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Chapter 100: Playing with Birds and Dogs (Tyvera and Ren)


A note from Orange_Rain

Our 100th chapter. I feel kind of bad with how slow this story's gotten to get this far. Even with the sex that will happen here, I kind of rushed it at the last minute to meet the deadline before heading off to work.

To come up with good sex material only to get off from it, delaying my writing further ... it's a curse within a blessing of a budding erotic light novelist, and I still have another scene later on to prepare for, too.

Well, hopefully you all will still stick with me on this adventure for maybe another 100 chapters to come. 

Without further ado, enjoy the (decently sexy) chapter.

Ren, Tyvera and I get settled on the largest bed I’ve ever seen so far. Out of curiosity, I used my Street Smarts skill to get some further details and I found that the area of the bed is about a three-quarters size bigger than a king-size bed from Earth. It’s surprisingly not springy after we played with it a little, but someone next door could certainly hear what was going on if enough activity is acted on it.

Before we get to that though, there’s something I need to fill Tyvera on since she’s the newest recruit to our party, and so while the three of it sit on the bed with my [Soundproof] Null Spell surrounding us, I give it to her straight.

“Ch-Ch-Chief is a … is a Champion?” Tyvera asks in a stutter after I told her the truth. I even took out my Immortal’s Enchanted Bracelet (IEB) to show proof.

“This is a fact about me that must be known to everyone in my party first thing. Slave or not, you must not let this thing about me get leaked to anyone outside of it. Not even Sue, my first and only fan, is aware of it. It should also be known that after our quest with Lady Krauss ends, we’ll be going to Korangar to try and get an audience with the Demon King for some personal business of mine.”

“I think … I might’ve overheard a little of that from your little talk with Chieftess.”

“Chieftess? You mean Ume?”

“When a female is married to the chief of a tribe, then she’d be a chieftess, right? Your wife is the top female to your harem, so that makes Chieftess Chieftess.”

“You might wanna run that by her so she doesn’t get confused later.”

“Right. But wow, an audience with Her Highness. Is that why you’re trying to get in good graces with Lady Krauss?”

“That’s right. We’re hoping that she could use her family’s influence to help us get an audience with her without getting violent and fight our way through to prove our worthiness. There was that Champion hunt the Demon King issued that I would use as a last resort in case something happened, and with how complicated Lady Krauss’ situation is, I was planning on turning her down then, but …”

“Ah, Her Highness made that decree of closing that 4-year-long hunt earlier. With the way she spread it, I’m sure everyone in the Demon-Kin’s Territory is aware of that fact now. With that option locked off, you had to accept Lady Krauss’ quest despite her complications with Rowling.”


“I see, I see … wait, are you trying to get an audience with her to woo her like you have with the girls here?”

“That would be some sort of incredible,” Ren comments.

<“That’s what I’m hoping how things will turn out!”> Nyra exclaims.

“No, no, no, nothing of that sort. I just need some guidance, important advice, that I felt only she could give me,” I clarify.

“A human seeking advice from a Demon King … that’s something you don’t hear every day since that human may likely get killed after the first few steps into Korangar’s boundaries. If they look weak enough, some demons will certainly want to ‘play’ with them until they break. But! To even capture someone like me without being noticed and to survive that Monster Swarm a few days back, I think you have what it takes and I like the reckless ballsy sorts in males, so I’ll do everything I can to provide support, Chief!”

“I would appreciate that, Tyvera.”

“But wow, to even go that far, I wonder if all Champions are like that, and I will be …” Tyvera trails off before trembling in place, turning into a shade of red that overwhelms her tanned complexion.

“If you’re not comfortable, we can hold it off for—”

“It’s not like that! I’m just excited! Really excited, nervous excited, so much I could barely think! I heard the first time is painful for most races, but if it’s anything like laying eggs, then I should have no problems!”

“Wait, Harpies lay eggs?” I ask with widened eyes.

“Yeah! We usually lay about 3-5 a month that are unfertilized. One comes out of me about every other week.”

“What do you do with all of them?”

“Unless Harpies have a mate, most don’t really bother with looking after unfertilized eggs. I’m not interested in being a mother right now so I take all of my eggs to a facility in Petharocast. I get some good money out of it, too.”

