Silverglade, a Dungeon Tale

by SJ Reaver

Original ONGOING Adventure Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Dungeon Female Lead GameLit High Fantasy Magic Non-Human lead Reincarnation

Not everyone is meant for this world, but few are given the chance to start over in a new one.

Once a human, becoming a dungeon core is everything Jannah ever wanted. Distant and content, she spends her time crafting her domain and supporting the creatures within it, never needing interact with them.  The universe could not have been more generous.

But now intruders are coming. Adventurers from Silverglade, their hearts filled with greed and their hands with cold steel. Some even suggest that she's the monster when they're the ones breaking into her house!

This won't stand. Jannah loathes the idea but she must take a more active role. This way, she can ensure nothing troubles her domain or creations. The people of Silverglade must learn respect, and their adventurers must pay for their transgressions.


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SJ Reaver

SJ Reaver

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A great novel, amazing writing, and overall great quality. As expected from our great cook Reaver, another amazing dish for lurkers but also those who sometimes leave the darkness of the royal road and enter the accursed light. 

I especially love the spiders, they are cute beyond mortal imagination. 

And thus I "wrote" a poem:

The spiders are hilarious, clever and deep,
But they have promises to keep,
After cake and lots of sleep.
Sweet dreams come to them cheap.

They rise from their gentle bed,
With thoughts of giant kittens in their head,
They eat their insects with lots of bread.
And are ready for the day ahead!

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not much to review but the writing is excellent 

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the writing quality is very good and i think this novel has alot more to offer then your typical dungeon core novel, im looking forward to more :)

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Ani's Glance Review for 'SilverGlade, a Dungeon Tale':


Style and Grammar:

I'm very picky in terms of style. I only have two types of style that I know, unreadable and readable. And Silverglade is definitely readable.

The author uses great metaphors (metaphors!), has an amazing amount of wordpool, and excellent grammar and syntax. Yet, even with all these 'good' points, the story was still readable for a plebian like me, who only prefer Light-Novel style of writing. Nothing was mouthful or simple; everything was perfectly balanced.

The author definitely knows what they're doing. 4.5 stars.


Story and Character:

I only review the first chapters, so I don't have much to say on this section. Still, I have the synopsis and tidbits on the first chapter to talk about.

Jannah, for the lack of better word, is a normie. And not the 'good' kind of normie. She's one of those 'losers/bums' whose on the verge of toppling over their own lives. She's not a special snowflake whatsoever, and this realism and simplicity is a good mark on my book. See, it's easier to relate to characters that actually sounds like real people.

I expect lots of deaths to riajuus on her new world. 4 stars.

Spoiler: Random note to author and me

 Though honestly, the first chapter was quite a bit lacklustre from what I've read on the synopsis. I do know that the author is going for the slow pace, but I honestly prefer explosive and exciting starts than slice-of-life-like first chapters, hence my fondness to prologues that starts in the middle/climax of stories.

At least, the end of the first chapter should be able to make the reader think 'What's going to happen next' or 'I need to read more!' really hard. Again, this is just my opinion. This disclaimer also applies to all of my reviews.


And that's all for my review. This Empress gives you her blessing, Reaver. Good luck and have fun writing~.

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Living this story. Keep it going pleaze. Love the spiders and the sphinx. Love Janna.😁

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Silverglade was just OK.  5/5 50 characters.