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“I’m not just doing this out of obligation, either, you know? Ever since you said all of those things you had in mind while coming up with our party’s name at the guild, I had to stop myself from taking you right there. I’ve been so horny since then that I wouldn’t be satisfied being on the receiving end this time around.”

Come to think of it, Ume did feel up my thigh under the table while we were going over the supplies needed earlier. I’m pretty sure I heard her breathing shallower and more in a seductive manner next to me, too.

<“Aw, shit, this girl is thirsty!”> Nyra exclaims.

I shove Nyra under the pillow as Ume pulled me down to the futon and started taking the lead with a heated make-out session, her tongue overwhelming my own while she excavated every nook and cranny of my oral cavity. I sigh through my nose and relish the feeling of her breasts pressing into my bare chest as she pushed me down.

Ume pulls back with a mess of saliva spilling between us and I see her face flushed red for a moment. She then moves down to kiss my neck, sending pleasant shivers down my spine. “Come on. Tell me what you want, already. I’m itching to get started,” she says in between kisses.

Honestly, I was going to ask if she and Ms. Tephalia talked about anything related to me but that clearly isn’t what’s in her mind right now.

“I want … to grope your boobs.” It was so sudden and rare for me to be firm in voicing what I really want in the moment that I hesitated briefly.

My slight fears were unfounded as Ume happily obliged and we set ourselves up to where she lies her back on top of me, positioning ourselves to where our faces are close to each other on the same level. I take a moment to slip out of my slacks and set my hardened dick free before reaching up from underneath and start fondling her G-cup mounds. Ume takes a shallow gasp and she arches her back while I relish the feeling of her breasts molding and spilling over my hands, using my maxed out Sex Technique skill to make the experience just as enjoyable for her, too. They’re almost like the mochi from ozoni after they’ve been warmed up in the broth and it’s a very pleasant feeling. How her nipples get hard and erect from my touch is the finishing touch to the experience. I could still remember how nice it felt and tasted in my mouth when I first did it with Ume yesterday.

“Mmmh~. You really like my boobs that much, Jin?”

“I love your boobs, Ume. I’d fondle them all day if I could, whether they are clothed or bare like this.”

“… What’s stopping you?”


“Jin, I’m your wife, remember?” she asks while turning her head to me as much as she could. “My body is yours, from now to forever, and I love you giving it attention like this no matter where we are. I’m minding the public’s norm of decency for your sake and not attract a lot of attraction to myself, but with my Ancient Magic, I could make myself undetectable to everyone’s eyes except for yours, only. I could walk around butt naked with you and no one would even bat an eye because they wouldn’t see me. I could even make you just as so and we can have sex right out in the open if you wanted, while everyone else won’t even see or hear what we’re doing. Actually, I’m getting excited just thinking about it.”

<“Holy crap, she’s one hell of an exhibitionist, and where can I get that magic to make it work for me, too?!”> Nyra asks.

“At this point, I don’t really care if anyone sees me if it means the sex we’d have would be incredible. We can go out and do it right now if you want, all you have to do is say the word.”

I may not have been popular with girls and too occupied with work to think about these things but I admit I’ve read a little doujinshi on some kinks here and there. I found it unlikely to have sex in public spaces like a school classroom or a park and not get caught, but that doesn’t make the fantasy depicted in the doujinshi any less enjoyable.

If Ume can actually make those fantasies into reality, then that’s something I should really consider trying in the future.

“I’ll keep it in mind but I’d rather not do something that exciting right now. I want to take it easy and enjoy the leisure time with my beautiful wife,” I answer before I start kissing the border between the skin and scale of her neck.

Ume giggles. “You can be such a smooth talker, Jin. This beautiful wife is lucky to have you.”

“It’s more of a miracle for me than you realize. I love you very much, Ume.

“I love you, too.”

We affirmed our love again with another heated kiss while I continue fondling her breasts with gentle care. The sighs of her breaths were hot enough to warm most of my face. The way they sound with no other noise interrupting it with [Soundproof]’s assistance heightened my sense of hearing, making the experience even more intense. I wonder if Ume was feeling the same way. Her moans as I pinch and stretch her nipples gets my blood pumping down to my dick and make it even harder and swollen. Ume’s smooth, scaly back rubbing against my hardened cock sandwiched between us gives a surreal feeling that I don’t think could ever be replicated on Earth.