I’m a little surprised at how nonchalant Harpies deal with their eggs, but I guess since they’re unfertilized, they’re technically not ‘alive’ enough to make a point of concern for morality and ethics. I suppose they could be used for something else more worthwhile if one can get creative with them. I can imagine facilities on Earth handling women’s egg cells for research or other purposes, so the one in this city of Petharocast must work in a similar way.

“Anyway, I can have sex between egg-laying periods and not worry about getting impregnated like human females and other races do. Ah, now that I’m a slave though, I can’t leave and enter any cities like I usually do without you with me, huh? Petharocast is also far in the west that’s close to the Demi-Kin’s and Human-Kin’s Territory borders. I laid an egg recently, though, so we don’t have to worry about the next one coming for a while, at least after we’re done with the quest if we clear the dungeon at the average time,” Tyvera then looks down and sensually rubs her washboard stomach with a warm smile. “I would like to be a mother one day, but right now I want to do what I can as an adventurer, as your party member, slave, and … lover.” Tyvera looks back up to me with the same expression, a spitting image of a maiden happy to be with her significant other.

“Tyvera …”

She then crawls over to me while we’re on the bed, getting on my lap as I sit cross-legged. Being of a similar height to Ren, she’s able to meet me at an eye-level while wrapping her arms around my shoulders, pulling me close and pressing her chest against me with only the thin layer of fabric from her tube top in the way of her sizeable breasts. Our faces are millimeters apart, her eyes are half-lidded and filled with excitement, lust, and a hint of warmth that’s relevant to her body heat that’s enveloping me.

“Chief … you’ve been working really hard lately, haven’t you?” Tyvera asks. “I may be new at this, but shall I tend to your needs as your newest lover while you relax?”

I couldn’t help but chuckle and smirk a little. “Yes. I’ll leave it to you whenever you’re ready.”

“Just leave it to me, Chief.”

She makes the first move and initiates the kiss, pressing herself further, sensually rubbing her breasts onto me all the while I savor the softness of her lips and scent of femininity with a dose of sweat, surprisingly alluring enough to act as a sort of aphrodisiac. Our noses brush against each other and breathe heavily as our mouths closed a way for air to flow through.

“Yes, that’s good. You’re a natural at this, Tyvera,” Ren whispers from the side as she coaches her slave junior on lover techniques. With the [Soundproof] blocking any noise from the outside, only Ren’s words, our breaths, rubbing fabrics, and movement on the bed can be heard as closing off our sense of sight heightens the others. As if we were the remaining people in the world, prepping and cheering ourselves on to begin repopulation with high vigors.

<“Oh, yeah, this is getting hot,”> Nyra says in my mind.

We break away our kiss that must’ve lasted at least a minute and take a breather. On wordless agreement, Tyvera reaches down and pulls up the shirt I only have on while I raise my arms for better ease.

“Whoa, you’ve definitely seen more battles than I have with those scars,” Tyvera points out as she tosses my shirt to the floor, then proceeding to practically rip off her tribal hairband to free her blonde hair.

“Yeah … I get into more trouble than I want to and this can be a hassle to deal with, especially with other guys staring at me while in the public baths.”

“I personally find scars sexy on a man, and on a body like yours … I’m getting hotter than usual just looking at it.” Tyvera reaches around to undo her tube top that’s bound together by clamps, a functional design specifically for Harpies to wear while minding their wings. She lets it fall to the floor, baring her boobs with pinkish-red nipples perky and erect from arousal. With their size and color, I could think of large hills covered with wheat that shine in the sunlight that brings a sense of calming delight. That’s how beautiful they look to me right now.

“I know these aren’t as big as your wife’s but I hope they’re still to your liking,” Tyvera says as she cups the tits in her talon-like hands, completely filling them out in a good fit.

“I do, very much. I’m going to fondle them.”

“They’re all yours~.”

We continue the make-out session while my hands are between us, savoring how well her tits fill my hand as I play with them. Tyvera giggles from the tickly feeling then gasps through her nose from when I pinch her erect nipples between my fingers. The flesh that slightly molds to my touch is about as firm as nikuman [AN: steamed pork buns] and is just about as warm if one were to hold it on a chilly evening; fresh, but just hot enough to warm cold hands while eating it, which is what I end up doing as I kiss my way down her jawline, neck, and collarbone before finally reaching the perky nipple. The line of path I traced with my lips brushed over her Sweet Spots as my skill of the same name indicated, the impact intensified by my Intimate Touch, and her arousal as shown with my Climax Gauge rises by leaps and bounds.

