Overall Score

Like it so far cant wait to see what else happens hue hue hue  hue uhe Lol . Keep it up .

  • Overall Score

Interesting premise with good naughty bits!

Props to world building and excellent character development. Really enjoyed the adult content also. Plus chapter length is spot on imho. Look forward to your future content. Really don’t have any criticisms although caught a few grammar errors that stuff doesn’t bother me unless it’s outrageous and this is a place for amateur writers so I never judge harshly. Although some might find this material simple wish fulfillment you do the genre justice. I often get bored when the drama and world building aren’t done right. You mix eroticism into it well without taking away from the main plot. I prefer plot over naughty bits but truly enjoy when both are weaved together so well.