A Cheap, OP Brawler (Currently on Hiatus)

by Orange_Rain

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Anti-Hero Lead Dungeon GameLit Harem High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Mythos Portal Fantasy / Isekai Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

A young Japanese man with eyes that take him as a 'demon,' Jinma Kotori, is killed by his former shady company and gets a second chance to live in a new fantasy RPG-like world as a bodacious goddess' 'Champion.' He begins his new life with the world's default starter class, a Brawler, and a defense-based blessing. Much to the goddess' surprise, Jinma's stats were already high for a human before the blessing was granted, and his first encounter in the new world of Raiza is a high-leveled, Special Monster ...

A typical isekai harem story with video-game mechanics and OP MC with monster girls as his main focus of love interests. Adult language, scenes, and content involving sex and gore are to be expected. Viewer discretion is advised.

Currently on hiatus.


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: One Life Ends, Another Begins ago
Chapter 2: Out of the Cave ... ago
Chapter 3: ... And into the Spider's Web. ago
Chapter 3 (Revised): ... And Into The Lizard's Arms ago
Chapter 4: An [Un]Ordinary Dinner ago
Chapter 5: A Tailoress' Goals ago
Chapter 6: The White Rapture ago
Chapter 7: The Slaves' Breakout, Part 1 ago
Chapter 8: The Slaves' Breakout, Part 2 ago
Chapter 9: The Beginning of the Resistance ago
Chapter 10: Rasholl, 'Protector of the Night' ago
Chapter 11: Rupturing the White Rapture, Part 1 ago
Chapter 12: Rupturing the White Rapture, Part 2 ago
Chapter 13: Rupturing the White Rapture, Part 3 ago
Chapter 14: Jinma Versus Gin ago
Chapter 15: The Cursed Weapon's Genocide ago
Chapter 16: The Merciless Demon Rises ago
Chapter 17: The Slave Rent Free-Trial ago
Chapter 18: Stirring Feelings ago
Chapter 19: Lamias can be Sly ago
Chapter 20: A Foreboding Feeling ago
Chapter 21: A Lascivious Welcome ago
Chapter 22: A [Suspicious] Breakfast with a Lord ago
Chapter 23: The Lamia Lord's Motives ago
Chapter 24: The Cursed Misfortune Tanto of Nyra ago
Chapter 25: Valuables for a Noble Cause ago
Chapter 26: A Grand Reveal ago
Chapter 27: A Great Price ago
Chapter 28: Hero Treatment ago
Chapter 29: Confessions, Part 1 ago
Chapter 30: Confessions, Part 2 ago
Chapter 31: Dress-Up ago
Chapter 32: Plans for the Future ago
Chapter 33: Slave Redemptions ago
Chapter 34: Adventurer's Guild ago
Chapter 35: Proving One's Worth ago
Chapter 36: Putting in Good Words ago
Chapter 37: Rankings, Part 1 ago
Chapter 38: Rankings, Part 2 ago
Chapter 39: Rankings, Part 3 ago
Chapter 40: Establishing Terms ago
Chapter 41: The First [Assigned] Quest ago
Chapter 42: A Dragon's Findings ago
Chapter 43: An 'Extended' Sexual Education ago
Chapter 44: Declaration of Courtship ago
Chapter 45: Rewards ago
Chapter 46: A 'Killer' Resolve ago
Chapter 47: Experimental Interrogation ago
Chapter 48: A New Dress and a Great Feast (End of Vol. 1) ago
Chapter 49: Changing Before the Bath (Vol. 2 Start) ago
Chapter 50: Cleaning Before the Bath ago
Chapter 51: Salts and Lubricant Before the Bath ago
Chapter 52: Kissing in the [Dirtied] Bath (Umeiyon, Part 1) ago
Chapter 53: Kissing in the [Dirtied] Bath (Ren & Erizora, Part 2) ago
Chapter 54: Expectations and the Adventurer's Association ago
Chapter 55: Three Children and a Man in Black ago
Chapter 56: A Big Fat Dragon Courtship ago
