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I know I mentioned putting two chapters in one day, but I'm still working on the second part, it's been a few days since the last update, and this has almost 5400 words, a count way beyond my usual limit, and it's likely the second part will be around that much, too.

Still, this is the last of the 'foreplay' and Jinma will get to doing everyone the next chapter, so please enjoy this one while you can up to then.

We finally get the okay of going into the contact-consented bath and were given the key to it just as we finished cleaning ourselves. With our towels, we did not waste any time getting right into the closed-off room.

When we get inside, we are first greeted by a large personal pool that one might see in a rich celebrity’s home, at least by the dimensions in length and width. I noticed it on our way here, but like at the edge of the public bath, there are Padimonian characters displayed in tiles along the pool edge here, too. Ume explained to me how those are numbers that seem to indicate how deep some parts of the pool are. It seems they took bigger customers like Erizora in mind while they designed this place as it looks like it gets deep enough for her to dunk herself up to her chest while sitting. A kid might even be able to swim in it if they tried. I saw illustrated signs where that isn’t allowed though, so I’m thankful they considered that much as well.

Off to the side is a table with jars of variable sizes containing different stuff inside. Three large jars, in particular, have salt-like stuff inside in varying colors, and when Ume read the labels below them aloud, they were surprisingly bath salts, things I didn’t think were possible to make in this world. What’s peculiar is the type of scents included in them, named ‘Lovander,’ ‘Toses,’ and ‘Cavilla.’ When I smell them myself, they’re similar, if not the same as lavender, roses, and vanilla.

Like the Clork-Stork resemblance, it seems there are other things in this world that are closely related to the stuff back home. I wonder what other similar stuff is out here, but that’s another subject to think on another day.

Alongside the bath salts are smaller, personal-sized jars containing the [Contraception] lubricant I used on Ume earlier, with labels describing its effects that she reads aloud. While I’m familiar with its ability to prevent pregnancy, I had no idea it would still be active when in the water after it's applied. Not only that but when applied to other places on one’s body, those can also be sexually stimulated as well, making them more sensitive by the touch for the same duration of time. We were allowed only one jar per person, and the jars themselves only have enough to either be thoroughly applied on the genitals and maybe some parts of one’s body. Since I’m capable of casting the spell myself though, that won’t be necessary.

At the side of the table is an icebox, and when I check inside, there are bottles of what looks like different flavors of milk. There’s a label on the box that Ume reads ‘one per person, only’ as well.

It’s no wonder they charge people so much for using this pool here if all of this is included. It may very well be a mixture of love hotels and those ‘soaplands’ I’ve heard of back home. It would be better to dub this a ‘Love Bath,’ but why would this bathhouse call it the ‘contact-consented bath?’

“Wait, I can sort of understand the chest, but the anus is … one’s hole where waste comes out, right? Why would one want to put that stuff in there to get stimulated? It isn’t a place for a male’s cock to get into … is it?” Ume asks herself after reading the label for the [Contraception] lubricant, perplexed.

I didn’t explain to Ume the different ways partners have sex when we had ‘the talk’ at the guild. I’m mentally debating if I should show her tonight.

I get a few pokes on my side and see it was Ren grabbing my attention. She beckons me closer, and so I squat to her level. “Eri and I emptied ourselves out with Ms. Umeiyon at the toilets before we left the guild and we made sure our holes were thoroughly cleaned, too. Along with Ms. Umeiyon’s, our asses are ready to serve you at your leisure, Master,” she whispers.

<“So committed! Those Todokas did a hell of a job training these slaves!”

No shit. Literally. Wait, when did they have time cleaning that part of Ume’s body while we were in the cleaning area? No, I probably shouldn’t think about it too hard. “Ren, would you please dump the bath salts in the water?” I ask her.

“Yes, Master, what scent?”

“Any preferences?” I ask everyone.

“Lovander seems to be the most popular judging by how little there is in the jar compared to the other two,” Ume points out.

Deciding to give it a try, Ren starts dumping scoops of the faux lavender bath salts in the water. Erizora, meanwhile, fidgets and squirms in place with a flushed face, poorly covering her privates with the towel too small for her size and one of her arms as she shifts glances between the bath and the lubricant.

“Erizora, since you’re so eager, you’re up first. Do you mind, Ume?”

“As long as I still get to go first with you in the sex, I would prefer having mine applied last.”

“Very well, then. Also, Erizora, I want to point something out about your … tastes.”


