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Chapter 94: A Day in the Life of the Glamorous Brawler, Part 1


My name is something something and I’m just your typical, normal high school girl. That’s how these things normally go in those shoujo mangas, right? The girl says some things about herself, monologues about a boy she has a crush on but feels like she has no chance of getting close to him. Suddenly, some strange thing happens that brings the two of them together. A romantic comedy story full of misunderstandings, accidents that the girl can’t help but be happy with when it involves her crush, and a bunch of other nonsensical events begins that shows the ‘progression’ of their relationship that leads readers to think ‘just kiss and get married already!’

In my case, part of me wishes that even half of those things are relevant, but as they say, reality is stranger than fiction, and if I had to compare in terms of books, my current life right now is more like those isekai light novels that were trending in my previous life on Earth.

“Hi hi~☆! I’ll be your waitress for today! Can I, like, start you off with some drinks or something?” I start in my ‘casual role’ like usual.

“Yeah~, how about I have some of you to go, little lady~?” one of the guys of the group catcalls, the others chuckle with sleazy smiles.

“Sorry~, but I’m not on the menu. I’ll just bring over some water and give you some time to decide on your orders, ‘kay~?”


With the mask of a smile plastered on my face, I smack the hand that was reaching for a feel away with no remorse before I nonchalantly went to get the waters, unfazed by the mixed gazes aiming in my direction.

“Honestly … it’s too early for shit like that,” one of my human waitress coworkers, Natalie, complains as I set up the glasses.

“I’m sorry, Komiwa. I can’t seem to keep myself together from even looking at those guys …” another waitress, a Beastman with rabbit ears and tail who went by Lala, mutters while shuddering in place.

“Hey, it’s cool~. I got this.”

“So cool and brave … does that come with the title of being an adventurer?”

“Seriously, though, I know we put up the request at the guild for more hands here, yet you’re the only one who’s always taken up the job. I’d be hunting all of those monsters by now if I were in your shoes.”

“Well, I like to think it’s not bad to take on easier jobs like this every now and then. Besides, I got someone doing the harder hunting quests out there already making dough for the both of us.”

“That Lizardman girl, right? Sei, I think her name was? I have to say I may not have seen one of them before but her scale hide seems rather different from what I heard.”

That’s because Sei isn’t a Lizardman. She’s my familiar from the Cursed Realm who was once the Duchess of Sloth. Duchesses and dukes are apparently second-best of all familiars in their respective factions compared to the queens and kings who lead them. The magical beasts existing in those realms that are summoned to this world due to a spell and forming a contract are based on animals in both real life and mythology like phoenixes, cu siths, and others. Sei is what’s called a sobek, a crocodile magical beast that is commonly known in Egyptian mythology according to the internet (thank god that still works in this new world, strangely enough). It was stated that they resemble fertility and military prowess in the myth, but sobeks are just intelligent and capable crocodiles among other magical beasts here.

It’s mainly how they’re related to ‘fertility’ that I came up with Sei’s name after forming the contract, or ‘Seiki’ as I’d sometimes tease her with.

I don’t know how relative that Egyptian myth is to sobeks like Sei, but when I researched it, I had a strange feeling of likeness to it. It’s said summoning your potential familiar for the first time in this world is random but I wonder if there’s more to it somehow. Even before I knew what a sobek was, when she mentioned she was like the second-in-command of the Sloth faction, I also had an uncanny likeness to that term in the meaning of the seven deadly sins through Christianity.

Besides that, Sei started off as a larger than normal crocodile who can transform into a small baby-looking one that’s easy to carry around on my shoulder while expending less MP. When I caught eyes on what was called a Special Medal once, Sei explained to me how they’re not only very valuable, but also have the capability to make one’s familiars get a significant power boost, and once they’re given enough …

“Ms. Komiwa, I have returned.”

“Hey, speak of the devil—WHAT THE FLYING FUCK?!”


“Aww, Sei~, why’d you gotta come all the way here looking like that~?” I ask in a whining tone.

