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Ves'ra is born in a small tribe of kobolds in the middle of a huge forest. She is happy with her life until several members of her tribe start disappearing. She sets out on a journey to find those responsible.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Birth ago
Chapter 2 - Growing up. ago
Chapter 3 - Awakening ago
Chapter 4 - The shaman ago
Chapter 5 - Magic ago
Chapter 6 - Hunt ago
Chapter 7 - Hunted ago
Chapter 8 - Humans ago
Chapter 9 - Cathal ago
Chapter 10 - Tracking ago
Chapter 11 - Wyvern ago
Chapter 12 - Boar ago
Chapter 13 - Feast ago
Chapter 14 - Evolution? ago
Chapter 15 - Summer ago
Chapter 16 - Exile ago
Chapter 17 - Forest ago
Chapter 18 - Familiar ago
Chapter 19 - Grasslands ago
Chapter 20 - Deer ago
Chapter 21 - Merchants ago
Chapter 22 - Puppy ago
Chapter 23 - Scouts ago
Chapter 24 - Bandits ago
Chapter 25 - Fort ago
Chapter 26 - Lokervik ago
Chapter 27 - Guilds ago
Chapter 28 - Adventurer ago
Chapter 29 - Mages guild ago
Chapter 30 - Reading ago
Chapter 31 - Koboldnapped ago
Chapter 32 - Underground ago
Chapter 33 - Conjuring ago
Chapter 34 - Stalking ago
Chapter 35 - Elder Lynx ago
Chapter 36 - Evolution ago
Chapter 37 - Summoned ago
Chapter 38 - Return ago
Chapter 39 - Armor ago
Chapter 40 - Enchanter's Guild ago
Chapter 41 - Enchanting ago
Chapter 42 - Council ago
Chapter 43 - Freedom ago
Chapter 44 - Agreement ago
Chapter 45 - Core ago
Chapter 46 - Testing ago
Chapter 47 - Armor ago
Chapter 48 - Travel ago
Chapter 49 - Building ago
Chapter 50 - True Magic ago
Chapter 51 - Army ago
Chapter 52 - Fluid ago
Chapter 53 - Crossing ago
Chapter 54 - Village ago
Chapter 55 - Exodus ago
Chapter 56 - Awakening ago
Chapter 57 - Organizing ago
Chapter 58 - Drake ago
Chapter 59 - Village ago
Chapter 60 - Attack ago
Chapter 61 - Northwards ago
Chapter 62 - Arrival ago
Chapter 63 - Spiders ago

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Nice story with a few major flaws

Review as of chapter 25.

This is a story that I enjoyed overall, especially at the start, but seeing how things are turning out as of chapter 25 I feel like the story is going slowly downhill.


Not bad, but not all that good either. One problem I have is the fact that you are TELLING instead of SHOWING.


I haven't seen too many obvious mistakes, but there are, as some of the other reviews pointed out, times when you use the wrong words that look similar to the one you're trying to use.


The story overall is pretty unique and quite nice. The world isn't pulling too many of the overused tropes, and you have added a few unique features as well, especially to the magic system.


Here's where most of my problems with this story lay: the characters. I'd rate this story a 4.5 out of 5 for the first couple chapters, but after Ves'ra had met up with the humans the characters feel less and less relatable/able for you to put yourselves in their shoes. Characters speaking with each other are just that. Speaking. No descriptions, adverbs, nothing! It ends up feeling like we're watching two badly voiced NPCs interacting in Elder Scrolls Oblivion.

Also, Ves'ra has started to show signs of becoming a big Mary Sue. She's super unique and talented, everyone suddenly respects/love her for being a talented mage even though she is a kobold. 0 discrimination at all. I would have thought that one of the hurdles she'd have to overcome was discrimination, but it seems like no one bears any ill-will towards her whatsoever.

Once again I'd like to say that this series is a pretty good series. I believe the author can easily spice up the dialogue and fix his grammar, but I hope the author doesn't take Ves'ra down the Mary Sue "OP MC that everyone absolutely adores".