“Let me just say ahead of time that while you have seen me give some bastards the torture/scare treatment they deserve, I’ve never given it to someone who’s as willing to receive it as you are right now, even though you didn’t wrong me or anybody around you. Because of that, considering my high Strength, I’m hesitant to give you this treatment while risking to cause serious damage to your awesome body, especially since I’ve never taken part in this sort of play before. Sure, I have healing magic, and it’d be different if we’re someplace else, but we’re here with the others to relax and have a good time, not go wild. We’ll go over your interests in greater detail in another time, but for now, I’d like us to bond as a party … as a harem, the best way we can. Do I make myself clear, Erizora?”

Erizora looks shocked for a moment and tries to take in my words. “S-So … nothing crazy?”

“Nothing crazy. I’d just like to cherish your bodies like any man who cares for his woman.”

“… O-Okay, I think I get it.” She seems to understand, yet now looks like she’s under some kind of inner conflict.

“Good. Now, come on over here and spread your pussy open nice and wide for me. [Contraception],” I chant before holding up one of my hands and the magic lubricant oozes out of it before slowly dripping to the floor.

Erizora drops her towel, baring herself before me, and approaches with an unreadable, flushed face. The way her incredible tits jiggle and sway with each step gets my now grown-up dick even more excited. She reaches down to her snatch and parts her puffy pink lips, which oozes and drips sexual fluids down to the tiles between her feet in response

With one of my hands oozing with the lubricant, I take two fingers and shove them right up inside her, making a squelching sound as they’re assaulted by the great heat and gripping power of her pussy. Despite being big for her size, the hole itself is rather tight.

“Aaah!” Erizora squeals, making her knees buckle from the sudden invasion. “M-Master’s fingers … now inside me! A-Aaah! Th-The fluids! So hot! A-Auugh! You’re moving them, too?!”

“Gotta make sure it’s thoroughly applied and it gets deep inside.” I move my fingers in a beckoning motion and rotate them with each rub, using my ‘Sweet Spots’ skill to tickle the right places to make her feel fantastic all the while. I take my thumb and find the button that is her swollen clit, making her squeal in ecstasy on contact. Playing with her hardened clit while applying the lubricant inside her depths, it’s incredible how Erizora’s still standing despite how shaken she is.

Looking at her ‘Climax Gauge’ though, I wasn’t sure if it was already partially full before, but with touching her good spots while learning earlier that my ‘Intimate Touch’ skill heightens the stimulation further, it’s filling up quite rapidly.

“I-I can feel it pouring … right down to my womb! I can feel … everything! Aaaaugh!”

Just as her gauge reaches its full peak, her insides suddenly squeeze around my fingers and her fluids squirt down between her legs to make a puddle. The gripping power is surprisingly tight enough to hold me into a vice, and anyone who’d try to break free would probably hurt themselves.

Not being able to hold herself up any longer, Erizora buckles down to the floor and gasps with bated breath, my fingers slip out of her pussy in the process, now soaked more of her juices than the magic lubricant that oozes out of my hands. I then notice her eyes are hungrily aimed at my throbbing cock.

“Cumming already, Erizora? And it hasn’t even been 3 minutes. You’re really wanting this aren’t you?” I ask while slowly waving my dick side to side with my hips. Her gaze follows it with great attention like she’s hypnotized.

“Y-Yesh …”

“Is she usually like this?” I hear Ume whispering to Ren as they watch us from the side.

“Master will be the first male to take her as a woman. I honestly thought she’d be disappointed not getting roughed up being a super masochist, but Eri seems more excited than before.”

“… What’s a ‘super masochist?’”

“You’ll get this soon enough, Erizora, but for now, let me get a niiice rub-down of your perverted breasts now,” I say to her as I get to my knees, my eyes now at level with her tits. I know I said I wouldn’t do anything crazy, but teasing her to this extent isn’t going too far, is it?

<“It’s not extreme, so I think you’re good,”> Nyra comments, being the sex expert she is.

“Yes, Master!” Snapped to attention, Erizora sits up and straightens her back, putting her incredible boobs in total view.

Erizora forced my hand on one of them this morning and I was caught off-guard, but now with nothing to hold me back … With my oozing lubricated hands, I push them right up against her titan tatas.

Munya Munya!

“Hii!” Erizora jolts her back from the sudden contact, I imagine the great heat from the lubricant is currently penetrating her watermelon-sized lumps of fat as I rub it down.

