I kept walking and acting oblivious to the growing mob behind me as I look around for a good spot. Going by how I fought with Nyra as my main weapon the last few times, if I can find a smaller space to bring them all together, I could deal them on a smaller scale without getting too destructive with the city and not get innocents involved.

Luckily, I found an alleyway that I went through, leading to some sort of backlot that’s perfect for underground brawls.

“Oh, no, I guess I took a wrong turn. Let’s go back and retrace my steps.”

<“Wow, were you even trying to act naturally? That was so weak a dull sword would work as a better club than your acting.”>

I was never good in plays back in the day.

I turn around and am about to head my way out until I see the adventurers who were following me come pouring in. I’m quickly surrounded at all sides, the boy-girl ratio is about 7 to 1 with the total looking to be around 50 or so. I silently chant [Soundproof] to quickly create a barrier around the area without their noticing, reaching as far as the entrance to the backlot.

“May I help you, ladies and gentlemen?” I ask while looking innocent and start skimming through each person’s statuses with my ‘Size Up’ as fast as possible.

“Yeah! You buzz off with the flirting on the ugly Lizardman girl!”

“Did you actually fuck her?! What is wrong with you?!”

“You think you’re such a hotshot fooling around with demons like that?! Ugh! Just stop!”

“I bet you didn’t even beat all of those monsters you showed off on your own! You’re freaking bluffing!”

“Maybe you charmed that abomination of a Priestess to vouch for you, too!”

“Freaks of nature! All of you! Demons and Demongenerates alike!”

The derogatoriness goes on as more of them join in while I ‘Size Up’ each one of them despite the slight pang in my head that came in between.

[You have reached ‘Size Up’ LV 6!]

Even when my skill made a level-up, I don’t backtrack. I keep going to see what’s different and reached a summarized conclusion.

The adventurers here range from green to violet rank, about a quarter of them look to have Advanced Classes like Berserker, Sorcerer, Priest, Nightblade, and others. With my leveled-up skill, I’m able to see the rest of their stats like ATK, DEF, and the rest as well as the current levels in their classes, but I don’t see their EXP, which isn’t much of a loss for me. If I have to average out the numbers I’ve seen, save for their AGI and LUCK that look to have different value systems, the rest have around 1500 to 2800 points. There were a few that were almost up to 3500 in points on one stat.

The biggest kicker though? They all have titles like ‘White Rapture Brother’ and ‘White Rapture Sister,’ and they seem to have their signature robes stored in the knapsacks on their backs. That means either these guys are the remnants of last night’s infiltration that have come back for revenge, or they’re reinforcements sent to scout around what caused their plan last night to fail and come up with another for a counterattack. Maybe a little bit of both.

Still, I’m not sure what White Rupture’s stance is in Dondegarm’s blacklist, but if they were able to sneak inside the city using their ‘Adventurer’ titles, there could be more around these parts that aren’t in this backlot right now, waiting for the right moment to act on another infiltration or some other mission.

Going by Raiza’s real-time, I’d say about 5 minutes have passed since I left the guild, leaving me 130 left to see if I can find them all. With a city this big and not much explored, even with [Portal] to go to places I’ve remembered, I haven’t explored much to say I can get around quick enough before the feast.

“You Demongenerates are such an eyesore to get off on the Demon-Kin. You might as well not be human if those hideous, freakish bastard children get you going more than a real woman.” The man who steps up and says that goes by Lyles, a Berserker who has the highest ATK out of everyone here and one of the very few violet-ranks who’re with us. I wonder if this could be the one leading the second wave of the raid.

Taking his double-headed battle axe out, Lyles aims one head right above my shoulder. “I don’t know what cheap tricks you played to get everyone’s attention so far, but you’re now surrounded. Your playtime is over. Any last words before we send you to hell?”

Despite getting pissed off at these bastards talking smack against my party, especially Ume, I can’t really let my emotions do everything for me. How I killed those guys last night still seems surreal to me, like I was barely under the control of my own actions, but something was influencing me to take their lives as effortlessly as I did.

I have a feeling my ‘Devil Eyes’ was one of those ‘influences.’ At that time, it was almost like I’m seeing the murderer’s perspective in a horror movie and I have no control of his/her actions. This time, my mind is clear, judgment is sound to an extent, and awareness high for what’s about to transpire.

This time, I don’t have influences like the ‘Devil Eyes’ or Nyra’s curse that are pulling me towards the path I’m taking. No, I’ll be taking a path with my own two feet, my own power, my own will, and once I take that first step, there’s no going back, only forward towards whatever’s ahead of me.

With that in mind, I make my choice.