“O-Oh~, Chief … I think … I’m quickly seeing why everyone loves you,” Tyvera sighs with ecstasy between breaths, reaching around to pull me closer before getting a big whiff of my hair. “I’ve never … felt like this before. I’ll be floating far above the clouds … by the time this is over.” Then, whether it’s by some kind of instinct or other, Tyvera’s wings unfurled out behind her, fluttering in delight as she subconsciously rocks her hips on my lap. She continues taking deep breaths from the scent wafting off of my hair as I greedily suck her tit like a starving baby.

“Tyvera, stop what you’re doing,” Ren cuts in.

“Huuh~? But things were going good—wait, when did you get naked?”

Just as Tyvera said, Ren is butt-naked as she holds Tyvera from the side. She must’ve undressed while the two of us were occupied. As expected of a Thief to do it while hiding her presence.

“You’ve forgotten what we’re trying to do here, Tyvera,” Ren argues. “We’re servicing Master’s needs while he doesn’t exert himself after a tiring day.”

“… Ah! I was getting so into it that I forgot!”

“It’s understandable for you to feel that way, being your first time and all, but we must remember our place as Master’s love slaves who cater to his every need. We cannot get distracted and get swept up in the mome—EEE?!”

“You say that Ren, but I can feel you getting pretty wet down here and your tail has been wagging nonstop. You must’ve been getting off on our little show, were you~?” I tease while twiddling her clit that I reached between her legs. With each action played on it, more liquids dribble from her pussy, making a mess of my hand, her legs, and the blanket underneath her.

“Mrr, Master, please~! I’m trying to show Tyvera what it means to be a slave like a good alpha should~!” Ren whines with a hint of moaning in between. “You really shouldn’t … spoil us like this~!”

“Aw, but I saw you fight against the Howlers so well with Kalline and Erizora earlier, and you even did an excellent job dismantling them, too. You deserve some praise, and isn’t it an owner’s responsibility to make sure their slaves are properly rewarded?” I ask as I scoot up to her and do a combination attack: using my maxed Petting skill on her head with one hand while my other that’s currently soaked with Ren’s juices fondles her modest chest, making it slick to the touch while intensifying her arousal further with Intimate Touch and Sweet Spots. She takes a shaky gasp, jolts up from the electric ecstasy running down her spine, and grows hot to the touch while all of her hairs stand on end.

“How could I possibly neglect such a thing towards a good girl like you, Ren?”

“I’m … a good girl?”

“Unless you want to be a bad girl and refuse my reward, but that would make me very sad.”

“I don’t want … to make Master sad …”

“Then, you will accept my reward?”

“Yes, I’ll humbly … no, I’ll happily accept Master’s reward.”

“Atta girl, Ren! Who’s a good girl? Whooo’s a good girl?” I ask while petting and fondling some more, almost like I would with a pet dog. She grows ever redder.

“… I-I am?”

“You are! Yes, you are~!”

“I-I am a good girl!” she exclaims with glee and a little embarrassment.

“Now, give me a kiss.”

“Yes, Master!”

With me still behind her, we lock lips and I continue fondling her body, paying special attention to her breasts like I promised myself a while ago to appease her complex over them. Ren raggedly breathes through her nose before giving up and went with using her tongue for the kiss instead, to which I oblige. As Ren grips my hair with one of her beast-like hands, the other reaches down and back to undo my pants and pull the lower-garments down, setting my rock-hard erection flick up free. She then got to work with giving me a handjob, but not before using some of her juices that continue to drip down from her snatch to wet her furry pad-covered hand, then went to lubing up my cock, all the while maintaining our sloppy make-out session. Noticing how she’s already getting close to her first climax, I reach back to down to her snatch and start fingering her soaked entrance, the hot insides practically welcome my appendages with great vigor and try to squeeze me like they would for my dick, taking all they could inside. Ren subconsciously rocks her hips in rhythm with my finger thrusts while keeping the motions of her handjob in sync.

<“Damn, you’re starting to get the hang of this pet play pretty well. We just need a collar and a leash and we can take it a step further,”> Nyra coaches.

One thing at a time, Nyra. I’m already conflicted enough as I am taking advantage of her pet-related title and treating her like one.

“Holy shit, I have to take that thing inside me?!”

