Forest Moon: Running Woods

by Velessein Rose

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Contemporary Fantasy Female Lead Low Fantasy Male Lead Non-Human lead Strong Lead Supernatural Urban Fantasy

Before graduating from college Lunette decides to make a trip back home, with two of her best friends. This trip is not only to see how far she's come in life but to prove to her parent's that the things they worry about in terms of her life have done no harm. Sadly, things take a turn for the worse. Learning that in order for her or them to survive they were placed in this small town under witness protection. unbeknownst to her, their paranoia is just the beginning of something dangerous. More than another person.

Alexander knows the reservation like the back of his hand. Each and every hidden turn is practically an extension of his being. That doesn't stop him from exploring the world outside of it. It also doesn't keep him from noticing the presence that's starting to make itself home in the very woods that protect him and his kin. 

Both have the same intentions to protect those around them, but can they even manage to work together without fighting about what their differences are?

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