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Chapter 95: A Day in the Life of the Glamorous Brawler, Part 2


Feigning defeat and hopelessly disadvantaged, I raise my hands up. “Okay, okay, I give, I’ll go along with your games for a little bit. I just hope I don’t get my good panties too messy.”

“I’d like to see some of that!” “Me too!” “Are they black like the garters?!” they say one after another, excited like they can’t wait to open presents on Christmas morning.

“Why, yes, they are, and they’re laced~. Would you ‘gentlemen’ like a little peek?”


“You want a niice, loooong, and hard look?”

““Fuck yeah!””

“All right, then get ready~☆,” I sing while delicately holding up a piece of my skirt at the front, revealing more of my garter belts latched onto my black knee-high stockings. The sleazebags whistle and catcall me as I slowly reveal more of my legs getting ever closer to my special place.


I briefly close my eyes and concentrate.

“Two~ …”

Back open, my clear blue eyes that were there before are gone, and in their place are ones that are deep and red as blood.

My focus intensifies, my body feels light as air, and my senses are sharpened. At this moment, I’m currently in what my ‘teacher,’ the one who I call Oyabun [親分], dubbed my ‘D-Zone.’




With a flick of the wrist, I tug my skirt to the side enough for me to reach my hidden knife that was holstered on the garter belt, strapped way up my upper thigh. While everyone’s eyes were locked onto the hand that was holding the skirt, I draw their attention away enough for me to grab my knife and throw it right into the eye of the man directly in front of me.

I take advantage of their confusion and immediately rush forward, my AGI boosted with my D-Zone’s effects is enough for me to reach the guy I just threw the knife at under a second before grabbing the handle.

“Demon’s Slice.”


With that chant along with my quick movement of the knife, I cut it across the first sleaze’s face, bisecting his whole head unevenly due to the diagonal pathway that leaves an eerie purplish-black trail, but clean enough for half of it to slide off and fall to the stone-paved ground of the alleyway.

I don’t stop there, though. With the momentum from the first swing, I move to the next guy on my left with a bloodied knife in hand.

“Demon’s Stab. Demon’s Slice. Demon’s Backstab.”

Schick. Sasa. Schick-Don-Schick!

I start off with an assault from below, shoving the knife straight up under the second guy’s chin, a purplish-black point extends from the tip of the blade at the impact that pierces his skull and pokes right out of the top of his head. I then quickly move past the third guy with another Demon’s Slice straight along the neck, decapitating him. Moving onto the back of the fourth, I aim the knife behind his heart that I effortlessly pierce through before delivering a powerful palm strike right at the butt. I give it enough force to push it through and out the other side of his chest as it went between the space of his ribcage.




The knife that was pushed through is sent flying into the chest of the fifth guy. I quickly rush in again and grab a hold of my knife that’s penetrating his stomach.

“Demon’s Multi-Slice. Demon’s Sonic Slice.”


The swiftness and maneuverability of my arm as I cut the fifth guy many times come as a blur for my enemies. Stomach. Chest. Chest. Neck. Head. I make sure I cut deep enough to reach the vital organs and blood vessels underneath to off him near instantaneously.

Finally, the sixth and seventh sleazebags. On the surface, I move straight across to the other side of those two in a line at an instant, my stance of finishing a strike with my knife in a reverse grip. In reality, though, I moved at the speed of sound under the Demon’s Sonic Slice’s influence, allowing me to move and attack that isn’t visible by the naked eye.

I made countless slices at both of their necks, many small cuts to form a ring around them before I could go ever deeper until I could cut through bone, and I did that twice to the sixth and seventh guys before their heads fall over to the sides, the bodies follow afterward.

With that, my ‘battle’ of 7-to-1 is finished under 10 seconds. I only got a few drops of blood on me, but the bottoms of my shoes are getting drenched by the increasing pools of blood from the corpses. The alleyway is quiet, but I quickly check my surroundings for any more intruders, any witnesses on sight that could become problematic for me while holding my breath.

Don Don Din Don!

Do-ro-ro Don Din Don!

The ‘Murderous Victory’ tracks play in my mind, confirming the completion of my battle. I breathe a sigh of relief, relax my tense muscles, and get out of my D-Zone, my blood crimson eyes revert back to their natural clear-blue color.

“Sheesh, using so much HP for those skills can take a toll on ya. I’m thankful to learn a skill that reduces more than what I usually spend, but it’s still rather burdensome on my body, especially using my D-Zone on top of it,” I say to myself while rolling my shoulders. I then cast [Clean] on my knife before slipping it back in the holster strapped to the garter on my upper thigh that’s hidden under the skirt.

If things were a little more peaceful in this world like it was in modern Japan, I wouldn’t have had to go to such lengths to protect myself and dress more cutely, but some sacrifices in fashion had to be made for functionality in this world, unfortunately. I’d rather wear this on a daily basis than clothing appropriate for female adventurers. Sure, the short shorts some people with the Thief class wear might be okay on some occasions, but that’s just too constraining for me to move in daily compared to skirts.

