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Chapter 53: Kissing in the [Dirtied] Bath (Ren & Erizora, Part 2)


When I walked over to the two of them, they look flushed to the face, some saliva is dripping down their chins, and I can make out their hands playing with each other’s snatches below the water’s surface.

I feel like I just missed out on something amazing, but if my sex with Ume was as hot as it looked, then I guess it made sense that these two would get off on it. Even so, I want to get some things out while I’m in a temporary ‘Sage Mode’ after having climaxed inside Ume twice.

“Ren, Erizora.”

“Y-Yes, Master! We’re ready to serve!” Ren exclaims while she and Erizora sit at attention.

“Before we do anything, I want to take this chance to apologize.”

““<“Huh?”>”” Ren, Erizora, and even Nyra seem baffled at my sudden apology.

“Since the moment I woke up this morning on this crazy day, you two were ready to put your bodies on the line while I was under the influence of Nyra’s curse. While there were some close calls, I put the two of you on edge from some of my actions today. Then I feel I’ve started neglecting the two of you sometime before or after I made my mate relationship with Ume official. I just want to take this chance to apologize for troubling you two so much, and I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me today.” I bow towards them until I’m parallel to the floor to show how serious I am.

“N-N-No! It wasn’t—mmph!” Ren starts to say something until her mouth is forcibly closed shut while the blue slave ring around her neck glows. She tries to get something out, but the magic that’s acting on her ring is likely preventing that.

Ren was probably about to say something like ‘it wasn’t troubling at all,’ but with their ‘Confession’ setting on my Slaves page set at 1, they couldn’t lie. That means in truth, they really were bothered to an extent from some of my actions. She probably has this humbleness ingrained in her throughout her training as a slave to not bother her future owner. She knows in her mind she doesn’t want me upset, but she can’t lie about what she truly feels inside her heart. That’s what I’m getting in this situation, at least.

Ren probably resorted to lying on instinct to not make me feel bad, and while I’m a little happy that she’s considering my feelings, I’d honestly rather have her tell the truth more than anything. While I have a lot to practice on what I preach, I want our party … our family, to be as comfortably open about things as possible.

With that said, I mentally open up my ‘Slaves’ page and go on over to Ren’s and Erizora’s settings, where both of their ‘Control’ and ‘Confession’ are set to 0 and 1, respectively. I make one little adjustment to make sure both of them are set at 0.

“—I swear I wasn’t suspicious and jealous of you and Ms. Umeiyon having all of the fun in that room back at the guild … eh?” Ren utters when she realizes what she just said. “Did I just … Eri! Say something! The biggest most outrageous lie you can think of!”

“E-Eh?! But we can’t—!”

“Just do it!”

“O-Okay! Okay! Let’s see, um … I’m totally not interested in Master coating his shadow tendrils with the [Contraception] lubricant to make his tentacle play on me all the more realistic and humiliating. I swear that I would not get off on that.”


Even without my maxed ‘Intuition’ skill, does this super masochist seriously think she could pass that off? Can anybody in this world not lie so well without a Thief’s ‘Deception’ skill? Hell, that wasn’t really ‘hinting’ at anything and more like blatantly making the poorest attempt of hiding yourself from something like a certain pirate reindeer would do.

Still, her delusions have certainly sparked my sadistic creativity for some acts in the near future if I could pull that off.

Nyra, write a mental note on that for me, would you?

<“I will keep this in my mind like my life depends on it.”>

I then put each hand on their shoulders while trying to look at both of them. “Ren, Erizora, I have set both of your ‘Control’ and ‘Confession’ settings at 0 so that you’re free to move and speak of anything you wish, truth or lie.”


“Master! Why would you do that?! With both of them set at 0, we’re not much different than a regular person not enslaved! As if giving us free movement to possibly attack you wasn’t bad enough, we could … lie to your face, if we wanted to. Plus, if you haven’t checked my status yet, as a Thief, I have a ‘Deception’ skill at a decently high level to come up with some pretty convincing lies!”

“And you’d be the same if I set you free from slavery, right?” I ask. “It wouldn’t be that much different, really, so if you want, I have no problems in setting the two of you free. I’ve listened to what you two want back in the park, remember? Ren, to make a new pack out of our party while getting the support you need to stand up to your brother who’s in the ‘Chaos Barrage’ group. Erizora, to find the best partner you acknowledge as your superior to share your, um … ‘rough and kinky’ plays with as their concubine. That was the gist of it, right?”