“Hey, Ume.”


“I want you to do something else with your boobs but I’ll need to lubricate them first. Do you mind?”

“Do whatever you like~.”

I cast [Contraception] and let my hands currently rubbing Ume’s breasts emit the stimulating, magical lubricant. Ume gasps shakily as I start applying the lubricant onto her beautiful milk bags, making sure I’m thorough in getting every part of them covered from top to bottom, and especially in between them.

“My boobs are getting so hot … are we doing something different with them than what we’ve done to this point?”

“Yes, it’s something I’ve fantasized from time to time and I’ve always wanted to try it if I had the chance. You’ll be the first to do this for me, Ume.”


Thinking I’ve applied enough on her breasts, I ask Ume to move so I could apply the lubricant on my cock next. It’s then I realized this is the first time I’ve seen my improved sex in all of its glory, 20.5 centimeters [~ 8.1 inches] of red, swollen, hard flesh that’s raring to go and conquer a woman with its seed. I was a tad worried about even making this possible with the size I started out with when I came to this world, but now I think I can do it to make it a more thrilling experience.

<“Mmh~, goddamn, do I wish I could break myself and ride that cock right now~,”> Nyra moans, also impressed of my improved masculine weapon as I start generously applying the [Contraception] lubricant on it, head, balls, and everywhere in between. The heat and sensitivity quickly overwhelm me and I’m amazed I haven’t grown to get used to it yet.

After I’m coated and ready, I instruct Ume accordingly while we change positions.

“So, this is called a … boob job, was it?” Ume asks as she holds her breasts together over my cock. I’m currently lying down on my back.


“I can already tell a girl with sizeable breasts is required but I feel like this is something more Erizora’s specialty with her giant ones. Are you really sure I’m the first girl you’re doing this with?”

“Yes, absolutely sure.”

“Have you thought of doing this with her? Actually, Kalline Gallofree’s breasts looked pretty decent, too.”

“I admit I did but I know how much you want to share most, if not all of our firsts together and you said we could do whatever I want right now, so …”

“I see. Well, you made a wise decision in coming to your wife first for these things … I’m very happy that you remembered, too.”

Well, she did say that just last night. How could I possibly even forget?

“Okay, so you want me to slide your cock through my boobs like this, right? I’m going to do that now.”

“Whenever you’re ready, and do it slowly, please,” I say while aligning my cock to position.

Ume nods and then starts pressing her breasts together while getting my tip between them.

A shock runs down my spine as my cock slowly gets swallowed between the cleavage of her G-cup mounds, tight, soft, smooth, firm, and with the magic lubricant, the feeling is very warm and sensual. My erection is fully enveloped by her tits before I realized it.

“Mmh~. The lubricant is making this feel good for me, too. Ah! The glans is poking out!” Ume exclaims before giggling. “Aww~, it’s kind of cute like this. Hey there, little guy~. Are you happy to see me? You’re just a cute little thing, aren’t you? Yes, you are~.”

“…” I have mixed feelings for this. Nyra’s cackling in my mind doesn’t really help with this moment of a strange complex and Ume’s loving kiss after her baby talk makes this all the stranger.

“What should I do now?” Ume asks after finishing her baby talk.

“Now try to rub your breasts up and down on it, in a similar motion like how you were riding on it in cowgirl yesterday. Make sure you’re pressing them tightly together, too.”

“Ah, I get it.” Understanding it, she starts out slow with fucking my cock up and down in a smooth motion with her tits, keeping them pressed together between her scaly arms and lizard hands all the while. A feeling of my cock getting milked from top to bottom is like squeezing a tube of toothpaste on both ends repeatedly. The noises of wet sliding from the lubricant make the boob job sound all the lewder and sexier.

“Mmh. Yeah, like that.”

“Does it feel good?”

“Yeah, it feels incredible.”

“Good, because I’m starting to get into this, too. If it’s like fucking on cowgirl, then …” Ume suddenly gets an idea as she stops her motions at the top where my head is only remaining inside her cleavage.

She then drops her tits and pounds them on my pelvis hard, bringing them back up and repeat the motion again, making slapping sounds that echo in the [Soundproof] barrier. The pressure around my cock suddenly grows more intense from her change of motions, and in a good way.

Ume really is trying to replicate the motions she made being on cowgirl and apply them to her tit job. I think there was no further need of me to instruct her on what to do and just voice my approvals.