“You’re friends with Gin and Rasholl in White Rapture, right? Just out of curiosity, how many of you are here in the city?”

““?!”” Lyles, as well as the others, are shocked to see how I saw through them.

“He knows too much! Get—”


Just as Lyles makes his order, I quickly pull out Nyra, activating Darkness Manipulation to extend the blade’s range while making an extension of the handle, going from a tanto to a katana. I swipe it across his neck at the same time as I made those extensions, decapitating him smoothly.

With my ‘Hyper Perception’ on and my fast AGI, I make my move and initiate the battle with a ‘Sadistic Smile’ on my face. From offing Lyles, I dash to the first person in the direction of my momentum and stab him right in his vital point, then slash the blade through his body along with other internal organs that bring his HP to 0 instantly. The blood from the second victim splatters against his comrades within splash range and I take advantage of the opening before they have a chance to react.

And so, the hack-and-slash went on. I aim for the vitals so the Immortals’ influence won’t be able to stop the cultists from dying, I effortlessly take lives one after the other thanks to the Chaos Ore’s supersonic vibrating properties in Nyra’s blade combined with my high ‘Strength’ and ATK. My AGI that’s the highest out of everyone here allows me to zip through victims one-by-one. A couple of them tried to make a move and fight back, but with my ‘Hyper Perception,’ I’m able to read their moves and react accordingly, using little movement to evade before offing them in a counterattack. Everything seems to be moving slowly like they’re all underwater, and while I feel the same, it’s like there’s something over my body that repels the water slowing me down, allowing me to move more smoothly and quickly.

Young and old, low and high in the ranking, novice and advanced in class, even man and woman. No matter what differences set them apart, all of their lives ended in the same way: falling victim to my attacks after making the foolish choice of ganging up on me.

<“Aahhn~! Yes! Yes! More, Jinma! Fuck me more! Use me more! Pour more of your mana and their blood inside and make me explode with ecstasy! I want to feel it all! Fuck me and make me cum~!”> Nyra squeals in the process.

Fighting and taking lives … I think a normal, conscientious, sane person would get overwhelmed with grief and madness after murdering so many people at once, but with Nyra’s colorful commentary in my mind? With each cut and stab I make, I care less and less about their well-being and my consequences. Instead, I think more about how I want to make the slutty Pixie scream with ecstasy. It doesn’t help that I’m still a little excited and horny after my few rounds with Ume.

I think the ‘Sadistic Smile’ on my face is growing on me as I’m actually starting to get some sick enjoyment out of this.

For so long, I’ve tried to fit in, held myself back, and went along with the rules on Earth that would inhibit my actions the most. I thought playing honest and fair while working hard for my life like everyone else would help me achieve something worthwhile.

While I still think it’s fine to try and be a decent citizen, I should’ve realized a long time ago that living the ‘normal’ life would be impossible for someone like me. No matter what I tried to do to not bother people and avoid trouble, it will always find some way to approach me and try to make my life miserable anyway. There will always be people who’ll judge me, who’ll not accept any of my actions, even fucking assholes trying to beat me for breathing or just being some object to vent out stupid personal shit that I don’t want any part in.

I might’ve known this for a while but somewhere deep inside me, beating up assholes was one of the few things in my previous life that didn’t make ‘living’ as boring as I thought it would be. In my last job, when they resisted in giving up the money that was due to pay their loans, it wasn’t as much of a change to spice things up. Now, as I’m not holding back my strength, still maintaining a clear mind and not receive any influences from outside forces, I couldn’t feel more ‘alive’ now as I was back home, even more than how I was influenced by the ‘Devil Eyes’ that were active last night.

Remembering how good I made Ume feel with my touch and movements like I am right now with Nyra as I’m cutting one self-righteous asshole after another gets me more excited, more aroused, enough that I want to do more sex. I want to make both of them as well as Ren and Erizora feel good with my advances. To make them all melt as I claim them to be my women with cum, to make molds of their pussies, assholes, and orifices that would only make love to my cock. The same could be said for those like Winny, Lili, Ms. Raize, Ms. Tephalia, and others I may come across in my travels. Fantasies of what I want to do with them fill my mind as I move in a sort of dance that’s in line with Nyra’s solo vocals of lust and ecstasy.

I want to meet all kinds of good women and make them mine. That thought lingered in my mind the moment Lyles’ head became the first stepping stone towards the new life I want to reach.

“Come on! Don’t think I’m gonna let you get away after saying all of that shit to my face!”