Anyway, despite the HP I had spent on those kills, I thankfully have good quality health potions stored in my [Storage] in case of emergencies. Still, having some healing magic would be nice right now. Sei’s argument about increasing our party during our discussion before bed last night is really starting to become more convincing for me to go along with; hence, our plans for what we’re going to do today after turning in the goods she collected for the quests … as well as my own from working in the Black Cat and whatever I can get after reporting my case of an ‘assault’ to the adventurer’s guild.

I take a bottle of health potion from [Storage] and about to pop the cork before the light blue notice screen appears with a surprising description.

[You have reached the maximum level of your Brawler class. Remaining EXP will be accumulated from here on.

[You have achieved the Mistress Vixen title!

[You have now learned ‘EXP Distributing*’!

[You have acquired a new ability! ‘Femme Fatale!’]

“… So, that time has come, huh?”


I left the scene as is and reported what happened back there to the owner who runs the Black Cat pub, Ms. Miyo. Thankfully, I have a ‘special relationship’ with her to help me out. She vouched for me by writing up a form with her seal and signature for me to turn into the guild along with the sleaze bags’ adventurer ID cards. After some words of warning were exchanged, I cast [Clean] on myself and finished the remainder of my work with no further complications while the owner got to work keeping the scene from getting tampered.

After calling it a day at the Black Cat, I walk with Sei beside me as we make our way to Alluga’s adventurer’s guild.

<“… Mistress.”>

Yes, Sei? I ask through our Familiar Telepathy skill. I made a point for her to refer me as something other than ‘Mistress’ and the like in public so others wouldn’t suspect anything. Only in private or through telepathy right now can she refer me as such.

<“I’ve been meaning to mention this but I can sense you have grown much stronger very recently, and though I cannot see it, the scent of blood is still fresh on you.”>

I click my tongue. Man … I thought I was thorough with my [Clean], too.

<“Did you suddenly get into a fight? Why did you not call me?”>

It was an ambush in the back of the pub. If I had summoned you there then, everyone would know you’re not actually a Lizardman, and people will grow suspicious if you suddenly walk out to the back without warning. Besides, there weren’t very much and they weren’t very strong for guys above my ‘rank.’ I thought I could handle them quick enough on my own. We’ll be reporting their attempt to assault me while completing the quest. I got the owner’s approval for investigation and testimony to help us out on this.

<“… As expected of Mistress. Thinking three steps ahead to take any opportunity in your sight by the neck.”>

Still, I just came across an interesting issue after that battle. Because of that issue, I change my mind and decide to follow your suggestion.

<“You mean you will take recruiting party members seriously?”>

Yes. While I can still level up my Secondary Classes for who knows how much longer, I have officially reached the level cap of my Brawler class.

<“You don’t say? Congratulations. I’d say only a handful of people from the Mortal Realm have ever reached their peak level in an Advanced Class before death. I’ve never heard of one reaching the level cap in their default class, though. Even when you have a few Greed Rings around your neck to gain some extra EXP, reaching the level cap is no small feat.”>

Well, with the work you’ve put in to earn me some, I doubt anybody could reach this as fast as I did. I’m sure I can still grow stronger in my Brawler class’ stats through training, but it will likely be slower than leveling up. Even with multiple classes, there’s only so much I can do on my own, and having you there may make things easier, you’re pretty much at peak condition of your strength as well and can only get stronger the same way, right?

<“Yes … even consuming more Special Medals will prove fruitless now that I’ve attained this form. I could still revert myself back to my adult beast and baby beast forms if I want to, but I see no further reason to do so. Other than just resting on your shoulder in the latter form, having opposable digits while walking on two legs is quite more convenient for me.”>

I know, right? Being bipedal kicks ass. So, anyway, having more helping hands would be the only other option we have to up our chances of survival against stronger enemies; thus, recruiting more party members.

<“I’m pleased to know my suggestion has helped you come to a firm decision. Having more comrades will lessen the load on me dealing with weaker enemies, too.”>

That was your true aim all along, wasn’t it?

<“I can never lie to you, Mistress.”>

I sigh and lightly shake my head. Well, whatever. At least we won’t have any problems finding some recruits to our party.

<“Why would you think it would be easy? Just so you know, unless you’re suddenly able to cast Holy Magic now—which I would honestly prefer you didn’t—you can’t summon another familiar from the Cursed Realm for 3 more months out of the 6 six required to wait after your first attempt.”>

I know that. It’s just that thanks to my admittedly kickass Fortune Drop ability, we’re loaded enough to retire early and spend the rest of our lives lazing about in a nice home with our own maid if we wanted to.

