Reborn: Apocalypse - Volume 2

by WizOFTime

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If you could turn back the clock and fix all the mistakes you ever made, would you? 

For Micheal Care, a swordsman that could only be considered a middling warrior in Humanity's Last Army, the answer is simple.

Yes. A million times yes. 

Humanity has fallen, killed by stronger races of beings after being warped away to a new reality, the mystical 7 Layers. 

Humanity's goal had been simple. Make it through all 7 Layers and reach Heaven. 

Humanity failed. 

Humanity died.

Micheal Care's memories have been transported back into his past self thanks to a magical Artifact he found by chance. 

He is no chosen savior. He is no divinely picked hero. 

Can he change the future? Can he catch up to the mightiest warriors of humanity and surpass them? 

Read on and find out.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - The Fall ago
Chapter 2 - Return ago
Chapter 3 - The Holy Shop ago
Chapter 4 - Life Orb Master ago
Chapter 5 - Arrival ago
Chapter 6 - First Meeting ago
Chapter 7 - The Morenkai ago
Chapter 8 - Hunt ago
Chapter 9 - First Encounter ago
Chapter 10 - Meeting Others ago
Chapter 11 - Fly ago
Chapter 12 - Deal ago
Chapter 13 - Ranking ago
Chapter 14 - Cultivation ago
Chapter 15 - Shadowalker ago
Chapter 16 - Relocate ago
Chapter 17 - End of Day 1 ago
Chapter 18 - Day 2 ago
Chapter 19 - Record ago
Chapter 20 - Result ago
Chapter 21 - Shin ago
Chapter 22 - First Orb [End of Sample for Volume 1] ago
Chapter 72 - Start ago
Chapter 73 - Gear ago
Chapter 74 - Leave ago
Chapter 75 - Crossing ago
Chapter 76 - Monster ago
Chapter 77 - Nest ago
Chapter 78 - Nest Core ago
Chapter 79 - Attempt ago
Submit your own custom Ability - Special Reader-Author Interaction Post ago
Chapter 80 - Soul ago
Chapter 81 - Contact ago
Chapter 82 - Fake ago
Chapter 83 - The Main Cluster ago
Chapter 84 - Split ago
Chapter 85 - Hunting Time ago
Chapter 86 - Main Branch ago
Chapter 87 - Breakthrough ago
Volume 1 taken down for Amazon - Volume 2, all chapters till done, will still be here, 100% free ago
Chapter 88 - Action ago
Chapter 89 - Suspicion ago

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  • Overall Score

It is good to see that author is publishing elsewhere besides signing off the creative rights to qidian international. 

Author admits that it is inspired by Korean novel reincarnator and the similar vibe can be felt on the first chapters. But it's just general theme (survival of the race, removal of internal enemies, getting allies, etc.)
So if you've read Reincarnator, Master Hunter K, etc., it's another book exploring similar themes. 

The story is just starting but I think it is going to shape up as a decent reading material. (Author also writen evolving from nothing, so I'd expect something eventually hitting the tops of the stories. 

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I should start this off by saying I enjoyed reading it. But. BUT. ItFeels like a translated bad Chinese novel from webnovel. So much fluff and repeating things to get word count up. Also, very much a case of telling not showing

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Good story, not very unique but a great read

The original story (Apocalypse Now) was a great read, and this is turning out to be a pretty great revamp.

So a bit more in depth:


The style of the story is great so far, not come overly far but judging from the author's other works so far as well as the original, I think it's safe to say that the style is of good quality.


Well, the story hasn't really come in to play yet, we know his long, long-distance goal (Saving humanity) but we don't know much else since it is so early. It is also a small minus that the story isn't very unique. While it is a great read it is basically a combination of two different books (Reincarnator and AN) and so far I think it would just be better to read those two seperately. But I do think this has good potential


Not much to say, the author has never really had any problems with grammar as far as I can tell. Some small mistakes from time to time, but nothing distracting.


