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Chapter 57: Courtship Benefits, the Brawler Class, and Promotions


A note from Orange_Rain

While I was reviewing some previous chapters, I found that I forgot to add one skill mentioned when I had Jinma's status displayed, Petting LV 3, that he earned after snapping Ren out of her slump in Chapter 29 (a little 18+ moment before he banged her much later). I fixed the chapters that I forgot having that skill included in the status, but let me know if there's something else I missed.

Seriously, for such a lewd skill that plays a bigger part in Jinma's [harem] journey down the line, how could I have possibly forgotten to add that in there? Anyway, enjoy the chapter.

When things finally calmed down, the other Immortals apparently had to get back to their ‘jobs’ after giving us their congratulations and blessings. Ms. Obina thankfully stayed behind as I had a ton of things to ask her and Mom was allowed to stick around for a bit, which made me really glad to hear her voice some more, now much healthier and full of life than she was on her deathbed.

I convinced Ume into getting us changing into our clothes for today before we got to the questioning because I sure wouldn’t take it seriously if we were still naked. She decided to stay in Dragonoid Form for a little longer which none of us really minded, especially when everyone here already knew of her identity already.

It’s then I realized that was the first time I got to see Ume wearing the cheongsam-like apron while in Dragonoid Form, and just as I had hoped, it looked really good on her, and having it backless allowed her wings to move freely. I really wished I could see her like that all the time, but we had to keep her true identity under wraps for a while longer.

Once we got changed and sat close together, we started the questioning with Ms. Obina.

To start, the benefits of marriage or other forms of courtship. Apparently, when two people are recognized as spouses by the Immortals, one random skill of theirs can be copied and passed down to their partner. In our case, I got Ume’s ‘Magic Synthesis’ while she got my ‘Poison Nullification,’ the skill I just received from evolving my maxed out ‘Poison Resistance’ earlier.

Usually, that’s really it when it’s between two people of the same race/kin, but it’s when they’re from different ones that things get interesting. That’s where me getting the ‘Magic Dragon’s Consort’ title and ‘Magic Dragon’s Blessing’ skill comes in. If the partner I’m married to is of a different race, not only do I get a title that fits the circumstances, but I’ll also get a skill that correlates to their race.

For Ume, apparently, when she showed me her status the first time, she didn’t really show me everything. It seems she has acquired and trained many skills over the course of her time in this world, she only showed me what she had that fits her ‘class’ she tells everyone having along with promoting her capabilities as a mate. She hid the rest of what she could do from me thanks to her ‘Ancient Magic,’ otherwise, it’d be an even bigger wall of text having everything out there than with me and all of my own skills.

Honestly, for Dragons that lived such long lives and how much time they’d have in mastering the skills available, I was surprised by how little there was in Ume’s status when I first saw it, and when I caught a glimpse of everything she had in her skills after asking her to let me see it, sure, I could possibly memorize it all with my maxed out ‘Studying’ skill, but that’d be too much time and effort for me to worry about, so I just gave up on that idea.

As for the ‘Magic Dragon’ thing, even though it doesn’t really show it specifically in their statuses, there are actually two types of Dragons that are born with a proportion of stats that they hone and use to fight differently while living together in the country where she came from: the Magic Dragons, where Ume belongs that specializes more in magic-based stats and skills, and the Martial Dragons, ones that rely more on physical power and strength. It’s not really so much as a radical difference between the two but more as a spectrum, and interestingly, it’s the color of their scales that indicates which side they fall more into, from red to violet. It seems the Lizardmen also follows the same color scheme, so I’m glad to know it wouldn’t be strange for one like Ume to have such a color palette of scales, though thinking back, there were quite a bit of colorful reptiles and amphibians back on Earth, too, but that usually indicates how poisonous they were.