Zasha! I cut another one’s body clean, crossing from his head to the waist with Nyra in katana form. When things look to finally start dying down, I deactivate my Darkness Manipulation to dissipate the extensions on the blade and revert it back to its original tanto form.

<“Oh, Immortals, never in my thousand-plus years have I felt so horny cutting bastards up~. One more, just one more~,”> Nyra moans.

“S-Stop, please, no more …”

Noticing a beneath me crying for mercy, the ‘Sadistic Smile’ on my face might’ve grown more sinister. “Oh? Looks like I didn’t beat you good enough. What’s the matter? Didn’t you say you were going to send me to hell? You’ll never make it happen with that attitude~. Man Killer.

Kshan! With the guy under me, I take my foot and stomp it right onto his pathetic masculine weapon he calls his dick. The sound of his genitals bursting like a crushed watermelon, followed by an agonizing scream echoes in the [Soundproof] barrier that rings in my ears.

“Y-You’re a monster! A maniac! A freak like you … has no chance of getting out of this alive!”

“If more want to come and die, I say let them come, because I’m not a monster … I’m a demon.”







I raise Nyra up and stab him clean right through the sternum, making him cough blood, then stab him again in the heart, and then slowly drag the blade across his throat, spraying his blood and making a mess on me that’s in sync with the last of Nyra’s musical orgasms.

With him unable to move, I stand back up. Before I knew it, I was left the only one standing, surrounded by corpses stabbed and sliced into pulps that create a small pond of blood at my feet. That same blood is splattered on me and my clothes, dripping down from Nyra’s blade. I feel the contrast of the warm blood being cooled by the drafty breeze that blows through the dead silent backlot … if I don’t count Nyra’s shallow panting after her killing sex play, of course.

Even if that happened in Earth’s real-time, that probably could’ve been under 5 minutes I took to deal with all of those guys and girls. I probably could’ve used a rendition of ‘Demon’s Slash’ to dispose of them quicker, but I don’t want to risk wrecking buildings again like I did last night, possibly pulling innocents involved as well.

It’s better I get rid of the problem quickly than to just let it linger to become someone else’s down the line. That’s something I’m coming to learn the more I’m living in this new world.

“Nyra … my ‘Devil Eyes’ aren’t on right now, right?” I ask out loud. I notice then that the ‘Sadistic Smile’ is stuck on my face again and I had to massage it to relax the muscles in the cheeks.

<“No~, you’re good~.”>

I see … so, I really did it. With this blade held in my hand, I killed everyone here … at my own will.

<“How do you feel?”>

… Jumpy, a little horny, and a little nauseous, honestly. Never been exposed to this much blood and gore from other humans before.

<“With how well our lusts were in sync, I think you’ll get used to it soon enough.”>

Don Don Din Don!

Do-ro-ro Don Din Don!

[You have now reached ‘Hyper Perception’ LV 7!

[You have now reached ‘Sadistic Smile’ LV 7!

[You have achieved the ‘Peak of Mages’ title!

[Your MP, SP. ATK, and SP. DEF. have been increased!

[You have now learned ‘Minor Mana Regeneration*’!

[You have reached the maximum level of the Mage class. Remaining and following EXP will be accumulated and applied to your class promotion.

[You have achieved the ‘Extreme Underdog’ title!

[You have now learned ‘Underdog’s Third Class*’!

[Third Class has been automatically set to ‘Thief.’ Remaining EXP has been integrated into the registered class.

[You have acquired a new ability! Alpha Underdog!

[You have achieved the ‘Peak of Thieves’ title!

[Your HP, MP, and AGI have been increased!

[You have now learned ‘Insightful Mapping*’!

[You have reached the maximum level of the Thief class. Remaining and following EXP will be accumulated and applied to your class promotion.

[You have achieved the ‘Crafty Underdog’ title!

[You have now learned ‘Skill Point Conversion*’!

[You have achieved the ‘Cunning Underdog’ title!

[You have now learned ‘Underdog’s Fourth Class*’!

[Fourth Class has been automatically set to ‘Myrmidon.’ Remaining EXP has been integrated into the registered class.

[You have now learned ‘Class Authority*’!

[You have achieved the ‘Peak of Myrmidons’ title!

[Your MP, ATK, and AGI have been increased!

[You have now learned ‘Detection*’!

[You have reached the maximum level of the Myrmidon class. Remaining and following EXP will be accumulated and applied to your class promotion.

[You have achieved the ‘Respected Underdog’ title!

[You have now learned ‘Loyal Accomplice*’!]

“W-Whoa, I feel a bit dizzy, and I don’t think it’s the potent smell of blood that’s causing it,” I say while putting a hand to my head.