Tyvera’s shock snaps us out of our session somewhat and Ren glances down as much as she could from over her shoulder to see what her hand’s gripped on. Not only does her eyes widen, but her face pales somewhat at the sight.

“Master … did this get bigger than it was previously?”

“How big was it before?!”

I get a little awkward and scratch my head while forcing a wry grin. “Yeah, I believe it grew after doing it with you and Erizora for the first time, Ren. I should probably warn you to be careful with it this time around. When Ume got reckless the next time we did it, she hurt herself to where I had to cast healing magic on her.”

Ren looks over to Tyvera’s crotch, still clothed by the animal pelt. “… Even if she may not get pregnant the usual way, it would be best a generous amount of [Contraception] lube be applied, especially with it being her first time.”

“Yes, I was mentally debating that as well.”

“Ah, but we should first show her the joy of swallowing Master’s seed first. Tyvera, help me get his trousers off and remove your remaining clothes as well.”

“Wait, we’re doing what now?”

Before I knew it, I’m sitting on the edge of the larger than normal (at least by Earth’s standards) bed with two cute and sexy animal-like girls between my legs and getting their mouths over my cock like it was the world’s most delicious popsicle. Ren, despite dealing with my increased size that’s now 20.5 centimeters [~8.1 inches], demonstrates the proper technique of a blowjob, one fitting for a slave to use her mouth as her owner’s personal onahole, even going so far as to deepthroat it into her gullet. With my increased length and girth, it is being gripped by Ren’s throat muscles I didn’t think was possible, trying to suck and swallow it whole with no signs of gagging whatsoever. Erizora may have an easier time taking it all in thanks to her increased size, but Ren’s efforts are quite commendable.

As expected, when Tyvera tries it herself, she could barely get at least half of my cock into her mouth before her gag reflexes kick in. She gets disheartened by her failed efforts, but Ren consoles her and mentions that it takes practice, which is most certainly true for most things. For the time being though, the two just give their attention to my cock, licking it, suckling my balls, all while making lewd noises that bounce in the [Soundproof] spell’s bubble.

The sight, sounds, and mixed sensations of them double-teaming on my erection gets me gripping my sheets. If I was still a regular human being, I probably would’ve cummed not too long after their special blowjob started. Thanks to my Ejaculation Control skill, though, I’ve been letting my semen build up more and more, my erection swollen from the restraint while applying Potent Semen and Semen Pump to make sure my first climax of the session would leave the two of them painted white and yellow.

“Master, I’d like to let Tyvera have all of the first load. If it’s yours, I’m sure she’ll have fewer apprehensions of accepting you inside her once she receives the first taste,” Ren says.

“If you say so! Tyvera, get your maw wide open and ready, it’s about to blow!” I exclaim.

Without further questioning, Tyvera complies, opening her mouth as wide as she could while closing her eyes, waiting to be showered by my ‘love.’

Letting my Ejaculation Control go, my cock shoots out like a powerful water gun with the Semen Pump skill. The thick, viscous semen goes into her open mouth. The force from the beginning was too much and ended up painting some of her copper-brown face white, a little got near her nose, and then some spurted onto her wheat field-like hills that are her breasts. I get most of my fluids into her open maw, though, and with the Potent Semen active, I myself could smell the powerful musk it emanated with the Werewolf Olfactory Sense ability I have. Ren must have also got a good whiff from how red her cheeks became, and the room quickly starts getting rank with the stuff.

Somehow getting the feeling that it was over, Tyvera takes what she received and swallows it whole with a hearty gulp. I could practically see my fluids making the lump in her throat as it went down her gullet and to the stomach.

“Holy shit, that’s some serious aftertaste, and it’s more delicious than what I’ve heard …” Tyvera trails off before her face reddens. She doesn’t even notice some of the remaining semen that lingers on her face and chest as she takes raspy breaths. “H-Huh? I feel so … hot. My stomach, pussy, all aching hot … is this normal?”

“That’s your body … getting filled with love for Master, and begging for more of it in your special place,” Ren explains, already starting to get off on the musk alone.

“I think I get it … I really do need Chief inside me.”

“Let’s do some quick prep work first before getting to the good part,” I suggest.

I take a few moments to use the [Contraception] spell to apply generous amounts of the warm lubricant over my cock and inside Tyvera’s snatch. Her body shivers from the contact, her Climax Gauge already rather close to the brink from my fingers alone, and it staggers from the growing heat alone. Her pussy is dripping and soaking wet, and her breaths are ragged.