“Fuck, Ume, that’s really good! You’re really fucking me with your tits! I’m already getting close!”

“I really am! This is getting good for me, too! It’s hotter than I thought! Oh, but I want to taste your semen again … hey, I know of something else to make this more interesting!” With Ume’s breasts resting on my pelvis and wrapped around my cock, she takes her long tongue dripping with saliva and stretches it down to circle around the glans that was poking out, her tip runs along just below the head. Just to make sure the boob job was still going, Ume moves her tits around in a small circle that’s in sync with the motions of her tongue, something she’s also done during her cowgirl position yesterday. The experience this time is different with how the tight softness of her tits knocks my cock around like a joystick on a controller while my glans and its underside are overwhelmed by the improving dexterity of the long, warm, moist appendage that is her tongue.

As if the mixed sensations weren’t enough, the sight of her blushing face, endearing, but hungry eyes as they squint and glimmer, even the smile that could be seen with her lips despite her tongue lolled out, just add her giggling and you got yourself the unique sexy/cute image that’s probably not easy to pull off. Yet Ume does this so naturally because it’s fun for her, because she’s doing it with someone like me.

From that thought alone, I make sure my Potent Semen and Semen Pump skills were activated while using my Ejaculation Control to let it all build up in my cock, making it swell ever larger, redder, and hotter.

“Ume! It’s too much! I’m going to cum!”


Releasing my Ejaculation Control, I let it all out. Like a miniature geyser, yellowish-white fluids erupt from my swollen cock and shoot up to hit right onto Ume’s face. She instinctively closes her both of her eyes as more semen paints over her complexion and drips down to the growing mess around her cleavage.

With Semen Pump allowing me to unload more jizz than a normal human male would, it’s like I’m making a unique work of art with Ume as the canvas. I had to have ejaculated half a soda can’s worth of semen by the time my climax finally calms down.

“Agh, Bin! ‘oob ab ba beh oo meh!” [Ugh, Jin! Look at the mess you made!] I think this is what Ume said with her tongue still lolled out, but she didn’t sound all that mad compared to last night when something similar happened.

“Hold on! Before you do anything, I want to take a picture of this.”

“[Eh? You mean like this morning?]” Ume asks as I pull my smartphone out of my [Storage] and set up the camera.

“Yeah, I want to think back on the moment when my beautiful wife looks like this. Can we do it? Please?”

“[Will you want to take more pictures of these after this?]”

“If that’s okay.”

“[… Can I see how they look after we’re done?]”

“Of course.”

“[Okay, since it’s you, I’ll allow it.]”

“Great! Can you stay like that with your tongue out and hold your fingers up like this?” I ask while making a double-peace sign. Ume mimics it while she maintains her ‘smile.’ “Perfect! Now hold it like that!”

<“Oh, wow … this looks so lewd and wrong and I love it! Isn’t this what you guys call the ‘ahegao’ face back in Japan?”> Nyra asks as I take some quick shots with the smartphone.

Sure is, and my god, Ume looks so sexy/cute like this right now that I’m already getting turned on again for round two. These will definitely be for our own eyes to see only.

Once I took some good enough pictures of her ahegao coated in cum, Ume uses that long tongue of hers to clean up the mess around of cleavage and most over her face.

Her tongue may not be as long as Ms. Tephalia’s but to even pull that off is an impressive feat, at least I thought so as I took more pictures of her tongue-cleaning then.

Ume had to wipe whatever remained that her tongue couldn’t reach with her scaly hands. She tried to get all of my semen in her mouth at once and slowly swish it around, savoring it, before having it go down her gullet with a hearty gulp.

“Ren and Erizora mentioned how delicious your semen tasted when they cleaned it last night so I wanted to try it again, but … this is much different in taste than from what I remembered. Is it from one of your skills?” Ume asks.

“Yes, Potent Semen, it read.”

“I think I saw that in the skill list of your status earlier, too. I see, so that’s what this is … such a strong smell while tasting so thick and delicious …” The redness on Ume’s face deepens as her breathing gets shallow and she rests her hands on the chest where the heart is. It’s then I realize how apparent the smell of sex is in the room. With my ‘Werewolf’s Olfactory Sensing’ ability I gained from bonding with Ren, I could tell most of this scent is coming from Ume that’s quickly becoming more overwhelming. I think I could even hear fluids from her pussy dripping down to the faux-tatami mat floor.