“Geez, Erizora, they’re so huge and weighty I have to use both hands just to hold one of these,” I say while I focus on one mammary first. I lube it up in a generous coating from the base right to her nipple, pushing, stretching, twisting, all the while activating her ‘Sweet Spots’ as I see them and watch how Erizora squirms and breathes shakily in response. I make sure to pay extra attention to her large walnut-sized areola and round nipple that’s similar to a pea’s, circling my lube-coated thumb all around, push it in, and let it pop back up painfully erect before pinching and stretching it. It’s phenomenal how just one of these babies have such a good mixture of softness and firmness while it spills over my fingers, like a giant marshmallow on the verge of melting yet still maintaining some solidified form and shape. The nipple itself is especially hard and erect, and if I squint my eyes, I could make out the tiny pores that would lactate milk if she were pregnant.

As if drawn in by instinct, I put my mouth over the nipple and started sucking like a hungry beast, massaging the lone tit to squeeze out the milk that would not come out. I swirl my tongue around the areola before gently biting it down and pull.

“Aaaugh! It burns so hot! M-Master’s assaulting my nipple! Forgive me for not being able to lactate yeeeet!” Erizora wails.

At her call, I come to my senses and remember I still have stuff to do and only a limited time to do it. I quickly lube up and massage her other large tit that’s poorly neglected. Her ‘Climax Gauge’ staggers around over 50% full now.

“All right, Erizora, turn and stretch your anus for me.”


“Oh, fuck! This is different from when Jin touched me!”

Just as Erizora turns herself around, we look to the scene in front of us and see Ren on top of Ume while massaging her breasts. Two small jars from the table sit next to her. While Ume lies there and moans, Ren focuses hard on the treatment she’s giving to her.

Noticing our gaze, Ren looks to us while still doing the massage. “Ms. Umeiyon asked me to do this, saying we’ll lose all the time we have at the rate you’re going by yourself. She told me to follow whatever procedures you’re doing to Eri, and I already applied the lubricant to Ms. Umeiyon’s pussy. Shall I apply the lube to her anus as well?”

“E-Eh?! Was that why you were cleaning me down there earlier, too?! Will Jin put his dick in my ass?!” Ume asks Ren in shock.

“If you want me to, Ume. That’s one of the ways two people can have sex while not aiming to procreate. You’d be prepped for what’s called anal sex, then there’s what we had earlier, vaginal sex, and then there’s oral sex where the dick goes into the mouth.”

That can go in there, too?!” Ume exclaims.

“We trained our asses for anal sex with lubed dildos,” Ren explains. “It may be uncomfortable the first time, but it surprisingly feels good when done right and with practice. Oral sex is more to make the males feel good when they’re on the receiving end, but I heard some girls can get off on giving it, too. Eri was certainly into her training on that using all of those Jabanas and Cuzumbers, for sure.”

“D-Don’t mention that in front of Master! Oh, god, having him knowing how I used food like that … I can’t bear this humiliation~!”

From the look on your face and how much your two holes are throbbing, you certainly don’t seem that sad about it, I couldn’t help but retort that in my mind.

But seriously, ‘Jabanas’ and ‘Cuzumbers?’ Who came up with these weird names?

“… A-And you’ll feel good if I do all of those with you, Jin?” Ume asks shakily.

“It may, I’ve never experienced anal and oral before, but it’s something I’d like to try. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, though.”

“… Erizora, switch with me.”

“Y-Yes, Ms. Umeiyon!” Without argument, Erizora gets up and change places with Ume before the latter kneels down to my level. Looking past her, the two slaves get right to it with Ren being the first to apply lube into Erizora’s bum.

“Now then, t-this oral and anal sex … I imagine we’ll want to do the latter in the water while we make use of our bath time, so we will try the former here before you lube my ass.

“Are you sure, Ume?” I then ask her while deactivating my [Contraception] spell before quietly casting [Clean] on my hands to dry for a moment. I then go from sitting on my knees to my butt.

“Of course, I’m sure! I’m not only curious and wanting to do it, but as your primary mate, I have the privilege to take any, if not all of your firsts in various activities before any other girl, unless otherwise! So, if there’s anything new you want to try in the future, you bring that up to me first before I decide what to do with it! Got it?!”

