By the time Ume and I cum inside her once more, relish the afterglow while kissing, and calling it a day, I get something unexpected.


[Number of climaxes: 2; the user will receive 2 level ups.]

It seems one of my new skills, ‘Climactic Level-Up,’ works as the name suggests. I literally get a level-up for every time I ‘climax.’ Nyra herself points out how jacking myself off won’t cut it, either. Apparently, it has to be done by whatever way a girl I’m with does it. Anal, blowjob, handjob, whatever it is she’s doing, she has to be the direct cause of my climaxes.

Knowing this is from the only girl I know who has ‘gotten around’ with people the most, she’s not fucking around with this.

I guess there are also gender-specific titles related to this subject as Nyra said she has things like ‘Ms. Libido,’ ‘Mistress Libido,’ ‘Trollop,’ ‘Harem Queen,’ and ‘Nymphomaniac.’ I guess achieving those titles requires filling specific conditions.

<“But man, ‘Dragon [Sex] Slayer,’ that’s a first I’ve heard of such a title that seems to have a big payoff. Wonder if that would work for me if I was doing it with a male Dragon? Even if I was able to make such an achievement, I don’t think it would cut it for whatever I might get for the biggest mountain I wanted to climb: getting in bed with Her Majesty. Oh, if I just had one night with her, knowing how well my tanto would come out, my life would’ve been complete.”>

I guess Nyra had pretty crazy dreams she wanted to be fulfilled back in the day. I have an uneasy churning in my stomach wondering how well Nyra and Kazumi would get along if they met.

Anyway, I used ‘Create Sand’ from Terra Magic to fill in the claw marks Ume made to make them less noticeable and [Clean] to clear every nook and cranny of the meeting room as well as ourselves. I wasn’t sure how far up the null spell would do for Ume’s snatch if I can’t see it directly, so I used Water Magic as a sort of enema to rinse her insides, which was a pretty strange experience. She was actually crestfallen that she couldn’t just let it sit there inside her if she isn’t going to get pregnant, but then they’d be dripping down her legs as she goes about in public and we don’t want that to be seen. Panties could probably lessen the mess, but when I brought up that solution to her …

“I saw a few when I was looking around and don’t really see the point of wearing something like that. It would be one more article of clothing I’d have to take off if I want to transform without ripping it to shreds, and when I tried a pair on that were just hanging there for some reason, sure, it might’ve been too small, but it didn’t sit right with my tail in Lizardman Form, and God forbid how bad that would be in Dragonoid form.”

That’s what Ume said, but more importantly, did she just say she picked up a pair of clean panties that were hanging to dry without the owner’s permission? I hope she at least cleaned it before putting it back or I just found a suspect for a potential panty-thieving pervert.

Seriously, she may be insanely intelligent in magic, but it’s a wonder how random her common sense for things can be.

Going back to the argument though, she had to either pick wearing panties during the day—that I’d pay for her, of course—or live with getting her pussy washed after sex, not including the times that would happen at night before bed though, since we’d be in bed and not bother going out by then. When I told her how I’ll make an announcement of making our relationship official in exchange, she caved in.

Needless to say, even though Ume knew she wasn’t really doing it, she had very mixed feelings of getting flushed down there in a way that looks like peeing while it’s being done in front of me. Me, on the other hand, while I knew most of that was just water, I felt like something clicked inside me as I was watching such a unique spectacle, but I restrained myself from looking further into the subject.

I also realized at that point that Ume will be going around commando from now on … we need to find some clothes that will cover her privates while they suit to her liking, but I can’t help but feel a little excited at the thought.

I stopped myself when I fantasized the possibilities of teasing her vulnerable cunt under a table while we sit together with everyone.

We agreed that we have to keep her Dragon identity a secret, but honestly, keeping our sex moment a secret if they asked would be too much of a pain. We’d have to keep it on the down low so we wouldn’t get any scolding from the guild, but since my ‘Vigorous Libido’ skill level and ‘Dragon [Sex] Slayer’ title would be dead giveaways put together, I decide to withhold revealing my status to the others until later. Just in case, I used ‘Status Sorting’ to hide my ‘Dragon [Sex] Slayer’ title in another window.

Once everything was properly clean and tidy, we were properly dressed, and Ume reverted to her Lizardman form, we finally stepped out of the meeting room, claw in hand.

