Afterlife - Next World's Auction House

by Sorin Matei

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Psychological Anti-Hero Lead Dungeon GameLit High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Mythos Non-Human lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reader interactive Reincarnation Ruling Class Secret Identity Strategy Supernatural Urban Fantasy War and Military
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

"Ever wondered what happens after death? 
Were you curious about Gods, myths and their existence altogether? 
How about religion and its general impact on the world?

I wasn't whatsoever, but sure as hell didn't expect it to be THIS... monsters, levels, Gods, killers, elves!? 
Well, at least the last one sounds interesting..."

Join aboard on an adventure in a different world, where the hero finds himself in the middle of a game between Gods, fights monsters and ultimately tries to find his own killer.

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Sorin Matei

Sorin Matei

1st Anniversary
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Interlude ago
A guide to the Afterlife ago
All Gods assemble - A path to hedonism ago
A game's system through and through - Uhm...tutorial maybe!? ago
Day 1 - Status window? ago
Day 1 - Template encounter ago
Day 1 - A horrid dusk ago
Day 1 - A red night ago
Day 2 - Dawn of a new adventure ago
Day 2 - A matter of getting used to ago
Day 2 - Plans ago
Day 2 - Goals ago
Day 2 - Registration ago
Day 2 - Common knowledge (Part 1) ago
Day 2 - Common knowledge (Part 2) ago
Day 2 - Common knowledge (Part 3) ago
Day 2 - Common knowledge (Part 4) ago
Day 2 - A different world's sense of fashion ago
Day 2 - Clothes make the man ago
Day 2 - Cuisine ago
Day 3 - Equipment ago
Day 3 - My first quest ago
Day 3 - Dungeon (Part 1) ago
Day 3 - Dungeon (Part 2) ago
Day 3 - Dungeon (Part 3) ago
Day 3 - Circumstances ago
Day 4 - A change in plans ago
Day 4 - Guild master ago
Day 4 - Loophole ago
Day 4 - To the dungeon and back ago
Day 4 - Use and abuse ago
Day 4 - Sudden promotion ago
Day 4 - Night raid ago
Day 4 - Loot and grinding ago
Day 4 - Class change ago
Day 4 - Keep grinding ago
Day 5 - All hell breaks loose ago
Day 5 - Choices and decisions ago
Resonance ago
Let's start with the tutorial... ago
Chaos ago
Hidden requirement ago
Rebellious Lightbringer!? ago
Unexpected ago
A new addition ago
Here comes the BOOM! ago
The goal is one million temples! ago
Misleading descriptions... ago
'How to break a God' lessons one-on-one! ago
One truly greedy bastard!!! ago
Intruder!!! ago
AGAIN!? ago
A hero is born! ago
Kick some Godly ass! ago
For the motherland! ago
The path to our dreams, is paved with beauty! Multiple beauties!!! ago
The generosity of the Chaos God! ago
Arts and Crafts class ago
Research is good, but dungeon diving is better! ago
Fish and sticks! ago
Important things must be repeated thrice! ago
Laying the foundations! ago
A woman's perspective on things ago
There's a blue future ahead... ago
The art of fucking with people! ago
Another busy day begins... ago
That sounded mighty fine! ago
Time for a little competition... ago
Progress is the path to success! ago
Once upon a dream (Part 1) ago
Once upon a dream (Part 2) ago
Dreams... of the future ago
Growth through... eating!? ago
Time and what to do with it... ago
Building order ago
To chose, or not to chose... that is the question! ago
Is the little changes that matter ago
A gathering of important people ago
Less responsibilities and divine lightning ago
Today on, how it's made! ago
Magic ago
Don't doubt chaos, just let chaos happen! ago
Dreams... of the past (Part 1) ago
Dreams... of the past (Part 2) ago
The meaning of a title! ago
To each its own... misconceptions! ago
Demonic might! ago
Thick skin! Thick skin! ago
Yet again we find ourselves... Grinding! ago
Elf Lord ago
Excellent creature! ago
A sky full of stars ago
A meeting of great importance! ago
Wild-Wild West! ago
Improvement ago
The cost of being always right... ago
Comparing sizes... ago
Duality ago
Connecting the dots ago
The end of the Tutorial ago
Day 0 - The true start ago
Day 0 - Sashimi and fish rolls ago
Day 0 - Start of the invasion ago
Day 0 - Little kids and red unicorns ago
Day 0 - Deity rank ago
Day 0 - Communication channel? ago
Like taking candy from a baby! ago
Options... ago
A new sub-race ago
Actions speak louder than words ago
Mid-summer nights (Part 1) ago
Mid-summer nights (Part 2) ago
Mid-summer nights (Part 3) ago
Mid-summer nights (Part 4) ago
Mid-summer nights (Part 5) ago
Mid-summer nights (Part 6) ago

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This story makes me want to take out my brain and put it in a glass jar right next to my computer.