<“J-Jinma? Remember what I said about that tanto having 4 Gold Greed Rings embedded in the ore? About how it gives the holder twice the EXP they would normally earn in battle?”> Nyra asks shakily more out of anxiety than ecstasy.


<“You also just got that new ‘Adventurer’s Labor’ skill, too, which adds another 50% of EXP normally earned into your stats.”>


<“Finally, let’s not forget the added special addition to the curse enchanted on the tanto, allowing the wielder to get three automatic level-ups for every sentient life taken instead of two.”>

<“Jinma … open your status.”>

I oblige and catch myself from fainting once I see the results of my growth.


Jinma Kotori

Race: D-Human

[New Class(es) Added: Thief, Myrmidon]

Class: Brawler [Mage, Thief, Myrmidon (only seen by the user)]

[History: Brawler LV 471, Mage LV 150, Thief LV 150, Myrmidon LV 150 (only seen by the user)]

[New Title(s) Achieved: Loved by Non-Humans, Almighty, Erudite, Masterful, Unwavering, Debonair, Adventurer (33rd Black), Slave Owner [Ren, Erizora], Charitable, Peak of Mages, Peak of Thieves, Peak of Myrmidons, Blessmancer, Dragon (Sex) Slayer, Mr. Libido, Master Libido, Extreme Underdog, Crafty Underdog, Cunning Underdog, Respected Underdog]

Title: Merciless Demon, Loved by Non-Humans, Natural-Born Brawler, Almighty, Erudite, Masterful, Impregnable, Unwavering, Debonair, Charitable, Adventurer (33rd Black), Slave Owner [Ren, Erizora], Studious, Seeker of Knowledge, Peak of Mages, Peak of Thieves, Peak of Myrmidons, Pyromancer, Hydromancer, Atmomancer, Hexmancer, Umpquamancer Blessmancer, Mr. Shakedown, Assassin, Torture Expert, Monster Genocider, Dragon (Sex) Slayer, Mr. Libido, Master Libido, [Formidable Underdog, Ultimate Underdog, Fearsome Underdog, Extreme Underdog, Crafty Underdog, Cunning Underdog, Respected Underdog (only seen by user)]

Equipment: Spider Silk Slacks, Spider Silk Suit Jacket, Spider Silk Shirt, Cursed Misfortune Tanto of Nyra


[Climaxes: 2

[Sentients killed: 58

LV: 471 (+2C, +174K, +122) [150 (+2C, +24K), 150 (+130K, +19), 150 (+149)]

HP: 3345/9895       [5315 (+20, +1740, +250, +1220) [+1520 (+20, +240), + 1530 (40+1300, +190), +1530 (40+1490)]]

MP: 10647/10647        [5920 (+20, +1740, +250, +250, +250, +1220) [+1667 (+20, +240), +1530 (40+1300, +190), +1530 (40+1490)]]

ATK: 13629       [8389 (+20, +1740, +250, +1397) [+1811 (+20, +240), +1702 (35+1300, +367), +1727 (60+1667)]]

DEF: 238480      [7374 (+20, +1740, +1220) [+1530 (+20, +240), +1520 (30+1300, +190), +1500 (10+1490)] X 20]

SP. ATK: 11326     [6609 (+20, +1740, +250, +1220)] [+1692 (+20, +240), +1515 (25+1300, +190), +1510 (20+1490)]

SP. DEF: 231840    [7017 (+20, +1740, +250, +1220) [+1565 (+20, 240), +1510 (20+1300, +190), +1500 (10+1490)] X 20]

AGI: 11434        [6164 (+20, +1740, +250, +250, +1413) [+1764 (+20, +240), 1743 (40+1300, +403), +1763 (60+1703)]]

LUCK: 9         [39 (+6) [+20 (+3), +23 (20+3), +13 (10+3)] X 0.1]

EXP: 320/47100 (+~5000000) [5001700 (+150K)/MAX (+~5000000), 4734000/MAX (+~5000000), 1975100/MAX (+~3092600)]


SP: 6715 (+6220)

[BP: 520 (only seen by the user)]

[TAL: 4 (only seen by the user)]

Ability: Violently Tempting Challenger

[REVEALED!] Black Charisma: At the first meeting, the user’s unique charisma can give off attractions and influences that are substantially more positive to those who’re considered strange, unique, and out-of-place from the norm of his race. At the same time and levels, negative attractions and influences affect those who are in the norm, as well as oppressors, competitors, and thugs of all kinds. Effects vary between males and females.

Dragon Scale Defense

[NEW!] Dragon’s Greedy Hoarding: The user has a chance of getting a rare drop for every monster defeated in a battle.