In front of us is another girl, standing tall at 2 meters [~6 feet, 7 inches], wearing a two-piece garment of a thigh-length apron-like skirt that wraps over the front but stops just three-quarters around the waist, and an athletic crop top that her large breasts really fill out. Both of them are now totally drenched and splattered with blood along with the knapsack strapped to her back and the rest of her bulky body. Covered by dark-orange scales with a few lines of horns down her back called scutes or scuta is a very pale pink skin like one has never stepped out of their homes to get some sun, but the six-pack abs she has that are bare for all to see would clearly show she didn’t laze around. She also has a large, strong tail that is also lined with horns and scales of the same color, but the underside has a lighter shade of orange like peaches. It’s because of this tail covering the private parts of her buttocks that the wearer felt the ‘skirt’ didn’t need to wrap all the way around when clothes were chosen for her. Then there are the reptilian claws and feet with strong, lean arms, legs, and thighs to finish the package that distinguishes what makes her not human at a glance.

Other than the fleshy skin that makes up the front of the torso, there’s the front half of her neck, the face, and light-orange hair that’s cut short in a boyish style to make up the ‘human’ parts of her body, and if you look closely into her eyes, there are brilliantly bright emerald irises surrounding black slit pupils that resemble a reptile’s. There are also peach-colored ‘fins’ exposed out on the sides of her head to make up the ears.

Yep, this is definitely Sei, the former Jasper Sodek Duchess of Sloth.

This appearance is what a familiar will become when they consume enough Special Medals for power boosts. I don’t even need to constantly spend MP to keep her in this realm anymore as she has enough power to come and go as she pleases, but since she’s still my familiar as part of our contract, I can still summon her from anywhere at any time. They can look more like someone from the Demi-Kin and the Human-Kin if their master preferred it that way, but when I was given the choice of how Sei’s appearance would turn out, I decided on hers to be more from the Demon-Kin’s bloodline partially because that’s what she personally preferred, but I also thought it would be useful to have an intimidating-looking acquaintance always at my side to scare away any weak-willed guys.

Having someone of her size and being covered in monster blood on top of it has certainly done what I intended as I notice the guys at the table I just waited doing their utmost to avoid looking in our direction, slightly trembling in their seats. I couldn’t help but smirk at the response as well as feel nostalgic when I used to be with a certain someone who would also give out a similar threatening air at a glance.

Ah, those were the good days … I really hope Jin-chi’s doing well, whatever he’s doing, I think before I cast [Clean] on Sei and rid her of the mess, now totally spotless and practically shining. Natalie and Lala breathe sighs of relief once the grotesque scene in front of them was gone.

Honestly, the blood almost blended so well with her scales that no one would notice, but having it staining her flesh and clothes while emitting a smell would certainly set off alarms in people’s heads. It’s especially not good for the pub I’m currently working right now.

“Forgive me. I found going to the bathhouse to clean by myself too bothersome,” Sei says.

“Sei, you think doing anything is too bothersome, aside from fighting and training.”

“Other than eating, resting, and bathing with acquaintances, there is no better way to spend my valuable time training and honing my body. I’d rather fight opponents worthy of my time, though. Wasting my time with the weak would be too bothersome.”

“Well, this here certainly says how capable a fighter you are,” Natalie says while poking a finger on Sei’s subtle six-pack. “Seriously, if you were human and a guy, I would totally fall for these abs.”

“I’m worried how I could’ve mistaken you for a male if it weren’t for your chest,” Lala adds while poking the side of her large breasts before reaching up and feeling through her hair scarlet-like locks. “Couldn’t you have let your hair grow out at least a little? You’d come out more like a girl that way.”

“Too bothersome to maintain.”

“How would you seek out capable guys if you don’t look a little more charming?” Natalie asks.

“Chasing males is too bothersome and I’m not interested in finding a mate right now.”

Of course, it is. “Come on, cut her some slack, you two. If she says she’s fine being on her own then we should respect it. That aside, Sei, you finished with the quests?”