The two of them nod in confirmation.

“And I need companions to help me find my way around the Demon-Kin’s Territory, possibly around all of Padimon and make the most of my new life here. As far as I can see, our goals and wishes are aligned, so I don’t see any reason for us to be cautious of each other, and so I want us to be as open with one another as possible … as a family.”

““Master …””

“It’s inevitable that there’ll be disagreements and arguments down the line, maybe some lying here and there, too, but working them out is part of how a family works, and I don’t want either of you to be holding back your desires. I’d like it if you two are as free to express your likes and dislikes like Ume is, hence coming to my decision to set both of your ‘Control’ and ‘Confession’ to 0, but if you wish, I can set the both of you free right here and now. I still need to learn how to practice polygamy properly, but whether or not you’re a slave, I’ll make an effort to give as much attention as you two want. It’s the least I can do for my new family, so what do you say? I also want to hear your true feelings in regards to having sex with me, not just as slaves to their owner as a part of their servitude, but as women to a man.”

Ren and Erizora take a moment to gaze at each other, and as if by some sort of telepathy, the smile and nod to each other before turning their attention back to me.

“I believe I mentioned this before at the park but I believe it’d be best that we remain as your slaves, especially now more than ever,” Ren says before she places a hand to the ring around her neck. “To trust and believe in us enough to this extent, these rings around our necks will serve as physical proof of our loyalty to you, that we are yours and no one else’s, and that we would never betray you. As for my feelings for you from female to male … while I was amazed from witnessing your prowess last night, the moment when you asked how I was feeling after rescuing me from being taken hostage, despite how weary you looked then, I think that was when I thought, ‘I want to be with this man.’”

Ren then takes one of my hands in her beast-like ones. “I understand that you’ll need time to adjust to this sudden new relationship, but I’ll help you figure it out, because from now until the day of my death, I, Ren of the White Werewolves, will always love you, Master Jinma Kotori.”

It’s Erizora’s turn when she takes my other hand in both of hers. “I’ll be frank with you, Master. While my masochistic delusions often go in the deep-end that makes me hot and bothered, when I thought I was facing the real thing … I was frightened. I think some of my delusions up to this point have been a sort of way to prepare and cope into the slave life, expecting to be treated like trash by my owner, n-not that I expected you to treat me like that with malice, Master, but when it came to my head—”

“It’s okay, I get it. It’s one thing to fantasize and read about it from an outside perspective, but when you’re put into it for the first time, you don’t know if it will turn out what you imagined and it may turn out to be … well, scarier than what you initially thought.” I imagine anyone who has played fantasy RPGs before has wondered what it would be like to live in such a world at least once. If they were suddenly pulled here one day and realize how their lives are at risk, it’s likely they would wish they never had the thought.

For me, how I’m living here now is not much different than it was back home, danger-wise. The only differences between here and there are the use of magic and not shouldering everything myself when it comes to fighting enemies. I have these girls to help me with that now.

Erizora nods to my simplified reasoning. “That’s why when you said you weren’t planning on doing anything crazy and would talk to me more about my interests later on, while I was surprised, I didn’t realize how scared I was until I found how relieved I became after that, a-and when you touched me there while applying the lube with such care and delicacy … I felt really happy, and while you’re superior to me in strength, I knew then that my body would be in good hands, especially after seeing how well you were treating Ms. Umeiyon, and especially now after coming out to us like this.

“I’ve grown to like and respect you very much, Master, and I’ll continue to wear this ring with pride, happy to know I get to serve such a wonderful owner who sees and treats me as much of a woman as he does with others.”

I haven’t caught a single hint of a fib from either of these two with the help of my maxed ‘Intuition’ skill, but I can sort of feel they’re telling the truth even without it. Still, while I do want them to feel free in what they say and do, I’ll be able to tell when they’re lying from now on thanks to that, but a part of me hopes I don’t need to use it and definitely not resort to setting their ‘Confessions’ to max on any occasion.

“I guess we’ve come to a decision, huh? Shall we kiss to seal the deal?” I ask.

Slightly reddened, the two of them nod at my suggestion.

“C’mere, Ren,” I say while pulling her arm. She obliges and wraps both of her sopping wet, furry beast arms around my neck while I hold her by the waist.