“Loud and clear.” I mean, I could get it if that’s a thing in this world, but I also feel this is just her being greedy and wanting as much from me as possible before the others. Not that I’m complaining, since I’ll be getting a blowjob from my new girlfriend/wife and I get to see her ass in full view like I wanted earlier at the guild. I also find her being so honest in what she wants to do with me to be rather charming.

“S-So, this oral sex … I put my mouth over this, right?” Ume asks as she lies down between my spread legs and brings her face close to my hardened dick.

“Well, yes, mainly it’s to do a bunch of things to it with your mouth. Try licking it first.”

As if trying a new food for the first time, Ume takes her tongue and slowly runs up the underside of my erection, from above the ball sack all the way to the flared head. The sudden new sensation sends shivers down my spine and I couldn’t help but make a slight groaning sound in my throat. Ume didn’t seem to notice as she was contemplating the taste.

“Hmm … it could be because you just cleaned it earlier, but I could taste a little of something else along with what I assume to be the soap. Rather peculiar …”

Ume continues her taste test on my cock, thoroughly running her thick reptile-like tongue all over the balls first before moving up to the throbbing shaft from the base to the tip. She notices the bead of precum forming at the tip and laps it up some as well.

I’m so glad I decided to use the ‘Divine Makeover’ service to give that area the proper shave and trim needed when I first came here, or this may not have been as appealing for Ume as it is right now. I’m not completely shaved of pubic hair, I just have a small and narrow, trapezoid-shaped black fuzz on the pelvis above the shaft.

It pains me to admit I got this idea from Kazumi, being the slimeball playboy that he was when he suggested it to me if I was planning on ‘hitting up chicks.’ I kept doing it mainly more out of feeling refreshed and clean afterward, but I guess I owe that son-of-a-bitch a drink on top of the ‘Blowback Punch’ to the face.

Feeling the hot, moist, soft appendage of hers over my shaved genitals, transferring great heat at first before the cold from the draft hits the bare skin soon after, it’s definitely different from when I stuck it inside her pussy the first few times. My body tenses up from these sensations, my legs tightening while they stretch out, and my core tightens as I try not to ejaculate prematurely despite the number of times I got aroused between the sex from the guild to now.

“Idareshtig. Dosh dish fee dood, Din? [Interesting. Does this feel good, Jin?]” Ume asks with her tongue still lolled out on my dick with upturned eyes.

<“Come on, dude, say something! Girls don’t know how guys are feeling unless they say it out loud!”> Nyra urges in my mind.

“It does. You’re doing great, Ume. Now try putting your mouth over it, move it up and down as deep as you can while working your tongue. Oh, and watch the teeth.”

Ume nods and obliges, first putting the tip in her mouth with a claw gently holding my erection steady. She then slowly lowers her head down, quickly finding how small her mouth is as my cock gets closer to the back. She stops for a moment, tries to open her throat, and smoothly manages to get the rest in while being careful with her teeth.

Using my sight and what I’m feeling inside her mouth as a basis, I quickly find how different that is compared to having my cock inside her snatch. I couldn’t hold back a groan when the head reaches the back of her throat that somehow tightens and massages around it, combined with her dexterous, strong tongue curling and gripping the underside of the shaft.

I didn’t notice until now how her eyes have been on me the whole time, and when our eyes meet, I could’ve sworn I felt her lips forming into a mischievous smile.

As if it’s now under her control, she starts her assault on my cock while maintaining great concentration on how it reacts. She seems to have quickly learned this over the few rounds of sex over at the guild’s meeting room. Up, down, up, down, suck, blow, and suck again with a greater vacuum force, she experiments how much my cock throbs from her actions while her tongue massages it.

“F-Fuck! Ume! Can’t hold it in … much longer!”

Remembering where the sperm and semen develop from our talk, Ume takes one of her claws up to my sagging, swelling ball sack and give it a few firm squeezes, as if doing so would squirt the male juices right out.

At this time, she’s correct on that assumption.



I hold her head in place and thrust my cock up inside her as I cum. A lot must’ve built up over the times I got horny from having my way with the cultists because this load quickly fills up her oral cavity with its hot, thick fluids. Some of it seems to have got down to her windpipe as she releases what she had in her mouth before coughing it up, making a mess of my dick and pelvis.

“*Koff, koff, guhack!* Agh, a bit more warning next time would’ve been nice!” Ume scolds while furrowing her brow at me, her lips and chin a mess of the yellowish-white fluids that drip down to the tile floor.