  • Overall Score

So good grammar 

For what i read, agreable story (chapter 23)

But i think the big problem here are the dialogue, they are lifeless. They are monotone, no characters are differentiable with their speech. Just an exemple : A talk then B talk and it can be like this for 8 paragraphs. It is missing description like : A talk "showing her row of bright fang in glee", A finish talking, then "in a sage tone", B talk. 

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Ves'ra the Super Kobold

Review as of chapter 43.

Simple power fantasy of a monster race protagonist. I think this is probably the first or one of the first stories the writer has ever made.

Conversations between characters are brief and usually are about what the protagonist did or what she needs to know in the short term.

The main character is kinda Mary Sue. She is the smartest (even as a kobold). She can assasinate spies from another empire THAT IS PREPARING FOR WAR accidentaly. She kills people very easily and without remorse, but is never called out on it. Even in the last chapter, i thought she would finally be in trouble for that but no everything is fine! 

Grammar is not the best, but also not the worst on this site. Mixing up than and then happens a few times.

Honestly for a first attempt on writing a story it's not that bad. The hunts the main character goes on are fun to read and the whole thing with her being influenced by her memories as a human could become interesting.

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Non human Mc done right.

I have to say, I don't usually write reviews, and when I do it's usually for the author to improve, mainly because I'm invested in the story and want and improvement in the quality, not anything remotely close to altruism, but this review is more so as to promote this story as I enjoyed it and I think it deserves to be read and on the way improve the possibilities of the author continuous work on the book/series.

My notes will be lower than the actual stars I'm filling since I feel If I use my usual scoring system people would be disuaded from reading, as I usually do when seeing a 3 star novel or something similar, so I will come back when there are more reviews and some no brain 5 star reviews and modify my score to be reflecting of reality.

Style: 3,8/5  - It's good, fluid and consistent. Only downside I find is sometimes author skips parts that I would like more fleshed out or simply tells them instead of showing, otherwise it's really good and tempo seems ok. 

I find the non human protagonist prespective is meaningful and well developed with no obvious inconsistencies and quite thoughtful at that. 

I would like more interactions tho (not saying it's lacking).


Story: 4/5 - It's progressing nicely, not too fast or too slow, it's interesting and the world the author is building is a world I want to know more about. 

The world is slowly building itself from mainly the mc POV so 1st person and while a bit slow it's fullfilling and realistic.


Grammar: 3,6/5 Perfectly fine for most of the novel but at some points the author gets brain damage and suddenly there is a sentence that's utterly distorted. Nothing the author can't fix with a quick read and the score is like this mainly because it's so easy to correct it's more of a call to attention than anything else. I will edit when corrected. 

For potential readers, it's nothing that is really harmful to the flow of the story so you should think of this as an okay grammar and read it because it is nothing more than extremely strange ocurrences of casual psychedelic consumption on part of the author.


Character: 4,5/5: Main character is consistent and realistic with the setup, easy to like or atleast not to dislike, as of now and taking into account the circumstances of our MC I find the development to be nearly optimal and I will come to revise this at a later date when MC has had more meaningful interactions as the story advances and the effects of those on her.

She has a consistent moral compass as of now relative to the situation.

Liable to later edit.

-------- Overal score 4/5 //

I like the inventiveness of the author in some parts of the story, the mana system is a quite normal one but one limitless and with endless potential totally on the hands of the author, nothing we haven't seen, but the author is imaginative and it's building to be complex and interesting, and intelligently implemented by the characters.

The evolving "system" we get "hinted" or better teased may be interesting, as of now we have little information on it, as it should be, and we know nothing of the possibilities it entails for the MC, it's intriging and nothing on it is lighting up a big WARNING! sign in my mind, so good. 

Overall I think you avid reality avoiders should read this, and by reality avoiders I mean all of royalroad.

And if you read this till this point you brainless monkey there is no reason you shouldn't read the story already!


  • Overall Score

Basically quality of afternoon TV series

Kind of like the stuff from mighty moushie here on RRL.

It's a power fantasy with a monster protagonist "Mary Sue" (more info on that trope here).

That said it has no glaring faults that wold turn people off. It's not badly done, but that only means it's decidedly average. Basically pulp of our era.