Anyway, since Ume fell into the ‘Magic Dragon’ side, I got the benefit of having my magic related stats increased due to the newly acquired title and skill from courting with her. Now, what about what she got from courting with a human? Since this is the first time a Dragon and a human are recognized as spouses, even Ms. Obina had no idea at first, especially if it was with a regular human. For me, being a Champion, Ume received a ‘Champion’s Consort’ title. This is actually common for anyone who has courted with a Champion in the past, and it seems Ume is no exception even for being a Dragon. From that title, she receives three benefits:

One, she receives whatever copy of a rare-like skill she could get from me in my repertoire. In this case, she received the ‘Sadistic Smile’ skill at the same level of mastery as I do. I didn’t know at first until I checked it, but ‘Sadistic Smile’ is apparently a powerful skill that lowers all of the enemies’ stats according to its level of mastery when active, and it continuously drains the user’s MP the longer it’s maintained. I didn’t realize how quickly it drains MP since mine always recovers rapidly, even before I acquired the ‘Minor Magic Regeneration’ skill, and I didn’t know how powerful of a skill that was when used until Ume tried it on me.

The sense of dread, hopelessness, and fear that sent a chill down my spine when I was Ume’s target was definitely something I couldn’t just forget about. I didn’t realize how terrifying she could be with that thing on her face, let alone myself with my own enemies. It’s worrying what would happen when both of us max it out. If she uses it in her true Dragon Form? I can’t imagine the chaos she may bring to those around her.

Since it drains her MP so much after continuously using that skill and she can’t auto-regenerate it like I do, she decided to only resort to using it under serious emergencies. I couldn’t help but sigh in relief after hearing that.

The second benefit is she could inherit one random Null Spell I’m able to use like she did with one of my skills, but that would almost be useless for Ume if she received anything else but the ‘[Duplicate]’ spell I learned from watching Ren.

The ‘Ancient Magic’ she’s been using up to now is apparently what Null Spells derived from, and unlike the inhabitants in this world who just ‘know’ the spell and what it does when it comes to them, those with ‘Ancient Magic’ have to really train their skills in visualization and magic in order to make what they come up with into reality. It’s like you’re given a large book of blank pages and are expected to turn it into a dictionary only by hand with no source material, only replace the words and definitions into spell names and their effects.

That’s part of why Dragons visit the territories in Padimon in their smaller forms to find texts with updated Null Spells added into some kind of encyclopedia and return to their country with that knowledge. Sure, with the wisdom and experience they gained training the magical arts, it could be possible to come up with entirely new spells, but it’s just quicker and easier to learn them from another source.

I think anyone can relate to that unless they’re some genius scientist like Einstein or Hawking, but just like scientists using previously found discoveries to advance further into their fields, it seems Dragons can take what they’ve learned in their investigations and see if they can come up with something better.

In general, Ume and the other Dragons who can wield ‘Ancient Magic’ are like me in that other than coming up with their own spells. Ume just needs to know the name and the effects of the Null Spell and she can just train her ‘Ancient Magic’ to make it work for her accordingly. Since she never heard of [Duplicate] until now though, she can cast it with no problems after testing it with some nearby rocks.

When Ume said she will teach me a couple of Null Spells she came up with along with other magic she’s learned, I’m already looking forward to her tutorship in this subject along with Padimon’s written language.

Lastly, the third benefit to our courtship: any female who bears the ‘Champion’s Consort’ title will be guaranteed to have healthy children birthed when the time comes. This got Ume bawling into tears of joy while crushing me in a ‘Dragon Hug’ after hearing it from Ms. Obina herself.

Even if a child between a Dragon and a human was impossible, this new fact pretty much just destroyed that outcome into smithereens, and with my newly acquired ‘Potent Semen’ skill, I think we can expect Ume to have some super babies when we’re ready to settle down as real parents, emphasis on ‘when we’re ready.’ Ume understands I’d like some time to explore and live my life while learning the secrets to my possession of ‘Demon Eyes’ and the ‘D-Human’ race, and she wants to be there with me every step of the way. Since her bearing my children issue has been resolved, we can go about it at our own leisurely pace.