“Is this also why … I feel so hot and achy in my pussy?” Ume asks between breaths and she reaches down to feel up her dripping snatch. “Jin, you’re erect enough again, right? The [Contraception] Null Spell should still be effective if it’s only your cock, right? Is it okay if I take it inside me now?”

“Yes, yes, and fuck yes. I will be in your care.”

Yes!” Ume then takes my already erected cock and aligns herself above it, still dripping juices and making a mess of my member all the while.

“Oh, but be careful, though.”


“This is the first time you’ll have it in this size, right?”


“Try to take it easy. I wouldn’t want you to get hurt.”

“Wow, it’s kind of incredible to feel how much this thing is throbbing.”

… She’s totally not listening to me, is she?

<“Nope. The only thing she has in her mind is a big, fat, ‘D.’ I can feel her lust going off the charts from here.”>

“O-Okay, I think I got it. I’m going to lower myself down, now.” Ume doesn’t even wait to hear my confirmation as she slowly lets gravity do the work for her. Compared to the first few times I’ve watched my cock getting swallowed, it’s definitely more surreal now with its improved size. The enlarged head’s already stretching Ume’s pussy as it gets past the entrance. Using Sweet Spots to see the insides of her sex through glowing pink contours made the scene an even more amazing sight to behold. The sudden heat that’s different from what was brought from the magic lubricant overwhelms me along with its sheer tightness.

“A-Ahn … wow, this is … a bit challenging. S-So much bigger than last night, I feel like I’m splitting in two … aaah, is it actually getting even bigger?! J-Jin’s cock … is filling up all of my insides! I can feel its pulses … coursing through me!”

“Y-You’re halfway there, just relax and keep going!” Despite my growing worries, I feel I need to cheer her on. It’s a little difficult to get worried, too, feeling how much of Ume’s hot, moist, and loving embrace is acting from the cavity of her pussy, enveloping me so tightly that it’s almost suffocating my cock for its seed.

Looking up at Ume’s Climax Gauge, I’m surprised how her bar is steadily yet shakenly getting fuller and fuller. She must’ve gotten really warmed up from how her breasts were given so much attention moments ago. I’d say it’s just at 75% now.

“S-So big!” Ume exclaims while lowering herself further, but I can see it’s starting to get difficult. The tip of my glans is already close to her cervix. Her ‘Climax Gauge’ is at 80%.

“I just need … a little more!”

The tip touches the cervix and presses into it. The contact is enough to make Ume’s entire body shiver and get her Climax Gauge to jump up to 90%. The pressure that squeezes around my glans is making my Ejaculation Control hard to keep from releasing the second load.

“… J-Jin? Is it all in there?”

“… A-About a centimeter or 2 is still out, but hey, this is turning out—”

“Dammit, Umeiyon, suck it up and take it like the proud Dragon female you are!” she berates herself before pulling herself back up a little and forces the rest of the way down, making a loud slap as our pelvises finally meet. “AAA—”

As if everything is going in slow motion from my Hyper Perception and Hyper Foresight skills, I see how the glowing pink contours showing her insides stretch out and had the large foreign intruder forcing itself inside, firmly pressing the cervix like a button that shot her Climax Gauge up to 100%. The reaction causes Ume to scream in both bliss and a touch of pain from her incredible climax.

It was that touch of pain in her voice that my Hyper Thought Processing kicks itself into high-gear. I evaluate where in her insides were stretched to near breaking point and chant directions in my mind to quickly repair themselves as I sit up and place a hand directly above the passage of her sex.

HEEEEEEEEAL! I scream in my mind as I put my Holy Magic at full power from my palm and permeate through Ume’s abdominals in the middle of her orgasmic scream. With assistance from my power, her body’s self-repair functioning goes at incredible speeds to heal the parts of her insides that are painfully stretched, soothing the soreness, and even make the lining stronger than ever before.

“—AAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAHN~!” It’s as if the sudden repair and reconstruction made Ume’s climax all the more pleasurable. If possible, her Climax Gauge might have gotten broken as it jumped way up to 200%. The pleasure shows as her reconstructed linings squeeze around my cock in such a vice that it even rivals Erizora’s sheer inner gripping strength.