“Mmph … Mashtah,” Ren moans as I start kissing her. We begin with just lips at first, but Ren seems eager to go into tongue with how she was prodding her tongue on me. I happily allow her entry and we then mingle with our sloppy wet appendages. Actually, her tongue might actually be sloppier from how much saliva she’s producing. Compared to Tephalia’s and Ume’s, Ren’s tongue is a little wider and seems to have more experience in this. I wonder if she practiced kissing with Erizora during her training. While my arm is around her, I reach up to cup one of her breasts. She seemed self-conscious of having her chest compared to Erizora’s earlier, but remembering hers being a C-cup, I think it’s a pretty good size. Being able to have the whole thing fit in my hand to squeeze and fondle, pinching her perky nipples on occasion, I believe those are her strongest points in her breasts alone.

Reaching down to her ass after that, I’m also gaining an appreciation for it from how much it fills my hand while maintaining such a fit, taut shape. Having her wolf tail wag in delight while she moaned from being copped up also gives it a cute factor.

I finish kissing Ren just as I pull Erizora in to do her lips next. Despite the slightly bigger than normal canines to tear meat, her kiss is probably the most ‘human-like’ out of everyone here from how much her tongue is similarly shaped, not that I wasn’t satisfied with the previous kisses before now, of course. Like Ren, Erizora also seems to be experienced in kissing, except hers has more of a submissive approach that has me overwhelm her like our tongues are wrestling, something not expected from an Ogre, but likely from a masochist.

Being a bigger size, Erizora had to crouch a little to kiss me, and I can’t really wrap an arm around her well in this position; but, her L-cup breasts dangle over the purple water like a pair of udders. I take the opportunity to massage and milk them like they were as I try to get as much of one of her massive tits into my palm as I could, using my mastered ‘Sex Technique’ to be meticulous with my finger work on her teat.

“Mmmh~.” Erizora’s throaty groan tells me she’s liking the treatment, especially when she reaches down between her legs to finger herself like the horny and lewd sub she is, not realizing I opened my eyes at one point to see it.

It’s then I notice Ren being affectionate as she kisses my neck and chest while my other hand was still copping a feel on her ass. I then feel soft pads fondling and caressing my balls and painfully erect cock that throbs in the water. I see that it’s Ren’s beastly hand performing an uncertain but likely practiced handjob under the water as she showers me with kisses, passionate about how much she wants to show her affection. Maybe it’s like how pet dogs are friendly and show love to their owners that [Were]wolves are also affectionate in this manner.

From an outside perspective, one can see that I’m truly living the harem life now. I may not know I’ll be this passionate with my mates every night and day, but I certainly do know that I won’t ever get bored living in this new world with ladies like these two on my sides. It’s as if they planned to be redeemed as a pair ahead of time so they could show their owner, me, just how capable they are working together as a team, not just in the battlefield, but also servicing their master through sex. Perhaps it’s because of how happy they looked after I opened up to them that they seem really passionate about what they’re doing now. If this shows how happy they are in being with me, then I really want to keep that going for everyone here.

I suddenly get an idea as I break away from the kiss and I ask the girls to give me some space. Using my maxed-out ‘Darkness Manipulation,’ I create a large purplish-black, oblong-shaped cushion that sits on the bath’s floor and then directed Ren and Erizora accordingly.

Soon enough, Ren is lying on her back, on top of Erizora while she lies on the cushion I made—adding necessary magic to form a headrest for her. Erizora holds Ren in her arms akin to an otter holding their young while floating down the river, the latter of which is resting her head on the former’s breasts as a pillow that also seems to be buoyant. It’s an awesome sight that takes advantage of their size differences, and with two pussies presenting themselves to me, one above the other with Ren’s tail splashing the water some between them, I can move and shift between them at any time.

They both came to me at once, and so I want to treat both of them the same way without leaving one or the other out, hence this unique position we’re in now.

“Ren, I’m going to put it in now. Are you ready?” I ask, hovering over the both of them with my hard cock set at Ren’s entrance.

“R-Ready as I’ll ever be,” she answers with a slight shake in her voice. She probably didn’t expect my cock to be so big, thus getting a little intimidated. I wonder if I could get it all inside even with our genitals lubed.

“I’ll go slow, so tell me when it gets too much and I’ll stop. Just try to relax.”