[[NEW!] Alpha Underdog (only seen by the user): The user can exude a presence to increase chances of gaining the attention of anyone or anything he desires, while at the same time use it to better scare any potential enemies away from starting a battle; the user’s ‘Charm’ is greatly increased.]

[Obina’s Champion (only seen by the user)]



Jinma Kotori

[Skill(s) Leveled Up: Hyper Perception LV 7, Sadistic Smile LV 7, Size Up LV 6

[Skill(s) Revealed: Vigorous Libido LV 21

[New Skill(s) Learned: Holy Magic LV 4, Heal LV 4, Petting LV 3, Terra Magic LV 1, Seduction LV 1, Weight Defiance*, Calculation*, Skill Bonus*, Body Temperature Stability*, Adventurer’s Labor*, Climactic Level-Up*, Sweet Spots*, Climax Gauge*, Intimate Touch*, Minor Mana Regeneration*, Insightful Mapping*, Detection*, Underdog’s Third Class*, Skill Point Conversion*, Underdog’s Fourth Class*, Class Authority*, Loyal Accomplice*]


Passive: Vigorous Libido LV 21, Poison Resistance LV 8, Slugger Style LV 7, Hyper Perception LV 7, Cooking LV 7, Throw LV 6, Merciless Style LV 6, Resourceful Weapon LV 6, Money Grubbing LV 6, Drunken Style LV 5, Darkness Manipulation LV 5, Fear Resistance LV 5, Stealth LV 5, Despair Resistance LV 4, Protective Style LV 4, Holy Magic LV 4, Curse Magic LV 4, Fire Magic LV 3, Water Magic LV 3, Storm Magic LV 3, Baking LV 3, Housekeeping LV 3, Massaging LV 3, Petting LV 3, Terra Magic LV 1, Seduction LV 1, Studying MAX LV, Catch*, Intimidation*, Detection*, Ambush*, Insightful Mapping*, Sway*, Minor Magic Regeneration*, Magic Sense*, Mutilation*, Monster Bonus*, Adventurer’s Labor*, Weight Defiance*, Calculation*, Skill Bonus*, Sturdy Shell*, Body Temperature Stability*, Climactic Level-Up*, Sweet Spots*, Climax Gauge*, Intimate Touch*, [Size Up LV 6, Underdog Bonus*, Status Sorting*, Skill Point Conversion*, Class Authority*, Loyal Accomplice*, Underdog’s Second Class*, Underdog’s Third Class*, Underdog’s Fourth Class* (only seen by user)]

Active: Glare LV 7, Sadistic Smile LV 7, Heavy Throw LV 6, Demon’s Palm LV 6, Blowback Punch LV 5, Man Killer LV 5, Meditation LV 4, Demon’s Slash LV 4, Mow Down LV 3, Scare*, Taunt*

Spells: Heal LV 4, Pyreball LV 3, Flame Burst LV 3, Water Blast LV 3, Wind Cutter LV 3, Debilitating Defense LV 3, Sluggish Speed LV 3, Baneful Poison LV 3


“W-Wait, Winny mentioned how my magical aura stands out enough being so … unique, right?” I ask myself out loud. “I-If my stats have grown this much … will my magical aura also reflect that?”

<“That’s a definite yes. Even now, I’m practically trembling just being in the presence of your aura, and there will definitely be others who’re sensitive to magic to feel the same. What are you doing?”>

I swipe to the skills list and go over those I’m able to learn right now. “Please, please, let it be here … aha! ‘Hide Magic!’ I can learn this, and it’s 200 SP! I’d rather have Ume teach me how if it’s possible, but this is an emergency that I can’t act cheap with. Learn it! Learn it!”

[You have spent 200 SP. Total: 6515 SP

[You have now learned ‘Hide Magic*’!]

At the notice’s timing, I’m suddenly ingrained with knowledge of the skill and how it works. It’s actually rather simple that’s similar to a slider adjusting the volume to a radio. From displaying total nothingness to maximum output, I could adjust how my magical aura is revealed. It seems you either have to be at a certain level as a Sage or have a high enough MP and/or SP. ATK to be able to learn it, and it looks like I have both of the latter halves definitely fulfilled.

For the time being, I adjust my magical aura output to total nothingness, making myself invisible to the magically sensitive.

A note from Orange_Rain

Don't get me wrong, I love doing this story and how well it's getting received by you guys, but the math and keeping track of Jinma's progress would leave me exhausted sometimes.

EDIT: I made some changes to make the stats easier to read. I might plan on condensing the status in general in some way so we won't such large walls of text, either.

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