“I’m sorry. I guess I’m building up more than I thought today.” I put my hands together and bow my head to her in apology.

“I think there’s as much here as there was the last few times earlier … did it really feel that good?”

“It was amazing,” I answer with my head still lowered.

“W-Well, this is a first for both of us, so I’ll let you off easy …”

Just as I look up, I see her sniffing the cum now on her claw that she used to wipe off her face. She then licks the whole thing off.

“Uh, you don’t need to eat that …”

“Huh. It’s a taste I’m certainly not familiar with, but I don’t dislike it.”

Ume sees the mess of cum on my dick and pelvis, and then surprisingly, she closes in and laps up everything clean, the sudden assault jolts me up while my dick that was starting to soften grows hard again. She then runs her tongue all over them to make sure she got every last bit of taste on that appendage. She licks what’s left on her lips and chin, and with all of it gathered in her mouth, she thoroughly swishes it around before swallowing it all down with a loud, hearty *dokun.*

“Haaah~, the way it slithers down my throat and how it makes my tummy grow all nice and warm ... it could taste a little better, but what a blissful treat that was. Thanks for the meal,” Ume says before she sensually rubs her bare stomach with a satisfied grin on her face.

“… It is I who should be thanking you for the treat, Ume,” I say before putting my hands and bowing my head to her again. Looking down, I can already see my cock at full erection and ready to go for the next round.

“Eh? Did you get something out of this, too?”

More than you know.

“Oh! I almost forgot we’re in a time limit, and the bath’s been ready from the salts poured inside a while ago!” Ume then gets down to a dogeza-like position with her butt high in the air at my direction. With the lizard tail lifted up and Ume spreading her cheeks, I marvel for the first time at the sight that is her ass, big and bubbly, yet firm to the touch from how her claws grip it. Her anus, clean thanks to Ren’s help, gapes at me as I see nothing but darkness in its depths. Her dripping wet pussy below that adds as a bonus to the glorious piece of art that is Umeiyon’s derriere.

“Come on, hurry up and lube it so we can get right to it!”



“Oh, sorry, I was so entranced by your anus that I spaced out.”

“D-D-Don’t get entranced by it! I-I still don’t get this anal sex, but I know that poop comes out of there! Even you should know that much, right?!”

“But it’s so pretty, though. Hell, even your pussy is rather beautiful at this angle, too.”

“W-What the hell are your standards in beauty if that counts as such?! Ohh, why do I feel so embarrassed over this now, and why is Jin being such a weirdo?” Ume asks herself while looking away, but I could see how flushed her face is from here, and seeing how red and puffy her pussy is growing as it expels more fluids, I think her body says otherwise about receiving compliments.

Aah, seeing Ume so embarrassed over her poop hole is so cute. I want to see how she reacts when I lick it, but maybe another time. I’ll just settle for tasting her pussy the first time while lubing her sweet ass.

<“I may be seeing this through one of your eyes, but I so envy you being in this situation right now,”> Nyra comments, but I pay her no mind.

I quietly cast [Contraception] again to only expel the magical lube through two of my fingers before pushing them through Ume’s gaping anus with a *schlick.*

“Haaaa!” Ume gasps, her body and tail tenses while the hole suddenly closes itself around my fingers tightly. Despite its grip, I went to work lubing up her insides, making the same motions with my fingers as I did with inside Erizora’s pussy, rubbing at the glowing spots on her bumpy, smooth folds that react nicely thanks to the assistance of my ‘Sweet Spots’ and ‘Intimate Touch’ skills.

“W-What is this?! This heat! It’s surging up to my stomach! J-Jin’s scratching the insides of my ass with his fingers! I-It’s so strange, so slippery, but why is it also … so goooood~?!” Ume moans as the grip keeping her ass cheeks spread weakens, more fluids drip from her snatch to the floor.

Tempted by the blossoming entrance before my eyes, I make my move.

“E-Eh?! J-Jin, Ren already lubed there, I’m already hot and tingly enough as it—IIYAAAAAUGH! W-What is this?! This hot, moist, squishy thing in my pussy?! Is that … J-Jin’s tongue?! Jin’s licking my pussy with his tongue! Is this oral sex with me on the receiving end?!”

The lube must not have some sort of flavor because I couldn’t even taste it when I inserted my tongue in Ume’s snatch. The taste of a woman, the taste of Ume’s cunt, it’s certainly unlike what I’ve eaten in meals, but it’s not bad.