Fortune Drop is the blessing I chose when my representing Immortal, The Goddess of Pride, Telanis, gave me the option as I was setting up my start for the new world as one of her Champions. With this cheat-like ability, I would be granted some money and a rare drop from any monster I defeat, 100% of the time. It’s through this ability that I got enough Special Medals for Sei’s growth and transformation, something that only Special Monsters would drop if the one who performed the finishing blow was lucky enough.

<“Ah! Have you gathered more drop items than I have when I wasn’t looking? Those remaining Special Medals would sell quite a lot, too. Wait, if we can afford that much now, then why are we still working?”>

Well, that money isn’t for us.

<“… Don’t tell me, for that ‘target’ you’re waiting for?”>

You got it. It’s all part of a bigger goal that will benefit all of us, though. You may grow to like him as well once you meet him. Before that, we need to spend money on some reliable, trustworthy, and cute-looking allies who won’t stab our backs and come to like my target as well. Once we earn that money back and pull it all together for him to see when we finally meet again, we’ll be living the good lives from then on.

I picked the Fortune Drop ability with Jin-chi in mind, after all, knowing how he and Ms. Mikan, his mother, were almost always working to make a decent living. I admired his hard work but I wanted to help provide as much as I could so he wouldn’t work himself to death. With the money I saved since I started living in Padimon, we could spoil each other like gross nobles as much as we wanted.

<“… Ah, so we’ll be redeeming a slave or two to recruit as party members.”>

That’s the plan. We’re gonna withdraw a lot of money from my account on top of what we’ve earned in this quest and what we’ll get after reporting my little ‘incident’ for the cause. I’m certain the higher quality the slave is means higher values, so we’re banking it until we make it.

<“… Mistress, I must be honest that how you can be so nonchalant with these absurd methods frightens me sometimes. Moreover, you’ve only been living in Alluga for 4 months now, right? How can you even be certain that you’ll meet your ‘target’ again if you have no idea where he is?”>

Because it’s part of our ‘family’s circumstances’ that we can wind up in this world, and knowing him, he’ll take that chance when it’s presented to him. Though we may be separated right now, we will reunite in some way soon enough. Besides … it’s part of my duty as his arranged mistress that I do everything I can to make him happy.

I could feel Sei’s eyes popping out of her head with jaw agape as she gazes at me. I only look on ahead and still give a relaxed and proud smirk.

I’ve known for the longest time that my life goes beyond what’s considered ‘out-of-the-ordinary.’ I would be lying if I said I never had moments of wishing this life not being forced on me since even before my birth. I thought I had experienced hell on Earth, and some moments were so agonizing and painful that death would be the only mercy given to me to escape the life that very few girls would want to live.

But then, he would come to mind. How would things turn out if this life wasn’t thrust onto me from the beginning? Would I still be able to see him as our ‘family’ introduced to me at a distance for the first time? Would I still properly meet him on that fateful day at that playground when he spotted me from the bushes? Would I still meet him for the first time after so long at the beginning of high school after he saved me from a group of delinquents hitting on me (even though I could have ground them down on the concrete with my foot at any time)? Would I still see him as someone I want to cherish despite how frightened everyone around him was?

To some, this ‘practice’ that’s been going on in my bloodline since the foundation of our ‘family’ may look like a curse, but to me, it couldn’t have been more of a blessing to become such an important part of someone’s life like Jin-chi’s. No matter if it is the work of fate, deities, or somewhere in between, I’m grateful for the life I was given. It made repeated trips to hell and back all the worthwhile.

And so, if I had to begin my story of romance, shoujo manga, isekai light novel, or otherwise, I would say mine would start out like this:

Hey, there, I like to dress and style myself in cute fashions and my favorite food on Earth is fried rice. I was assigned by higher-ups to be the bodyguard and arranged mistress to the man I have grown to love and made my ‘target’ for all things sexual or otherwise, Jinma Kotori, or ‘Jin-chi’ as I like to call him, or even ‘O-Jin-Jin’ on some occasions. [AN: Jinma’s other nickname can closely sound like Ochinchin [おちんちん], which is a translation to ‘penis’ in Japanese. 😉]

Ehh~? Why is a cute girl like me playing bodyguard/mistress to a ‘scary’ looking man, you ask? Well~, that-is-class-i-fied~, but I will tell you one thing since I’m no longer on Earth. Back in the field, I was referred by a codename when I made my debut.

In broad daylight, I was your ‘typical high-school gyaru’ that knew how to tease the man she liked, but from the dark depths of the urban underworld, there was no man who I can’t make fall under my ‘charms’ to make hot and red before he went cold and dead.

There was only one fitting codename that reflected how I did my business while keeping myself pure for the man I love:

My name is Komiwa Karuga, and I am what you may call a hitman; codenamed [Vixen].

A note from Orange_Rain

We'll be going back to Jinma's side and see how the rest of his business with Noire plays out starting next chapter. We'll see what slaves Komiwa ends up with and other things at a later time unless you guys would like to see it sooner. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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