Ren nods at my directions and takes a deep breath to loosen herself. Erizora, seeing her companion nervous, tries to ease her tensions by massaging the thighs from underneath.

Mentally thanking Erizora for her efforts, I set my cock at Ren’s entrance and slowly push myself inside. While it’s smooth, the pressure of her tightness suddenly sends a shock down my spine. Being a smaller size than Ume, the way my cock spreads Ren’s bitch pussy open is a hell of a sight to see from above, and more so as I’m seeing the pink contours of the insides stretching through her stomach with ‘Sweet Spots’ active.

“Gah! K-Keep going!” Ren forces out as she tries to keep herself open. Erizora continues to ease her partner with the massaging. Ren’s ‘Climax Gauge’ is staggering around 45% full, probably due to the mixture of pain and pleasure that comes with being penetrated by something so large the first time.

Finally, after what feels like an arduous journey, I amazingly managed to get all of myself inside Ren. With my pelvis hilted against hers, my trimmed pubes rubbing against her small white ones, my swelling ball sack sitting on the base of her stiffening tail, looking down between us, I could see that my head is just prodding against the entrance to her womb through ‘Sweet Spots.’ Feeling the tight space of Ren’s insides squeezing all around my cock, hot, wet, and a little bumpy, is definitely unlike what I felt in Ume’s pussy moments ago.

“Ren, you did it. It’s all inside,” I assure her.

“I got all of Master inside me … yay,” Ren wheezes.

Acknowledging her efforts, I close in and give Ren a considerate kiss, nothing too hot, just comforting and soothing in hopes of her to relax. I try to massage her abs along where my cock is to help some more, but I could incredibly touch myself through it, something hard and separate from Ren that actually increases the pressure a little as I press down.

“Mmh~.” Ren seems to like it from how relaxed her moan was just now. She breaks away from the kiss and holds my cheek as she looks into my eyes with her golden yellow ones that seem to be smiling. “I’m okay now, Master. You can move when you’re ready.”

“I’ll keep it easy to start. Just tell me if I should do anything differently.”

Ren nods in understanding and I get back up to a standing crouch, holding her by the waist for support. I then slowly pull back until only my head still remains inside and start my motions. Using ‘Sweet Spots’ as a guide, I try to put on the brakes as I approach her womb to give it a light tap with my tip before pulling back and repeat. Still, with how tight Ren is, it’s like I’m hitting all of her good spots at the same time.

“Ah. Aah. Aaahhh! I can feel it! Master’s cock! Stretching my insides to his shape! It feels … so good! Master’s big cock is so good!” Ren exclaims as she locks her legs around my waist.

“It feels really good for me, too, Ren! So tight, gripping every fiber of my cock like a sleeve! I hope you’re liking this, Ren, because I won’t let you get fucked by any other guy!”

“I wouldn’t, aaahn~! Dream of it! Master’s dick is so good, his technique is so amazing, no other male would ever make me feel like this!”

“Then say it, Ren! Howl it at the top of your lungs like the Werewolf you are so that every other male in the world can hear it, and I’ll make you feel this good whenever you want!”

“Awooooooo~! I am Ren! Of the White Werewooooolves~! And I am Master Jinma Kotori’s mate! His lover! His bitch, and no one else’s! My pussy! My wooooooomb! Will conform to Master’s large, hot cock for his pleasure, receive his seed, and proudly bear his children! From now until the end of my days, my heart, body, and soul are in his gentle and kind hands, and I will love him forevermooooooore~!

“Please, Master! Harder! Faster! Drive your cock inside and fuck me like a beast!”

Such a declaration to the world and bold request after that kickstarted my feral instincts and I up the speed and power of my thrusts, pounding the wet pelvis like a horny dog determined to impregnate such a delectable female. In response to my increased efforts, Ren’s insides squeeze me ever tighter, tighten the grip of her legs around my waist, and even wrap her arms around my neck until she pulls herself off of Erizora’s body. Soon enough, I’m standing straight and only relying on my Strength and ‘Weight Defiance’ skill to pound her while she’s clinging to my torso. I grab her by the ass cheeks to get a good handle and pull her down while I thrust upward. Her ‘Climax Gauge’ ever approaches its peak.