This one I rated a bit lower just because we haven't gotten much character debelopment yet, we ARE only 30 chapters in, but it seems that the author is trying to pull in other characters from the start which hopefully pans out and doesn't end up with empty characters with one objective.

So tl:dr, not really unique, more of a revamp of another of the author's book with big elements from another book, but with great potential. Almost no grammar mistakes, a smooth style with quick character introduction.

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Plot is great but those.. redundancies..

Well, i really like the setup and plot.. But there are two things that freaks me out..

1) Author repeats full pharagraphs of descriptions EVERY FEW chapters. It takes only 5-10 minutes to read between them. It feels like author thinks that his readers are brain dead or a goldfish. Few times i even had strong feeling that i somehow opened one of the previous chapters and started a new because he didn't even bothered with alternate spelling. 
2) For some reason author repeatedly zones out from the current situation to write full chapters of flashbacks and almost meanless ( like my first point ) or overdosed with information descriptions. For example we have POV of the people in dangerous situation, MC intervenes and saves them. After that author switches back to MC and insted of interacting with them he zones out for a full chapter to remember for N-th time what were his reasons, why he won't help them futher, his desctiptions of skills and abilities and so on. 
Its not like i have something agains flashbacks or inputs of information every time and then but it should be MUCH MORE seldom and short. 

  • Overall Score


great style and story so far.

only thing i will say, in the chapter when Shin kills the Golden Merekai you say that he "turns the safery off" on a glock 19. A glock 19 has only a Trigger safety. 

if you trully want Shin to turn the safety off for dramatic effect as in anticipation, you could switch his glock fo a Beretta 92, also a reliable 9mm gun. (im not really a gun nut, just know some stuff in case... well the zombies and shit)

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This story feels worse than any of his previous works.

It suffers alot from the need of the author to write every little detail and reason for any specific action by the MC ( the symptom of "telling instead of showing" how many call it).

Many things are being repeated and repeated again for no clear reason.

I would expect this kind of storytelling from a new author, not an experienced one (even though the grammar is fine).

All in all im still enjoying it, mostly because i liked apocalypse now and am happy about reading more like it.

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(Current as of early 2019 / Chapter 34)


Most people probably wouldn't consider this a spoiler, but I'll be describing a few aspects that this story has, without spoiling specific events from the story.

Spoiler: Spoiler

Writing Style

Despite all that, I'm hesitant to recommend this novel because the writing style almost makes it read as though it were the direct transcription of a comic book. My primary concern in this regard is that action scenes are filled with crude forms of onomatopoeia (e.g. "WHOOSH", "SHKKK", and "CLANG"). Second, the main character's exact thoughs are far too present for my tastes; thankfully these thoughts are delimited in single quotes and attributed to the MC (rather than simply being used as narration, as many Royal Road novels are prone to do), but I still dislike it and consider it a violation of the "show don't tell" adage.

Of course, take this with a grain of salt because different people have different thoughts on writing style. Although I gave a low style rating, that's just based on my personal preference, not some official style guide. All of my biggest concerns appear in the first chapter, so if you're worried about style just give that one chapter a read and see what you think.

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A good clone of Reincarnator

Now, don't get me wrong, I love Reincarnator, and was pissed when it changed its direction completely at the halfway mark. This story is basically a fan adaptation of Reincarnator, and for me, that's great, because now something fills the void left by the plot choices made in Reincarnator.


The story is written pretty well, no glaringly bad grammar, and the characters, so far at least, are interesting.

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The old was better but I have hope for it

Spoiler: Spoiler

 Truthfully I loved the older story that was in earth and had TITANS but I am happy to see that the story kinda continues the legend of the life orb master. Fighting

  • Overall Score

Honestly I love the concept / setting but the way chapters are done make the story feel awful. 

Each chapter feels like a chunk of the story cut off whenever the author thinks he has enough words to release. The average chapter is just under 6 pages (by RR's count) which is way too short for anything to happen. For referernce, the top ten RR series average between 11-40 pages per chapter, typically sitting at about 15.

The author splits what should be 1 solid chapter into 3 - 5 awkwardly cut snippets that end up underwelming and uneventful.