Chapter 57: Courtship Benefits, the Brawler Class, and Promotions ago
Chapter 58: Promises and Memories ago
Chapter 59: A Fallen Centaur's Melancholy ago
Chapter 60: A Centaur Warrior's Servitude ago
Chapter 61: The Antagonizing First Summons ago
Chapter 62: To Be Contracted, To Be 'Tamed' ago
Chapter 63: The Awkward Second Summons ago
Chapter 64: To Acknowledge One's Worth ago
Chapter 65: A Bitter Reunion and a Werewolf's Regression ago
Chapter 66: The Assigned Quest's Dangers ago
Chapter 67: To Borrow One's Resolve ago
Chapter 68: Pre-Duel Nerves Over Lunch ago
Chapter 69: To Follow Instincts ago
Chapter 70: Jinma vs. Eugus ago
Chapter 71: A Centaur's Pride and Joy ago
Chapter 72: The Terror of the Skies ago
Chapter 73: The Party that Lives from Dawn to Dusk and Dawn Again ago
Chapter 74: A Dragon's Pampering ago
Chapter 75: Special: The Musings of a Lonely Pussy ago
Chapter 76: A Home in the Brawler's Future ago
Chapter 77: A Welcoming Feast and a Brawler's Intervention ago
Chapter 78: To Not Live With Regrets ago
Chapter 79: Special: ??? ago
Chapter 80: The 'Trapped' Noblewoman ago
Chapter 81: The Underdog Brawler's Very First Fan (End of Vol. 2) ago
A Cheap Character Bio/Ref Sheet (Up to Vol. 2 on Ch. 81) ago
Chapter 82: What it Means to be a Demon (Vol. 3 Start) ago
Chapter 83: The Invasive Inquisitor ago
Chapter 84: Engage! Roaring Thunder! ago
Chapter 85: Bird Watching ago
Chapter 86: Down on One's LUCK ago
Chapter 87: A Confession from the Terror of the Skies ago
Chapter 88: Unexpected Guests and Fruit Tarts ago
Chapter 89: A Vampire's Fury and Her First Fall ago
Chapter 90: Introductions Made, Surprises Revealed ago
Chapter 91: A Lady's Propositions and a Brawler's Unfavorable Route of Fate ago
Chapter 92: A [Slave] Merchant's Concern for their Customer ago
Chapter 93: Owning Feathers and Controlling Hearts (?) ago
Chapter 94: A Day in the Life of the Glamorous Brawler, Part 1 ago
Chapter 95: A Day in the Life of the Glamorous Brawler, Part 2 ago
Chapter 96: Dinner Invites ago
Chapter 97: New City, New Locals, and New Girls (?) ago
Chapter 98: Introducing the 'Skull Bashers' ago
Chapter 99: Sleeping Arrangements ago
Chapter 100: Playing with Birds and Dogs (Tyvera and Ren) ago
Chapter 101: Dinner Preparations ago
Chapter 102: Secrets and Messages ago
Chapter 103: Royal Expectations ago
Chapter 104: Plotting Schemes, Confiding Fears, and Questioning Allies, Part 1 ago
Chapter 105: Plotting Schemes, Confiding Fears, and Questioning Allies, Part 2 ago
Chapter 106: Discrimination, Secrets, and Lingerie ago
Chapter 107: Giving Favors, Confessions, and Breasts, Part 1 (Sue) ago
Chapter 108: Giving Favors, Confessions, and Breasts, Part 2 (Kalline and Erizora) ago
Chapter 109: The Vixen, The Cyclist, and The Spy (?) ago
Chapter 110: Good To Be Flirted, Not To Be Messed With ago
Apologies for the wait. ago
Important Announcement ago
Something Amazing (Hopefully) ago

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Easy to read, fun characters and nice plot.

  • Overall Score

although the story is a "transported to abother world" genre,its wayyyy different from the jap..

the mc ia not dense,got things figured out nicely.

the grammar us ok,considering english is noty native language.

the story start slow.but it picks up speed.

if u re not looking for generic opmc,with dense mc,stutter in front of girls and written by horny author that hasn't get laid in years.this is your story.give it a try