“Yep. Got all of the things in here,” Sei answers while showing the knapsack on her back. It may look easy to lug around, but it would certainly hinder one’s movements if they’re not careful. That’s why I was glad to leave carrying my Magic Item Bag (MIB) to Sei without worries. Sure, I earned enough not long since I got here to afford to learn the [Storage] Null Spell for larger and harder-to-carry items, but in the case of emergency, that slight delay of activating the spell and taking out what you need would mean certain death.

Carry as little on hand as you can and never give the enemy a second to attack in close-quarters combat. I may not have been as strong in brute strength as Jin-chi, but my quick reflexes, technique, and accuracy were enough for me to fell any foe back on Earth. That’s just how I was trained and he never knew that about me, much to my dismay now. Being in this new world of Raiza, while my training was also helpful from the beginning, the application of skills, magic, and abilities can possibly have someone let down their guard if they get too confident.

I was warned about this long before I even got here, and so I kept my senses as sharp then as they are now, which has become even sharper thanks to some skills I acquired over my time here.

“Well, then, why don’t you have a seat and I’ll get you some lunch before we head on out to the guild?” I suggest to Sei while pointing to her favorite booth.

“Thank you, Ms. Komiwa. The usual, please.”

“Coming right up~☆!”


Sometime after I received the sleazy group’s order and relayed both theirs and Sei’s to the cooks, I was tasked to briefly handle the garbage, and so I went to the alleyway behind the pub, the Black Cat, and unload it in the dumpster.

Okay, after I take care of their orders, Sei and I will head for the guild and move along with our plans with some time to spare … aw shit, an ambush.

Honing in my ‘skills’ to sense an enemy’s presence, I see that I’m quickly surrounded by sleazebags in hiding, coming out at the perfect opportunity when I’m by my lonesome. I recognize numerous names and faces I’ve seen from the pub, all persistent pursuers who tried their advances to pick me up, only to get turned down. This alleyway would have the homeless frequently hanging around here, and so when I found there were some people lingering by thanks to my ‘internal map’ before coming out here, I figured that’d be the case, so I didn’t confirm their identities. I was careless in this instance seeing the group approaching me.

Honestly, I want to forget these guys and move on, but not only are they ‘regulars’ to the Black Cat, but I also can’t overlook the possibility of something drastic happening. I can’t really relax until they’re removed from this world. I was lenient when I suspected these guys to be the frequent homeless at first.

… Seven total, I evaluate after quickly scanning my surroundings and confirming them with my skills.

“You’ve only got yourself to blame for this, little miss,” one of the sleazes says as he and the others close in. “All we wanted was to have a little fun, but you’ve always turned us down and hid behind your lizard friend. We’re getting tired of your playing hard-to-get.”

“How can we not be tempted with how you’ve always dressed? That nape revealed by your blonde ponytail, that cleavage hiding whatever you’re wearing as a necklace, those knee-high stockings latched by garters that peek out with each flutter of the skirt …”

“Only girls who want some action would go so far to look like that.”

Sheesh, stereotyping much? Can’t a girl dress however she pleases? Things were so much easier when I could wear shorter skirts to school. I mean, these aren’t as bad for part of a waitress uniform, but I miss wearing cuter clothes and tease Jin-chi for staring … well, when it’s put that way, I was doing it to get some attention, but I only wanted to get his out of everyone else.

“If you change your mind right now, though, we can go easy on ya,” another one says.

With those hands? Yeah, I don’t believe you one bit. Even Jin-chi would know how to treat a girl like me gently. God, I wish I could’ve known how gentle he could really be if I wasn’t so afraid to put myself out earlier on.

Well, no matter. I’ll keep myself clean for as long as it takes. Until I see him again and come out with the truth, I won’t let you low lives anywhere near these goods … but I’ll give you quite the show.

A note from Orange_Rain

This turned out pretty long so I split it into 2 parts. Get ready for some OP carnage. >:3

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