I Reincarnated as an Alien Monster

by Vanillla

Original HIATUS Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Anti-Hero Lead High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Non-Human lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Strong Lead

Kikuchi Yukiko, died at age 24 because of brain cancer. When he reached Heaven, "God" told him about the reincarnation cycle and told him to live a new life in another world. He just went along the flow and accepted, just before he was told that his reincarnation body would be set as random. Hoping not to be a lowly worm in the next world, he spun the Wheel of Life and ended up chosen as a [Monster].

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the premise of the story is pretty good, alien in a fantacy world.

as of chapter 3 it is not yet clea weather the mc is good or evil

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So far I really love the concept and always liked the xebomorph lore from aliens, so seeing a story about it is awesome.

Alexandre Jose
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~ Insert a fascinating title here ~

a história tem o potencial de se tornar algo incrível

Jim Cat
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i mean

who the heck wouldve imagine an xenomorph going to another world?

yeah its awesome



is the author torturing us by the low release rate? ;-;

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i like it so far, great potential keep it up :)

gamer phoenix
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Good idea but still needs development

I mean it is an amazing idea I yet have to find more alien novel so it is also very unique BUT you see you need to develop his character more because he sees himself still as a human he is holding back I mean he doesn't need to slaughter anyone he sees but he needs a goal like becoming the queen of his own colony and becoming an untouchable force.

But this is all just my opinion/ idea and this is your novel I just hope that you enjoy writing this as we enjoy reading this novel so 

Good luck and keep it up. 

(Ps. my grammar is shit sry not sry)

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Something interesting.

There is a lack of chapter releases, however if the author decides to go full at it.. Then trust me, it is a great read.

The characters arent really lacking but theres not enough content to say fully. So far i'd say just a bit better than avarege.

The story itself is very interesting and i would love to see how it goes in the future.

If you want yourself an interesting read then take this one. Its cool. Better than avarege in my opinion.