The main character is really good at everything and gets everything fast and easy. It balances right on the engde of unreasonable wish fullfillment, but the character is dynamic and aways moving somewhere, wchich counterbalances it at least a little bit - we as readers don't have time to ponder on the topic of reasonable pacing because the story is flying of in mach 3 speed.. I've read a few of those that really lie low in my stomach and threaten to give me ulcers every time I remember them, this is not one of them (yet), let's hope it won't be.

Three stars for basically afternoon TV series like quality of writing for young adults. Basically comparable to all the "stargate", "vampire diaries", and "buffy", but in the literary form.

  • Overall Score

Best kobolds novel i ever read

As of ch33

There is a bit of Marie Sue in the mc but...

Magic is done right

Story is interesting

Funy moment

Background story that add dimention to your world

Rate 4.5 in hope you do your best for the rest

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I'm usually pretty tolerant of grammer issues...until they start seriously distracting me from the story.  Typos are fine, I can read right past them.  But when you use entirely different words, I start to get confused and annoyed.  Example: "wind" instead of "wing".

The actual story is pretty good and the author's portrayal of a Kobold perspective is excellently done.  However, the magic system is generic and nothing special.

If the author spends the time to comb through the chapters to remove the more obvious issues and make the story flow a bit better, I think this story could really be something great.

  • Overall Score

Figured I’d rewrite my review, and as a forewarning this was written at 3:00 am so don’t expect it to be completely coherent.

first off, the story is rather slow paced most of the time. Sometimes it takes massive leaps forward but nothing too jarring. The pacing is a bit like watching a morning glory unfurl at dawn, rather than watching paint dry kinda slow.

The character interactions are just a wee bit too convenient and smooth for the protagonist. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as it’s not taken too far, but the more recent chapters are pushing the envelope.

Things are too convenient in general for our lizard protagonist. Some of them can be excused due to certain plot points, but based on the in-world atmosphere things shouldn’t be this easy for her. Having the protagonist hit a lucky turn or two is fine but if you want a good story then she needs to come up against and overcome or crumble before some hardships. Real hardships, not some kidnapping that she easily overcomes and is rewarded for. The wyvern fight was a good start. A challenging opponent that she beat through her wits is good, not harrowing enough to really raise the tension but still good. Constant success is bad, have her hit a metaphorical brick wall that she can later overcome. Sekiro is a good example, the first boss is that brick wall. You meet a crippling defeat at the start but through trials and tribulations you gain strength before fighting him again and eking out a victory to show your progress. The final time you fight him he’s crushed underfoot as a testament to how far you’ve come. In doing so he serves as a wall to impede your progress, a challenge to overcome, and finally a hallmark of your victory. Ves’ra has not hit that brick wall. No bumps in her progress. Nothing to challenge her. If she never faces a challenge then any victory she does score will be hollow an less meaningful.

grammar is fine, nothing really stands out as being particularly bad.

style is good.

rant/review is over

  • Overall Score

Chapters 1 - 25 felt amazing to read. Believable characters, tricks, character growth, interesting hunts with complications and layers. Main character - female kobold - felt to be shaping into competent leader in her environment.

I recommend taking a look at least at those chapters. Might feel rewarding.

Chapters 26 - 47 felt not so amazing to me. "City life" was more about typical OP tropes (minus perhaps a buying sick female slave and conflict with young masters - there is nothing exactly like those tropes in this story) and shades of Mary Sue(there's nothing wrong with Mary Sue; but I personally do not find the janre fun). I feel like that part of the story and society could more amazing if they'd be done in a completely different manner and wíth different emphasis. But those chapters are readable, and can be fun for some readers. Even if usually I hate OP stories passinately, I could read through those chapters and mostly feel myself more satisfied, than frustrated.

Some reviews mentioned problems with dialogs, and yes, there is something like that; but beginning chapters are pretty good in this regard; dialogs that require love start popping later in the story, and those are still readable, if spartan.

Overall I feel positive about this story.

  • Overall Score

Reminds me of Re:love but done... better in a way. I never liked how Re:love had tons of smut and comedy rather than action or storey progression it always seemed like the author had an off day and just wrote something in a lust driven rage, this story seems to be much more story driven and there isn't a bunch of filler that doesn't progress the story.