In fact, perhaps it’s because it’s Ume’s snatch that it tastes good enough to grow addicted to it. My desire to eat her out more grows, to thoroughly ravage the place my cock destroyed three times earlier and explore every part of her to taste it all.

I run my tongue over the smooth linings of her insides spread out with my other fingers, teasing her swelling clit now and then, before prodding the tip at the entrance and force my way inside. I fill up her cavity, tasting everything that squeezes around my perverted tongue, but I make it work to get my fill while remembering the ‘Sweet Spots’ that make Ume feel good the best so she could get off of it as much as I am. Soon enough, the fingers lubing up Ume’s ass started thrusting themselves inside her, in and out, and the others keeping her pussy folds spread plays with her swollen clitoris.

“Aaugh! My assh, my pusshy, my clit! Sh-Sho hot! Sho much shtuffsh acting up at once! I can’t! I can’t! I’m cumming, Jin! I’m cumming! I’m … CUUUUUMMIIIIIIIIING!”

As her ‘Climax Gauge’ reaches its peak, her body tenses up and the insides contract. My mouth is met with a burst of warm, steamy sex liquids. I quickly align my mouth and help myself to get every last drop of the great tasting Dragon Juices from her personal fountain that goes down my gullet. I toggle and pinch her clit some more so she could make every spurt count.

When Ume’s climax rides over, she drops to the tile floor flat on her stomach, her lizard tail flops to the side, as she gasps bated breath from her sexual high.

[You have achieved the ‘Skillful Lover’ title!

[You have now reached ‘Vigorous Libido’ LV 22!

[You have now learned ‘Sex Technique’ LV 1!

Oh, I’m definitely maxing this out. Without a second thought, I use ‘Skill Point Conversion’ and spend a bunch of SP to level ‘Sex Technique’ up to the max.

[You have spent 270 SP. Total: 6245 SP

[You have now reached ‘Sex Technique’ LV 10!

[You have now reached the max level of ‘Sex Technique!’

[You have achieved the ‘Sex Practitioner’ title!

[You have now reached ‘Vigorous Libido’ LV 25!

[You have achieved the ‘Sex Master’ title!

[You have now learned ‘Ejaculation Control*’!

[You have now reached ‘Vigorous Libido’ LV 30!

[You have achieved the ‘Virile Beast’ title!

[You have now learned ‘Potent Semen*’!]

Just as the last notice passes my sight, the knowledge I gained from maxing out my ‘Sex Technique’ skill naturally flows into my mind, along with the confidence that I could now make any girl melt through my fingers.

“Jin … kiss me,” Ume wheezes between breaths.

Not one to against a lovely lady’s wishes, I wipe off the remains of juices from my face, get on my feet, squat, and go above and beyond Ume’s expectations by picking her up from the floor. I’m now carrying her bridal style with ease thanks to my high Strength and ‘Weight Defiance’ skill.

The sudden gesture makes Ume squeak, and her eyes widen in shock as she looks up at me with reddened cheeks.

“U-Um … aren’t I heavy?”

“Not really. For me, anyway.”

“Odd … I think only Father carried me like this when I was a youngling.”

“Bet ya he didn’t kiss you like this.”

I demonstrate and bring Ume’s lips to me.

“Mmph~.” Ume, happy to comply, returns the gesture and we mash lips together passionately. She pulls herself up by the arms curled around my neck.

As a bonus, I add tongue to the kiss. She gets surprised at first, but then hums in content and meets me the rest of the way with her own.

This turned out a lot better than my first ‘kiss’ with Ms. Tephalia, I subtly think before we pull away with a gasp. Ume’s cheeks are redder than before while her formerly slit reptilian eyes are dilated to large black circles.

“… Jin?”


“I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

““<“Awww~.”>”” Not just Nyra in my head, but Ren and Erizora also coo at our affection.

I was honestly so focused on Ume that I forgot two others are here with us, and that we also only have so much time in this bath.

“Ren, Erizora, are you two ready?” I ask.

“We made use of everything in three of the four jars we’re allowed to use! Also, please pardon us, but we helped ourselves to ‘warming-up’ from your foreplay with Ms. Umeiyon.”

“The bath has been ready with the bath salts inside a while ago, too! We’re ready to go whenever you are, Master!” Erizora and Ren say, respectively.

“All right, let’s get soaked in the bath, then!” I declare.

The real fun will begin soon enough.


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