Plus, one thing we both agreed on is that when we do have kids in the picture, we probably won’t have as much time and energy to spare having more fun sex together, and we definitely want to explore what’s out there as much as we can within our comfort zones. Having Mom telling us that she expects at least one grandchild from every girl who’s with me also kind of added more pressure than what was needed and killed the mood a little. There were other things Ms. Obina explained in terms of having sex with other girls from different races and my ‘Vigorous Libido,’ especially those who’re registered as my slaves like Ren and Erizora, but we’ll go back to that at another time.

The next thing we questioned Ms. Obina about is my capabilities as a Brawler, which brings us to the present.

“Why did you keep such a huge benefit about the default class away from the public?” Ume asks first.

<“We Immortals relayed what information we could to a handful of the very first inhabitants of this world and agreed to not mention it any further until one who stumbled into the circumstances asks us. What those first inhabitants did with that information was all under their decision and outside of our obligations, so really, it’s them to blame for keeping such a huge secret from being passed down to this day, and those who have stumbled into it also handled their ‘discoveries’ accordingly with the public, too.”>

“A handful of the first inhabitants, would that include … no, that just can’t be, can it?” Ume mutters to herself.

“Wait, ‘what information we could?’ You mean what was known about the Brawler class back then has changed now?” I then ask.

<“Not exactly. It still follows through how we came up with it to this day, it’s just how different it was handled between cases. Some benefits are still the same since back then, such as being able to hold multiple classes and level them up along with your primary one, but we designed the Brawler class to be as much of a wild card for mortals as possible, to make the class as much of the user’s own as it could be based on the stats, skills, and titles they gained along with the path they’ve chosen in their lives.”>

“So, there are other Brawlers out there who have different titles, skills, and abilities gained from leveling up this class from my own, like different variations of the ‘Underdog’ titles and skills, or is it something completely different?”

<“I apologize, but I cannot answer that question under the guidelines we set.”>

“Seriously? Ugh, and I’m guessing what a Brawler’s fullest potential would include is also impossible to answer, then? What about level caps like the Novice Classes?”

<“I’ll leave that for you to find out yourself.”>

“Oh, come on, I’m gripping at straws trying to figure it out with what little I have,” I say.

<“With that said, shall we have the classes you currently have set get promoted?”>

Aaaaand I’m left totally ignored.

“So, Jin can promote his secondary class and then on into Advanced Classes,” Ume confirms.

<“Right, you are! Not only that, but Jinma can do it himself without my assistance through his new ‘Class Authority’ skill!”>

“Wait, seriously? I thought people other than Dragons are supposed to go to the Immortals’ Monuments to get their classes changed and promoted?”

<“That is true. Heck, the IEB Jinma’s wearing also acts as an Immortal’s Monument, and he could change and promote his classes as well as his party members’ anytime he likes if he wanted to, but it seems he has recently acquired a great skill that bypasses all of that.”>

Indeed, I almost fell on my butt in the pool of blood in that back alley yesterday after reading the description of ‘Class Authority.’ Not only can I change and promote my classes anytime I want, but I could also even have what are called ‘Class Sets’ where I can organize a number of class lineups that I can quickly change into to fit the circumstances I need in an instant. Like, I can have a Class Set that includes the Mercenary, Pugilist, and Savage classes focusing on strength/physical attacks, while another can have the Thief, Pugilist, and Myrmidon classes to focus on speed, and the list goes on.

The only reasons why I haven’t tried it out right then and there was that I was worried if there’s a possibility one could experience something dreadful after promotion when they have so much EXP to go into right at the start. I didn’t want to find out I could somehow blowup from the EXP/Level-Up overload before it was too late, and that’d be one seriously pathetic way to end my new life right there. I mean, it was already crazy enough how quickly I was leveling up my Brawler class up to this point, but promoting and leveling up 3 classes at once with so much extra EXP accumulated, who knows what could happen? I also wondered what would happen if I ever promote my Brawler class to something else, and so I bring up both points to Ms. Obina.