“Au! Au! Au! Au! Yes! Yes! Fuck me, Master! Mark and claim me with your seed! Make me yours! Aaaaah~! It’s stretching me even more! I can’t! I’m going to come! I’m going to cum!”

“Here it comes, Ren! As of now, you’re officially my bitch!”

“YES, MASTER-OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~♥♥♥!” Howling in sheer delight, Ren climaxes just as I release my fourth load at our time in this bath, pulling her down to my cock as much as I could to shoot up and empty my thick, ‘Potent Semen’ straight into her womb. Dribbles of sex fluids from her climax escape from her snatch and splash down to the bath.

“S-So warm, so thick, Master’s seed inside me … hauuu~, I wish it’d stay there forever~♥,” Ren coos and slumps over my shoulder as I pump the last of my load inside her, my large cock acting like a cork that wouldn’t let any drop drip to the water.

[You have achieved the ‘Werewolf’s Alpha Male’ title!

[You have now learned ‘Night Vision’ LV 1!

[You have achieved the ‘Philanderer’ title!

[‘Seduction’ LV 1 has been integrated into ‘Seduction’ LV 1.

[You have now reached ‘Seduction’ LV 2!

[You have now reached ‘Vigorous Libido’ LV 37!

[You have reached Ren’s Affinity LV 2! Total Level of Affinity: 5

[You have acquired a new ability! ‘Werewolf’s Olfactory Sensing!’

[Total Affinity Level conditions met. You have now acquired a new ability! ‘Champion’s Appeal!’

Wow, I got a bunch of new stuff this time. Holy shit! The Lovander scent suddenly got more intense, I could even smell the sex in the air! Will this happen with every new demon I have sex with?

<“If it does, then getting in bed with at least one from every living Demon race would be one hell of a feat, indeed. Same goes for those in the Demi races, too,”> Nyra answers.

I don’t think I’ll be able to go that far.

<“You never know~.”>

Still, what’s the purpose of these ‘Affinity Levels?’ I’ll really need to talk to Ms. Obina about this, along with many other things.

“Ren? You doing all right?” I ask her.

“Never better~.”

“I’m going to set you down on top of Erizora now and give her some love now, okay?”

“Okay~. I love you~♥.”

“I love you, too,” I reply before giving her a kiss. I then pull my half-erect cock out of Ren’s bitch pussy, and like pulling the plug from a drain, Ren’s snatch oozes out the yellowish-white semen that was stored in my balls moments ago, thick and viscous as it makes drops that splash in the bathwater. Ren manages to catch some in her hand and bring it up to sniff and lap it off. Whatever she was feeling then, it’s as if electricity ran down her spine.

“Master’s proving to be more amazing every time! I had no idea his semen would taste this good!” Ren exclaims, now revitalized despite looking haggard moments ago. “Eri! You have to try this!” Ren takes some more from her snatch and slurps it up in her mouth before getting back on Erizora’s body, facing down and nestled between the melon-sized pillows that are the Ogre/Human’s breasts.

Then, unexpectedly, Ren pulls herself in and give Erizora a sloppy French Kiss while the semen that was in her mouth dribbles out between them, some of which is transferred into the Ogre/Human’s that she swallows in shock. Seeing how my leftover semen is also dripping down from Ren’s snatch and making a mess on Erizora’s pelvis, trailing down to her own pussy, I’m impressed of how quickly my cock gets back up.

Four times now and I don’t even feel slightly sore and/or exhausted of sex, just craving for more. I’m starting to see how terrifyingly awesome ‘Vigorous Libido’ can be.

<“Oh, dude, if I had my body right now and we had sex, with how high both of our ‘Vigorous Libidos’ are, it’d probably take a trian or two before we start to catch our breaths.”>

Have you ever had sex for that long?

<“Not with just one person without switching to another partner. I heard our queen once had sex for even longer than that with one of her concubines.”>


“M-Master,” Erizora says. “I admit I was getting turned on from watching you two, but now I can’t seem to wait anymore after feeling the warmth of your semen flowing inside my stomach!”

As Ren licks up the semen and saliva that escaped, Erizora reaches down between her legs and spreads her large pussy that’s underwater. “Please, Master! Let this shameless Ogre’s hungry pussy embrace your fat cock and let it be claimed by your seed, too!”

Wow, either that ‘Potent Semen’ works quick, or she was already turned on and it’s only amplifying her desires further. Welp, can’t keep a starving woman waiting.