With it being her first time, I let her get on top in cowgirl and lower herself on my already hard again cock at her own pace.

“This is like … laying eggs going backward!” Tyvera exclaims. “Wh-Why is it like this when it’s not as big as the eggs?! Why it feels so … I can’t, I can’t hold it for much longer, I, I … AAAAAH~!”

It started off with the head being swallowed into her snatch, but then as she went down, with the pink outlines of her insides I could see with Sweet Spots, I watch as more and more of my cock takes up space. More of myself get squeezed and sucked into her hot, slimy-wet chamber as it molds itself into my member’s shape, to make a space that only I could fill and satisfy her body’s every need. Tyvera’s climax just as she amazingly got all of me inside her shows just how delighted she is, both in body and mind.

[You have achieved the ‘Harpy’s Mate’ title!

[You have now reached ‘Vigorous Libido’ LV 45!

[You have achieved the ‘Savage Beast’ title!

[You have now learned ‘Bestial Endurance*’!]

I keep the new notices in mind while I console and praise Tyvera for a job well done in taking my cock whole, something that even Ume had difficulty achieving to the point of injuring herself. I guess her experience in laying eggs as a Harpy really paid off here.

Despite her sweaty face, Tyvera put up a smile of pride, probably thinking how she actually one-upped my own wife, or ‘chieftess’ in her terms, over lovemaking. Knowing how competitive Ume can be, I ask Tyvera and Ren to keep it a secret between us three, to which the obliged.

Once Tyvera acclimates herself to my cock after coming back from her afterglow, she gets to work pleasuring me cowgirl style. She awkwardly rocks her hips over my loins being the newbie in sex she is while getting the sense of how to control her body to jack off my erect cock with her insides. She must’ve learned how it works similarly with laying eggs because it didn’t take too long for her to get the hang of it while benefitting the results herself. Her motions are a complex mix of blowing and sucking my erection that I didn’t think was possible. Because of that, I feel I need to let myself go inside her sooner than I wanted as a sort of praise from how well she performed on her first time. It seems climaxing again from getting cummed inside not long after her first one was too much for her, though, as she flops her sweaty body on top of me, breathing raggedly and not being able to move for a bit after that.

Despite her efforts quickly used up, I quickly see how beneficial it would be to have a Harpy lover. I pity the closed-minded bastards who didn’t think of giving demon girls like Tyvera a chance for love as they’re really missing out on the fun.

Well, more demon girls for me to take, I guess. I had a thought like that for a moment and did not even question my way of thinking. I even got a little high from Nyra saying I ‘spoke like a true harem king.’

With that, I was still raring to go for more, of which Ren then decided to take the spot while Tyvera made a mess of my thick, Potent Semen drooling out of her pussy as she was on the bed.

Ren helped me cum three more times after that, licking the remains off my cock while I got a taste of her as the two of us were in a 69 position, cumming the first of three in her mouth. The second of three was when she rode on me herself, but couldn’t lower herself enough to swallow me whole like Tyvera did and she practically got drunk from the combination of [Contraception] lube applied beforehand, plus the musk and potency of my Potent Semen to even register the discomfort much. Even though I ejaculated a good load in her snatch, I still wasn’t satisfied. So, while Ren laid down on the bed and let my seed drool out on the bed as well, I made like a dog and humped her ass like one in heat. I figured since I filled two of her holes today, I might as well do the last to complete the set, cumming my third of three loads inside in the process while Ren laid there and just took it.

Just so Tyvera wouldn’t be left out, I fucked her ass as well despite her being unable to move. I let myself build up for my sixth and last load for the time being before ejaculating some inside, then pull out to paint both of the girls’ asses as well as their backs with my semen, marking them as my ‘property.’

[Number of Climaxes: 6. The user will receive 6 level ups.

[The user’s Sex Technique has been evaluated. The user will receive 302 SP. Total SP: 12,726]

I don’t know what it was, but I felt that after I accomplished some sort of hidden goal, I finally calmed down and felt spent while the exhaustion from everything that happened so far today piled up on my body.

I released the [Soundproof] spell and flopped down on the messed-up bed that reeked of sexual fluids, right between Tyvera and Ren. The two of them huddled close to me and we fell slumber not too long after that.


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