<“You don’t have to worry about the overload. While yours is an extremely rare case, we haven’t gotten any incidents where one racks up too much EXP and sustain a serious injury after leveling up so quickly, so I’m sure it will be the same for you. As for the Brawler class, it’s different compared to the other Novice Classes being the default for everyone. Once you change into another class and the stats and skills you received at that point will be transferred over, you will never be able to go back. The promotion from Brawler to another class is a one-way trip, and with yours being so high already, you can promote it straight to one of the Advanced Classes you’re qualified to do, you know?”>

“So, once I get out of being a Brawler, I can’t go back. And I’ll be able to keep the related skills and titles?”

<“Right. They’ll just be visible to everyone when you publicly showcase your status by that point.”>

“Wow, if I hadn’t gotten ‘Status Sorting,’ I’d seriously be screwed at that point. Good thing I kept it up to now, and I think I’ll hang onto that for a while longer. As for my other classes …”

So far, I already have the Mage, Thief, and Myrmidon classes up to their level cap. They each receive bonuses in stats that aligns with their respective Advanced Class after promotion and I get an additional 200 SP for each promotion I earn. I could apparently promote to one of the many Advanced Classes branching from them even if I haven't trained in specific skills first to be qualified. Like, say, a Mercenary to a Paladin without possessing Holy Magic, for example. I could apparently acquire the ‘Holy Magic’ skill after promoting to Paladin from maxing out my Mercenary class if I haven’t gotten it from the beginning. Same goes if I went from Mercenary to Nightblade without the ‘Dagger-Wielding’ and ‘Curse Magic’ skills, and the list goes on. The Mage class is actually unique as its promotions can branch depending on what attribute of magic they specialize in and how much they mastered it, such as a Fire Mage, Water Mage, Terra Mage, and Storm Mage. The Sage class is a step above all of them if one has mastered at least two magic attributes enough, or if they reached the ‘Peak of Mages’ like I did.

For me, after Ms. Obina explained to me how the Advanced Classes worked, I decide to make the following promotions: Mage > Sage, Thief > Nightblade, and Myrmidon > Samurai.

Yes, there’s actually a fucking SAMURAI class in this world, along with a NINJA class promoted from Thief, too. I’m starting to worry about how much of Japan’s culture has influenced this world’s development.

I’m apparently already eligible to promote my Pugilist class if I wanted, but I decided to keep leveling that up to its peak like I will for the other available Novice Classes: Mercenary, Halberdier, Savage, Cleric, Dark Mage, and Archer.

Once I got those three classes promoted, my HP fully recovered from those promotions, and my skills and titles moved around, my status currently looks like this:


Jinma Kotori

Race: D-Human

Class: Brawler [Sage, Nightblade, Samurai, Pugilist (only seen by the user)]

[History: Brawler LV 513, Mage LV 150 >> Sage LV 374, Thief LV 150 >> Nightblade LV 324, Myrmidon LV 150 >> Samurai LV 224, Pugilist LV 100 (only seen by the user)]

[New Title(s) Achieved: Philanderer, Werewolf’s Alpha Male, Ogre’s Dominant, Demon [Sex] Slayer, Spouse [Umeiyon] [MOVED]: Moneybags, Skillful Lover, Sex Practitioner, Sex Master, Virile Beast, Lustful Beast, Magic Dragon’s Consort]

Title: Merciless Demon, Loved by Non-Humans, Natural-Born Brawler, Adventurer (33rd Black), Spouse [Umeiyon], Slave Owner [Ren, Erizora], Master of Blaze, Hydromancer, Atmomancer, Master of Sanctity, Master of Abyss, Werewolf’s Alpha Male, Ogre’s Dominant, Demon [Sex] Slayer, Philanderer [Underhanded Underdog (only seen by the user)]