With my cock hard and ready again, I oblige to Erizora’s request and set the head to her entrance, then helped myself all the way inside without warning. It’s just as I felt when I applied the lube earlier. Despite it being a little bigger than Ume’s hole, it’s still rather tight … actually, it’s even tighter than Ren’s grip!

“Aaah~! It’s inside! Master’s cock is inside!” Erizora squeals as she wraps her legs around my waist, the sudden intrusion to her insides actually makes the grip pressure even tighter!

Holy shit, this is strong! I think a normal guy’s dick might snap off from this pressure! Is this the strength of an Ogre woman?! Is this what Erizora’s father experienced when he was with her mother?!

It’s so great that I almost released my ‘Ejaculation Control’ and cum inside her prematurely. I think if it weren’t for my high defenses and my skills associated with my ‘Vigorous Libido,’ things could’ve probably gone in a whole other direction in the worst way possible.

It’s probably no wonder that the males of this race have to be stronger than the females in this case. Any other person along with an Ogre female if she doesn’t hold back could be life or death for the male’s manhood, a true ‘death by sex.’

Truly, an Ogre’s strength is nothing to sneeze at, but if this is what having sex with Erizora is like from now on, then I’m going to relish every moment of this. I give props to her dad from surviving this journey and being able to give such an awesome daughter to this world.

With Erizora being rough on my cock, I decide to go with the flow and give both of her teats such a death grip like I’m trying to make them pop like balloons. Thankfully, her ‘Sweet Spots’ were showing that the nipples were one of the most sensitive parts in the body that make her feel good, and so I make sure I pinch them both real good between my fingers along with my grip. Even so, her massive tits are so malleable that it’s like my hands might sink right through them like large cups of melted marshmallows at any moment.

“Aaahn~!” Erizora’s loud, throaty moan seems to have shaken the bathwater a little and tightens the grip on my cock slightly more. I can see how much her body tenses up from veins popping up and throbbing through her muscles, especially her washboard abs turning into something like a six-pack.

While the sight’s incredible, it’s actually kind of worrisome, not for my cock snapping off, but for Erizora’s well-being.

“Erizora? You doing all right?” I ask while loosening my grip on her breasts some for relief.

“I’m fine! Don’t stop! Just keep going and don’t hold back!” Erizora groans. Ren, seeing how tense her friend is, tries to ease her with more kisses.

Seeing her ‘Climax Gauge’ is still pretty up there around 60%, she must be feeling good to some extent, and so I go back to my rough play with her permission. With Erizora’s opening being slightly bigger, I have to put in more effort into hitting the right points with ‘Sweet Spots’ assistance. If I haven’t mastered my ‘Sex Techniques’ skill, this feat could’ve been much more difficult. Even now, Erizora’s smooth, wet insides of her pussy is hotter than anything my cock has experienced being inside Ren’s and Ume’s, and with her inner grip being the strongest out of everyone here while I’m trying to keep my ‘Ejaculation Control’ maintained, this is far beyond calling it ‘easy.’

Even with my grown length, the tip could barely brush Erizora’s womb going by the ‘Sweet Spots’’ contour guides, but I think this much is fine. If I ever actually grow any more than this afterward, I worry I might really hurt Ren the next time I have sex with her. Ume, I don’t have as many problems, but Ren’s petite body getting damaged is what concerns me the most.

If this ‘growth’ is inevitable, then I pray I don’t get past 20 centimeters [~7.8, almost 8 inches], at best but that’s to fuss over when I cross that bridge. For now, I’m taking care of Erizora’s needs, and that’s what I’m planning to do.

Her ‘Climax Gauge’ steadily increases to 80%. Erizora’s throaty moans, despite being muffled by Ren’s kisses, is also becoming an indicator to her approaching climax with her rising volume, but the gauge’s increase is starting to slow down, surprising since my ‘Intimate Touch’ should increase the stimulus when they get touched in the right places.

She did cum once when I lubed her, I wonder if she came some more while watching me having sex with Ume and Ren earlier. I’ve read a female’s vagina becomes more sensitive with each orgasm, but if done a bunch, it’ll start to get more difficult. With her parts being more stimulated with the [Contraception] lube’s effects, she must be getting to her limit.

She’s waited patiently all this time, and so I’ll finish her off with a bang.

