A Demon Lord's Virtual [Magic Life]

by VRDraco

Original HIATUS Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Ruling Class Strategy Strong Lead Virtual Reality

This is the story of 20 year old Lucas Rollin. Orphaned at the young age of 10, his life is filled with struggles as a Superhuman, a genetically enhanced human. Living a life of poverty in the 23rd century, he could only barely sustain himself with his genetic differences compared to a normal human and survived by gaining money in virtual reality to pay for his food and survival.

Now his final break came with a less then popular game [Magic Life] which features a special auto character creation process. During this process, he ends up with the Race Demon Lord and the class of the same name. Follow him as he plays in the virtual world that changed his life as the Demon Lord Akor as he trains in the tutorial zone facing countless choices in his [Magic Life].

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I have read several of your other works. This one seems flat. I like it well enough, and will continue to read, but its not up to the normal quality you produce.  The issue is a lot of the building seems forced, and too fast, and also there is the whole undecided fluctuation between buildings just appearing or minions building them.  It did get better as more chapters got written though.

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Good story slightly slow

This book shares a common them with VRdraco’s other books. It is similar in the way it is a bit slow but has enough content to keep you interested. This is the type of book to read when you are bored or just want some light reading. Over all it is a very good story and my only problems with it is how slow everything is going.