Equipment: Spider Silk Slacks, Spider Silk Suit Jacket, Spider Silk Shirt, Cursed Misfortune Tanto of Nyra


[Climaxes made: 5]

LV: 513 (+5C) [374, 324, 224, 100 (+5C)]

HP: 20735/20735       [5635 (+50) [+15100]]

MP: 22577/22577    [7240 (+50, +1000) [+15337]]

ATK: 24625       [8728 (+50) [+15897]]

DEF: 452480       [7694 (+50) [+14930] X 20]

SP. ATK: 23176       [7929 (+50, +1000) [+15247]]

SP. DEF: 446340     [8337 (+50, +1000) [+14980] X 20]

AGI: 22351       [6484 (+50) [+15867]]

LUCK: 20       [40 [+161] X 0.1]

EXP: 47620/51300 (+5C) [Sage: 12900/37400 (+5501700 (+168K, +5C)); Nightblade: 29000/32400 (+5234000 (+18K, +5C)); Samurai: 20800/22400 (+2475100 (+15K, +5C)); Pugilist: 3600/10000 (+5C)]


SP: 16578 (-270, +413, +9920)

[BP: 520 (only seen by the user)]

[TAL: 7 (only seen by the user)]

Ability: Violently Tempting Challenger

Black Charisma

Dragon Scale Defense

Dragon’s Greedy Hoarding

[NEW!] Werewolf’s Olfactory Sensing: The user’s sense of smell is heightened to the same strength as a Werewolf’s; the user may pick up scents that regular humans can’t.

[NEW!] Ogre’s Muscles: The user’s muscle fibers grow to be as strong as an Ogre’s; the user’s Strength and Vitality are increased and may receive muscle gains quicker if the user wishes while training accordingly.

Alpha Underdog (only seen by the user)]

[Obina’s Champion (only seen by the user)]

[[NEW!] Champion’s Appeal (only seen by the user): The user’s Charm is increased depending on the TAL and number of girls in his party]


Jinma Kotori

[Skill(s) Leveled Up: Vigorous Libido LV 43, Fear Resistance LV 6 [MOVED]: Seduction LV 2

[New Skill(s) Learned: Night Vision LV 1 [MOVED]: Sex Technique MAX LV, Ejaculation Control*, Potent Semen*, Semen Pump*, Magic Synthesis*, Magic Dragon’s Blessing*

[Skill(s) Evolved: [MOVED]: Poison Resistance MAX LV >> Poison Nullification*]


Passive: Vigorous Libido LV 43, Slugger Style LV 7, Merciless Style LV 6, Drunken Style LV 5, Fear Resistance LV 6, Fire Magic LV 5, Holy Magic LV 5, Curse Magic LV 5, Despair Resistance LV 4, Protective Style LV 4, Water Magic LV 3, Storm Magic LV 3, Petting LV 3, Terra Magic LV 1, Night Vision LV 1, Poison Nullification*, Detection*, Insightful Mapping*, Minor Magic Regeneration*, Magic Sense*, Hide Magic*, Adventurer’s Labor*, Climactic Level-Up*, Sweet Spots*, Climax Gauge*, Intimate Touch*, [Size Up LV 6, Underdog Bonus*, Status Sorting*, Skill Point Conversion*, Class Authority*, Loyal Accomplice*, Cheap Shot*, Underdog’s Fifth Class* (only seen by the user)]

Active: Glare LV 7, Sadistic Smile LV 7, Demon’s Palm LV 6, Blowback Punch LV 5, Man Killer LV 5, Meditation LV 4, Demon’s Slash LV 4, Mow Down LV 3, Scare*, Taunt*

Spells: Flame Burst LV 3, Water Blast LV 3, Wind Cutter LV 3, Debilitating Defense LV 3, Sluggish Speed LV 3, Baneful Poison LV 3, Pyreball MAX LV, Heal MAX LV

A note from Orange_Rain

Reader: Jinma couldn't get any more ridiculously OP with these stats and skills.

Me: Hold my soda.

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