Silverglade, a Dungeon Tale

by SJ Reaver

Original HIATUS Adventure Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Dungeon Female Lead GameLit High Fantasy Magic Non-Human lead Reincarnation

Not everyone is meant for this world, but few are given the chance to start over in a new one.

Once a human, becoming a dungeon core is everything Jannah ever wanted. Distant and content, she spends her time crafting her domain and supporting the creatures within it, never needing interact with them.  The universe could not have been more generous.

But now intruders are coming. Adventurers from Silverglade, their hearts filled with greed and their hands with cold steel. Some even suggest that she's the monster when they're the ones breaking into her house!

This won't stand. Jannah loathes the idea but she must take a more active role. This way, she can ensure nothing troubles her domain or creations. The people of Silverglade must learn respect, and their adventurers must pay for their transgressions.


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SJ Reaver

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l nimbus
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I hate dungeon core stories.

 I won't lie or try to spin this in any other way. I love Silverglade. There, I went and said it. Take it as an indication of quality, of good storytelling. The fact that I actually said I love it speaks magnitudes to some. See, Silverglade is a dungeon core story. I normally hate dungeon core stories. For the simple reason the MC is almost always a murderhobo. But Silverglade has proven different. It shines a different light on the whole situation, approaches it from a unique angle. Tells the story in a different way than usual.

 That alone would have been enough to endear me to it. But, no, it had to go and give me so many of the things I want to see in a story, do them right, be written by an author I hold nothing but respect for and be memorable.

 I need little more reason to be spurred into reviewing it.


 I've made it no secret I'm not a fan of dungeon core stories. Oh, I don't bash them or disrespect people for writing or reading them. I just don't read them myself. There are a number of reasons behind this choice, actually. Murderhobo MCs, predictable plotlines, stale antagonists, a criminal lack of puns*, and so-so characters often combine to form experiences I have no interest in. Even if they're well written and I give them a fair shake, I drop most of them less than a few hundred pages in, no matter how good they are.

 Silverglade is different. I hope it stays that way. One of the biggest draws is the narrative of the whole situation. Dungeon cores, unlike in other stories, are essential to keeping the world going. In fact, with how everything is explained and played out, I'm actually cheering for Jannah.

 There progression of the dungeon through the story feels just right, not too slow or fast. Battles are true to their nature, fast, violent and confusing to the untrained eye. There are many things in Silverglade's story that have more than earned my praise, but the fact that all of those elements are seemlessly woven together is what sells me the story. Lore and backstory might be a little on the short side right now, but I don't need them to enjoy the Silverglade experience, I've found.

 Another point that sells me the story is the lack of hard numbers. I know several stories that could have been good, but felt flat to me once the numbers began to rule everything. Oh, they're here, with Jannah's Mana and DP, but they're not micromeasured or obsessed on.

 Now, my biggest and chief complaint with Silverglade, one that I utmostly insist you fix. A severe lack of pages. Why, only two hundred? I demand more at all haste. By a good dame and get to writing. Chop chop.


 I won't mince words here, Reav. Your one of my top five favourite authors on RoyalRoad if I go soley by style. Your knack for cutting away filler shines through here, and you keep the quality I've come to associate with all your stories. That's no mean feat.

 Your style is easy on the eyes and the brain, yet feels rewarding, and you have this knack for gripping people and not letting go until the Next Chapter button is greyed out.

 Your flow is slightly outside what I myself employ and enjoy, yet I found myself riveted to the pages as I read through. Even though I usually scorn them and pay them no attention, both immersion and suspension of disbelief were done very well here. Excellently so, in fact. I've found nothing I can critique on.


 Your mistakes are few and far between. But, they're still there. I find a few here and there, most of them simple grammar errors, such as words ended too early, or a letter out of place. There are two right in the first chapter, early on.

 Other than that, you're fine.


 Honestly, one of the biggest selling points of any story you write are the characters. In Silverglade, this is doubltly important, because they immensly help sell that narrative you show us, and plant us firmly on Jannah's side. Reavs has gone above and beyond to make every character a unique and interesting experience. From both sides of the spectrum. I'll get to that more later. For now, take a look at Jannah.

 Honestly, she's excellently done. Her flaws are what make her, define her and she stays true to character. Her choices line up with her mentality, and her growth are all well thought out. Well, actually, it feels like almost every character gets the full care package. Take, for instance, Neith. Her antics through the story, which in many other would be played out as. a joke with no real impact, do have very real effect here. I call that quality. Thinking into situations and following through with subtle build-up.

 As I said above, almost every character is subject to this. Growth, unique perspectives and characterization. The entire cast. Even characters who might be portrayed as future antagonists are well done, showing the story and events from their side of the board, not going and slapping abunch of stupid shit on their POVs to get reader to hate them.

 Every story has the characters. The one-scene backeound chars you ignore, and never see of hear from again once their scene is completed. Insofar, Silverglade doesn't. While characters might vanish from the story (at least one did), they form very clear images and impressions on you. That's the level of thought put into them. Use that to measure the others by. You forming a picture yet?

 The cast is what I enjoyed the most through this story. The dialogue was delighting to me. You know dialgue is good when you read a turn off a phrase, or something is said that fits the moment so well, invokes such a powerful reaction that you go back and read it again just for the sake of it. Those moments are not rare in Silverglade.