The pressure was too much for me to hold my Ejaculation Control any longer and I blast another incredible load of semen inside her. I don’t know how small the passage of her cervix is to the womb, but I could imagine some of the semen going right through and making its home inside while the rest fills up and coats her inner walls. I could already feel the concoction of my semen and her orgasmic fluids leaking out of her hot chambers and making a mess of my pelvis.

Ume’s body trembles while her insides constrict and retract sporadically as her head tilts up to the ceiling. Finally, after what felt like minutes of climaxing, Ume loses her strength to sit up straight and falls forward on top of me. I react quickly and catch her in my arms before the fall on my back cushions Ume’s.

“Ume? Are you feeling okay?”

“… *Hic.*”


“I’b … sho shorry.”

“Why are you apologizing?” I ask, confused and worried over why she’s crying. She doesn’t even look at me while sniffling and wiping her tears.

“It was so good, the healing while I was climaxing, and it was building up so much that I … couldn’t hold it anymore. My body could barely move, I can’t tighten my insides, and now I’m …”

As Ume trails off, I feel it and even smell it in the air with my Werewolf sense of smell. A great warmth showering my pelvis and balls as it dribbles down to the tatami-mat floor, making a bigger mess than it probably already is. Judging by this new smell that’s wafting in the room …

Ume’s peeing on me right now, isn’t she?

Nyra seems to have known for a while and was just waiting for the punch line before she cackles in my head.

“It was shameful enough that I couldn’t accept all of it inside me, but to degrade myself down to peeing on my own husband … I couldn’t be more ashamed and embarrassed right now. I’m so sorry—”

I silence her self-pity by pulling her face towards me and lock my lips with hers, giving a considerate and loving kiss instead of a passionate one this time around while I rub her back in comfort.

“Sheesh, you’re being as hard on yourself as Kalline was a while ago,” I say after breaking the kiss.

“B-But … I ruined this perfect moment with my urine.”

“So what? I don’t think it’s totally ruined.”

“It’s not?”

“No. I was honestly more worried about you really hurting yourself after doing something that reckless back there. I know you were trying your best but it wouldn’t do either of us any good if you hurt yourself … I mean, I may not be one to talk, but you get my drift, right?”

“Yeah …”

I pull her in for a hug. “Are you feeling okay?”

“I’m okay, thanks to your last-minute healing. I’m sorry I was so reckless with that, though.”

“Just try not to go overboard next time, okay? I’m happy enough knowing I have such a beautiful, intelligent, wonderful wife to share these amazing moments with. These little ‘accidents’ are things we can just look back and laugh on.”

“Please forget about that accident.”

“Nope. Not gonna. In fact, I even got it all recorded from a good rear-view, too.”


I might have used Darkness Manipulation to get good angles of Ume’s gradual penetration with my smartphone set to video recording. I’m pretty sure I had it between my legs while she let herself go, too.

I confirmed that assumption as I use a tendril to hold the phone up above us and playback the video, fast-forwarding it to right as Ume’s sweet ass is in view with my cock still inside her pussy while it started dribbling with urine. Even some of her crying in the background was recorded.

The smartphone wound up getting a little wet from being in the splash zone but thank goodness I had it in a durable case to not be deterred by liquids and getting roughed up a little. The latter of the two was definitely to be expected from working in my previous job.

With Ume not having the strength to move, she couldn’t even attempt to reach for my smartphone and figure out how to delete it.

“Don’t worry, these moments will only be for our own eyes only, but I definitely won’t forget about this moment with this helping my memory,” I say.

“… You really are merciless. Not even going easy on your own beloved wife.”

“Hey, it’s a gimmick. I got your attention that way, didn’t I?”

“I suppose … you’re lucky I love you so much or I’d send you flying with such a punch to the face.”

“And I love you too, Ume.”

“Well, at least my insides have adjusted enough to fit your new size. You think we could try it again once I have my strength?”

“Until I get word from Kenaka that they’ll be coming back soon, anyway. Just take it easy and rest for a bit, all right?”


She kisses and nuzzles her face on mine while she rests her eyes, basking in our cuddling after her intense climax.

We never really got to continue with another round as she wound up sleeping the rest of the time, but I had no qualms with it. I got to see how cute Ume looks when sleeping in the nude and I got some great shots out of it, too. All of my classes went up 2 levels from my climaxing twice thanks to Climactic Level-Up and I earned 73 SP from my evaluated Sex Technique, definitely not as much as last time, probably due to how little I did this time around, but I didn’t mind it.

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