I figured if we’re going to make it official, we might as well make it obvious. When I told Ume it was normal for humans to hold hands like this when they’re a couple, judging by the awkward smile on her reddened face, she doesn’t know whether to feel happy or embarrassed.

No, down boy. I know she’s cute, but keep it together, man. You kept the others waiting long enough. Just be glad you have a girlfriend now … girlfriend. Wait, or could it be that ‘mate’ is on the same level as a husband and wife if it’s as committed as they’re making it out to be? Did we just get hitched?

<“That seems to be the case going by what I’ve seen in those I’ve previously possessed,”> Nyra answers.

I see, it may not be official in human standards, but in a sense, Ume’s my wife now … dammit, don’t you start smiling weirdly, too.


“Sheesh, about time you two came back … but what exactly is this I’m seeing here?” Lili asks first as Ume and I approach our group gathered around a table. Ren and Erizora are currently eating a large plateful of muttons, clearly more than a snack bought with the money I gave them while Winny who joined back with us however long ago is having tea.

“Yeah, we went into ‘the talk’ in great detail and went over some things after that, which includes what will happen in the future,” I answer first before gesturing to Ume next to me, her claw still in my hand. “Ladies, allow me to introduce you to my new mate as of today.”

“All righ, Mashtah!” Erizora exclaims with her mouth full.

“How wonderful! May the Immortals grant you happiness in your courtship,” Winny adds with her hands together in prayer.

“Master! Let’s have a feast to celebrate! To your courting with Ms. Umeiyon and the formation of our new party! … If that isn’t too much to ask of a slave,” Ren says after remembering her place, but it’s not like I’d fault her for getting excited.

A feast when you already have that much food as your ‘snack?’ Despite my thought, I shrug. “I am pretty hungry. Ume, how about it?”

“Okay …” Ume mumbles while her face is still red.

“Oh, we should register ourselves as a party while we’re at it. Where’s Ms. Gallofree, by the way?” Indeed, when I look around the guild, I don’t see a sign of our Centaur companion in sight.

“Kalline ate an appetizer and left to ‘prepare for the great battle that awaits her,’” Lili answers. “I’m assuming she’s steeling herself to ask her uncle about joining your party. She wanted me to tell you that she’ll return with the results tomorrow and suggested you reserve a room or two at the ‘Cantering Dreams Inn’ for tonight.”

“I guess we won’t be seeing her again until tomorrow. Lili, Winny, would you two like to join us in our ‘feast’ once we get our party registered?”

“I’m down with that. I think I’d like a dinner that’d turn out better than what happened last night.”

“If you don’t mind someone like me, then I’ll be more than happy to humbly accept the invitation to your celebration,” Lili and Winny answer, respectively.

“Oh! I just remembered! They came over earlier and mentioned they’re ready to go over your reward, Master!” Ren exclaims.

“All right! To the reception!” Erizora says after finishing a leg of some meat. She and Ren then use napkins to clean their hands and faces before making a dash to the reception first.

“We’ll hold the table here.”

“Thanks, Lili,” I say before I head over to the counter as well with Ume still holding my hand.

<“Jinma …”>

Yeah, even if you didn’t tell me, I can feel it. As we were walking over, I could sense a bunch of hateful gazes aiming our way. I wonder if they were the same guys who were at Ume’s ranking test earlier.

“Jin …”

“What is it, Ume?” I ask her, noticing how she’s sort of staring into space.

“We’re … really partners, right? You’re my mate and I’m yours? This is really happening, right?”

“That’s right.”

“I see, so Jin really is my mate now …” Ume giggles to herself while her face is blushing again.

She’s totally oblivious to the tense air around us, but goddammit, she looks so cute right now.


All right, screw it, single or not, I get glares back home anyway.

I make a bold move to kiss Ume right on the lips, right where everyone would see us. Ume jumps startled from my sneak attack.

“J-Jin?! W-What was that for?!”

“You’re my mate, so I’ll kiss you whenever I feel like it, and the cute face you’re making right now is begging me to smooch it.” I emphasize my point with another peck on her cheek this time.

“Th-This is really embarrassing.” She tries to cover her face with her free claw but poorly covers her smile.

Ah, seeing a prideful and haughty woman melt in front of me like this, I wanna embarrass her more in front of everyone. I restrain myself though and we continue to the reception. I blissfully ignore the malicious glares directed at our way in the process.

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