If there was a general theme it would be being braindead. Everyone being freakin braindead. 


Mc is being hailed as a "genius" for discovering that killing monsters gives exp in a world where humans have existed since nearly 1000 years and you want to tell me that really no one, not a single person has ever figured that one out before ??


If you manage to turn your brain off and just enjoy a story by ignoring its flaws it will be a pretty decent read.


if it were a movie it would be the movie idiocracy

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Promising start, but not what I wanted.

Written as of chapter 26, (Day 3 - Circumstances). 

None of what I wrote in the "Issues" section are spoilers, but do reveal a bit so I put them in spoiler tags.


  1. The writing and formatting are descriptive and consistent.
  2. The setting and background set up are truly excellent. I won't spoil it, but I would recommend writers to read the first ten chapters just to experience it. 
  3. The game system is nothing new, but still good.


Spoiler: Spoiler
  1. The MC is not an Anti-Hero, very far from it. Unless he changes drastically after chapter 26. So far, he has not shown any anti-hero traits, unless you count the quick adaptation to killing goblins. He has helped humans every chance he has been given by: sharing "advanced" knowledge to help save lives even though it will make them rely on him and stop him from doing what he wants, trusted every human he has met without any suspicion whatsoever, and even risked his life rescuing the damsel in distress.
  2. Outside of fighting, the MC is an easy-going, brain-dead dunce. Other than using basic knowledge and scheming in, or planning for, fights, the MC doesn't use his head at all. Really, not even a bit. He complains about his lack of common knowledge, but, other than accepting what others say, hasn't attempted to recitfy this short-coming whatsoever. He knows that his knowledge if far more advanced than those in this world's and that carelessly dropping information could cause trouble, but doesn't think about what he says at all, like a child, a very dumb child. He has knowledge of game mechanics, but, as of yet, hasn't even considered thinking about how to take advantage of that knowledge, so it isn't an advantage and is only used to make sarcastic comments.
  3. The grammar is wonderful other than the author's use "is" by itself. E.g. "Is an idiot." instead of, "He is an idiot." There is no use of he, she, that, this, etc. before the word "is". It is completely standalone and unless I missed something in grammar class, then there is a problem. Though it doesn't affect your ability to understand what is being referred to, so it isn't much of an issue.


Those are my issues with the novel, with 2 being the reason I am dropping this novel. I truly can't stand people who don't think; therefore, I can't stand MCs who don't think. 

If you don't have an issue with 2, then I recommend giving the novel a shot. It takes a moment to get used to the seeming walls of text, but it is mostly quite interesting if you don't reject it at first sight. 

To Author:

I really enjoyed your premise and world setting! I'd recommend putting at least a little effort into having the MC use his brain and think about his situation a bit. 

(Definitely a Spoiler - DO NOT READ): Spoiler

He is dropped in another world after meeting a God and learning about the Game of the Gods, and yet he doesn't stop for even a minute to consider his situation, what he wants or his goals, or how he should accomplish those goals. (Beyond his short-term and immediate goal of finding humans. Which I've never understood why, so often, a character's first necessity is to find humans.) 

The lack of thought processes is disturbing to say the least. Either the MC is a genius that immediately considered all options (unlikely for a few reasons) or is a complete air-head outside of fighting. 


  • Overall Score

I always hate it when I catch up on what ever I am reading.

Cause it kinda startles me, i'm like "wait, no, what, there is still more right?".

Thankfully this one isn't on haitus.

  • Overall Score

So the first fourtt chapters are essentialy a prolonged prologue but you wouldn’t know it when bam suddenly the story is going a completely different direction. I can’t wait for more.

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Love the description!!!

I love just how detailed and realistic the story is, to the point where it feels like watching a movie sometime. Not only that but it has the type of feeling to it that makes it easier to relate to, just like you've been through a couple of world-swapping adventures yourself!

Long story short, I love it and I recommend it 10/10!!!

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I am honestly impressed by the flow of the story. It feels natural and not forced. Also is funny in a really good way!

Recommend 9/10, because there are really not enough chapters for me to read :(

  • Overall Score

This story has a good start and promises to be an intresting story. I look forward to seeing how this new city builder takes shape and how the story will turn out when things really get rolling

  • Overall Score
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I love everything about the story so far! And I am moved by how the author takes his time to interact with each one of his readers!

The story has a good flow and the characters are just right! It also has a real feeling to it, just like someone telling you about something that happened to them!

I recommend it wholeheartedly!

  • Overall Score

Interesting with a nice humorous bite

Definitely give this story a shot. Starts off with a very interesting hook then goes into the whys of the system. A bit hard to read with all the bold bits but please press through as they are worth reading and the story only gets better.

Oh, and my favourite part, the MC is trope aware and pleasantly snarky.

  • Overall Score

The first part is pretty good but beware the walls of text and straight ripping of civ mechanics.