Scene Unlocker

by spaizzzer

Original COMPLETED Action Adventure Fantasy GameLit Harem High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

A reincarnated prince with power of friendship straight out of a dating game, and he'll use it to gather a harem and a band of brothers, to defeat the big bad guy that's coming in three months!

This is the adventure of Prince Carlos & his team against the monsters. 


Tags : Galge

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It's a fairly common theme around here, a guy from our world takes over the body of a prince in another world.

The twist here is that he doesn't have any real combat ability so he needs to gather forces to fight for him instead while he fills more of a support role.

The grammar is so-so, a lot of mistakes but nothing that makes it truly hard to read.

The characters don't have that much depth but they're passable I guess. Passable template characters that is.

The story seems like it might be going places, but it's not there yet (still, we're only 80 pages in now and the progression has been steady, the pace is pretty good). Still there's a main plot plainly visible from the first chapter, which is good, too many stories around here seem to just brush over main plots like they don't even matter. No such mistakes here.

The harem part feels a bit better done than in most other harem stories, there's actually some romance, the protagonist isn't some nobody who all the girls are fawning over for no obvious reason, he's god damn prince charming, and loaded to boot... And he actually puts in effort to hit on the girls rather than having them jumping on his dick like it was made of diamonds requiring no effort from his end. No he has to do the whole date simulator thing instead at least :D and his superpower is a date simulator system to begin with, which is fitting. But there's still the whole “defeat the demon lord„ trope going on in the background.

It's a half decent story, an enjoyable read for sure. But I am pretty sure the author could write it a lot better if he had a bit more experience.

I just hope he finishes it to gain that experience.