 One last thing. My biggest problem with dungeon core stories, and the actual excuse most have for having a murderhobo MC, but brush it over, is addressed very well here. The primary defense most fans give their MC is the whole 'it's my house' schtick. I've had problems with that. If it's your house and you don't want people to invade, why are you breeding and creatings monster to eventually attack everything? Silverglade doesn't fall into that trap. With it's level of characterization, that explanation actually work. The dungeon actually feels like a home to sentient creatures, not more and more mindless monsters. With their personalities and dynamics, it's not hard to be on Jannah's side when she does plan revenge for the transgressions on her home and citizens/children.


 I picked up Silverglade after holding myself back for two months, curious to see what Reader's latest project was. I was originally put off because it boldly proclaimed to be a dungeon core story, but when I started reading, it was everything I'd wanted from the genre and had never gotten. It was impecabbly written, giving me nothing to complain about and critique on. In short a treasure. To me, it has become one of the definitive stories on RoyalRoad, and I have no doubt it'll rise to the top if it continues to produce this consistent quality that is Reader's style.

 All I can say is; I look forward to more.

...Have you finished the next chapter yet?

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A great novel, amazing writing, and overall great quality. As expected from our great cook Reaver, another amazing dish for lurkers but also those who sometimes leave the darkness of the royal road and enter the accursed light. 

I especially love the spiders, they are cute beyond mortal imagination. 

And thus I "wrote" a poem:

The spiders are hilarious, clever and deep,
But they have promises to keep,
After cake and lots of sleep.
Sweet dreams come to them cheap.

They rise from their gentle bed,
With thoughts of giant kittens in their head,
They eat their insects with lots of bread.
And are ready for the day ahead!

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not much to review but the writing is excellent 

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Ani's Glance Review for 'SilverGlade, a Dungeon Tale':


Style and Grammar:

I'm very picky in terms of style. I only have two types of style that I know, unreadable and readable. And Silverglade is definitely readable.

The author uses great metaphors (metaphors!), has an amazing amount of wordpool, and excellent grammar and syntax. Yet, even with all these 'good' points, the story was still readable for a plebian like me, who only prefer Light-Novel style of writing. Nothing was mouthful or simple; everything was perfectly balanced.

The author definitely knows what they're doing. 4.5 stars.


Story and Character:

I only review the first chapters, so I don't have much to say on this section. Still, I have the synopsis and tidbits on the first chapter to talk about.

Jannah, for the lack of better word, is a normie. And not the 'good' kind of normie. She's one of those 'losers/bums' whose on the verge of toppling over their own lives. She's not a special snowflake whatsoever, and this realism and simplicity is a good mark on my book. See, it's easier to relate to characters that actually sounds like real people.

I expect lots of deaths to riajuus on her new world. 4 stars.

Spoiler: Random note to author and me

 Though honestly, the first chapter was quite a bit lacklustre from what I've read on the synopsis. I do know that the author is going for the slow pace, but I honestly prefer explosive and exciting starts than slice-of-life-like first chapters, hence my fondness to prologues that starts in the middle/climax of stories.

At least, the end of the first chapter should be able to make the reader think 'What's going to happen next' or 'I need to read more!' really hard. Again, this is just my opinion. This disclaimer also applies to all of my reviews.


And that's all for my review. This Empress gives you her blessing, Reaver. Good luck and have fun writing~.

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the writing quality is very good and i think this novel has alot more to offer then your typical dungeon core novel, im looking forward to more :)

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Jannah, a social recluse who has turned away from the world, happens across a seemingly innocuous online personality quiz that steals her away to a different world, where she is reborn as a Dungeon core. Has she been pulled into a life that finally suits her? Well, yes and no.

Silverglade, a Dungeon Tale does many things well. Readers will never feel that the plot is bending to accomodate our protagonist; Jannah's assumptions, misunderstandings, and naivete become her own worst enemy as she endeavors to create—and become—a Dungeon. What could be a better allegory for personal growth?

An aloof sphinx, a coterie of spiders with rather distinct personalites, a troupe of simple golem-like shapers, and the intractable urge worm all seem to be born from different components of Jannah's psyche, and working together, they accomplish... well, mishaps and mayhem would be an accurate appraisal. But, she is a work in progress.

SJ Reaver has a knack for prose, and creates a Dungeon story set apart from its peers. The Dungeon cores themselves are part of something far larger; the mysterious machine-body of a Principle. The surface antagonists gathering in parallel to Jannah's growth are shown to be be rather complex, and I particularly enjoyed the unexpected return to her original world, that revealed someone else has assumed her identity and is living her life to the fullest.

If I were to voice one complaint about SilverGlade, a Dungeon Tale, it would be that it (as of yet) lacks a sense of drive and purpose. Jannah has faced very little in the way of external challenge, and although prodded along by her helper sphinx, our not-so-intrepid protagonist seems to have little agency in accomplishing the nebulous goal of fending off unseen future intruders and flourishing in her new life.

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Few mistakes nothing that ruins the stories flow, not a fan of the MC but that's personal preference. Story itself feels solid, characters don't feel flat, author is obviously trying hard and the effort shows. I could recommend this to friends. 👍

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Very Enjoyable Dungeoncore

I have thoroughly enjoyed this one.  The tone is well balanced, just the right amount of whimsical and serious.  The characters are interesting and engaging.  I look forward to more.

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I love dungeon stories this was different path of one curious how this one turns out

I generally like a little more murder happy ones I'm not so sure how I feel about mc but it's worth a try

Story flows pretty well nothing really pulled me from it 

  • Overall Score

Living this story. Keep it going pleaze. Love the spiders and the sphinx. Love Janna.😁