I throw away my ‘Sex Technique’ and just pound her pussy fast and hard like a horny mad dog, making sure I at least get a few of her ‘Sweet Spots’ hit repeatedly as I do so. The splashing of the bathwater becomes bigger and makes more noise, the change in rhythm sends a surprise shock to Erizora’s insides that retightens her grip on my cock, making this harder for me to not ejaculate prematurely even with ‘Ejaculation Control.’ With my hands on her titan breasts, I move so that my mouth is over one of her erect nipples like a hungry baby, vigorously sucking and even lightly biting the border of her areola to tug back. Both my hands are thoroughly and roughly massaging her other teat, even tightly pinching and pulling her hard nipple to hopefully draw milk out of it.

“Aaaaugh~! I’m sorry again for not being able to lactate right now! Master’s harsh treatment on my erotic boobs! His relentless pounding on my pussy! I love it! I love Master! I love it so much I can’t take it! I’m getting close! Please! Shoot your seed inside me and make me your woman!”

“I love this, too! I love you! And as of now, you! Are! Mine! ErizoraaAAAAAA!”


As the grand finale, I hilt myself and explode inside Erizora’s depths, as deep as I could so it’d reach her womb. The orgasm is especially strong this time with how much her Ogre strength is milking everything out of my sturdy cock from the base to the tip. Her insides are especially getting filled with water and our sex liquids this time around.

When the last of my thick, ‘Potent Semen’ is shot, I fall on top of Ren still nestled between Erizora’s breasts, my head right on her ass like a firm and fluffed cushion, and slouch over.

Just like how I was when I killed all of those monsters on that hill this morning, I’m officially spent as I lay on this soaking wet meat bed of naked women catching my breath.

[You have achieved the ‘Ogre’s Dominant’ title!

[‘Fear Resistance’ LV 1 has been integrated into ‘Fear Resistance’ LV 5.

[You have achieved the ‘Demon [Sex] Slayer’ title!

[You have now reached ‘Vigorous Libido’ LV 43!

[You have achieved the ‘Lustful Beast’ title!

[You have now learned ‘Semen Pump*’!

[You have reached Erizora’s Affinity LV 2! Total Level of Affinity: 6

[You have acquired a new ability! ‘Ogre’s Muscles!’

[Number of Climaxes: 5. The user will receive 5 level ups.

[The user’s Sex Technique has been evaluated. The user will receive 413 SP. Total SP: 6658]

Uuuuuugh. Enough with the bonuses already. God, how sore am I going to be in the morning after this? Nyra? Do you know?

<“Shut up. I’m exhausted enough as I am getting off from all of that action and possessing your eye at the same time. Hell, everything from today has left me bushed. I’m going rest in the tanto for a while. I’ll see you in the morning if you don’t wake me up before then.”>

Okay, good night.

After we catch our breath, Ren and Erizora vouch for cleaning my spent cock, which they do so together with a sloppy oral that one would see in a porno, but I couldn’t get it back up even from that erotic sight, so that was enough to say that I’m officially sexed out for the night.

We spend the remainder of our time huddled together in the bathwater, now filthy with sex fluids, but the faux-lavender scent still seems to cover most of the smell. I give each of the girls a considerate kiss while expressing my thanks for the amazing time and the love I have for this group. They all thankfully have mutual feelings and we agreed to just relax in the public bath on our next visit.

Once we refreshed ourselves with the provided ‘ceremonial milk’ post-bath, we dry off, gather our gear, and went straight to the ‘Cantering Dreams Inn,’ as requested by Ms. Gallofree to where we’d meet in the morning, after getting directions again from Athesia the bath receptionist.

A hop, skip, and a jump with money jingling later, we all go straight to sleep, finishing my second day in this world with pleasant exhaustion and smell of faux-lavender from the girls.

One would think this is the ‘happily ever after’ of a story, but little did I know that my exciting adventure in this crazy new world had just begun.

A note from Orange_Rain

*Phew.* Good lord, almost 6200 words. Hopefully this will tide you guys over for a while. We'll be getting back to our scheduled programming in the next chapter. I'll probably need a couple days to try and get that together with all of these changes.

EDIT: I sincerely apologize, I realize this is the end of the SECOND day of Jinma's new life in this world, not the third. I made the fix and Jinma will really begin his third day the next morning.

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