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“So, we’re going to the adventurer’s guild to register you as one and form a party, right?” Ren asks as we make our way there.

“That’s right.”

“I see. And um … Master?”


“How do … we look?”

Ren and Erizora stand side to side as I observe them. Instead of the slave rags, they’ve changed into clothes that are more for adventurers to wear. Ren has a simple set of a blackish-gray crop top and dark green hot pants while her tail hangs over the back comfortably. Her daggers are holstered on each side by a brown belt. Since she has trimmed beast claws for hands and canine paws for feet, there isn’t a need for gloves or footwear. I imagine those with a Thief class need to dress lightly in order to move quickly. Meanwhile, Erizora has a form-fitting gray tube top that really emphasizes her massive breasts, as well as letting her muscular arms and chiseled abs share the spotlight. I wonder if she’s wearing a strapless bra to keep her chest supported since they look more put together than they were in slave rags. Scrolling lower is a tiger-striped battle skirt that hangs just halfway down her thick, muscular thighs, and at the bottom are sandals with straps that go up to the knees, footwear that one might see on a gladiator. To finish off her look, she has bracers that match her skirt while her signature kanabo hangs behind her back. Remembering she’s a Savage class, while they need to wear little for full movement, maybe their attire is more selected to intimidate their opponents, but I honestly find her look very appealing.

They look a little anxious as they wait to hear my opinion. After asking them to spin once so I could admire their backsides, I nod in confirmation. “Yeah, the two of you look great in your new clothes. I like them a lot.”

They sigh a breath of relief after hearing that. I write a mental note to find clothes for them to wear casually when we’re not out adventuring. Much to my awkwardness, I’ll need to find them new underwear, too. I wonder if there’s also something for nightwear. I’d have to confer it to Lili later.

“Sir Kotori?! Is that thou?!”

“Oh, it’s Ms. Gallofree,” Ren points out as we turn to the source of the voice and approaching clops of hooves.

“It is thou! I was just going to Lady Tephalia’s manor to check in! I am so glad thou art well! I-Is that the Misfortune Tanto of Nyra?! Wait, Ren, Erizora, thy attires art different? What happened?!"

“Calm down, Ms. Gallofree,” I say. “I’m glad to see you’re doing well, too, and Ren and Erizora are dressed differently because I just redeemed them as my slaves.”

“Ah, yes, I see, that makes sense … wait, what?! Thou redeemed slaves?! Two of them?!”

“I needed some companions to help me get around the Demon-Kin’s Territory and they were the most capable people who offered to join me at the time,” I explain to her.

“Yep! From now on, we’re officially Master Jinma Kotori’s sword and shield!”

“His first and second honorary sex slaves!”


“… Please tell me you’re not going to introduce yourselves like this to everyone?” I ask while rubbing my eyes and Nyra cackles at my expense.

It’s painful how they’re actually puffing their chests in pride after saying something so outrageous in public. We’re already even grabbing the attention of the passersby with various expressions.

“B-But I was about to …” Ms. Gallofree looks to have said something but trails off in a mumble I couldn’t make out while looking a little depressed.

“Did you need to see me for something?” I ask Ms. Gallofree, desperate to change the subject.

“O-Oh! Yes! Art thou planning to register as an adventurer?”

“We’re heading to the guild for that, yes.”

“This is the most perfect of timings! I have spoken to the guild master who had just returned from his business about thy heroic deeds, and he would like to speak to thee about the qualifications for getting a high rank right after registering!”

“So, that is possible? All right, would you please kindly lead the way, Ms. Gallofree?”

“It would be an honor! Let us make haste!” Ms. Gallofree then makes a quick canter towards the streets while the three of us catch up. She looks like she realizes something as she skids to a stop. “O-Oh! I beg thy pardon! I am making thee move thy feet when thee suffered a stab in my place just last night! I should … wait, what would he say when he sees us like that? But I owe my savior that much—”

“Ms. Gallofree, it’s okay. I got word that Ms. Umeiyon healed me while I was out. I can walk, move, and feel just fine. Plus, introducing us to the guild master is already plenty enough help. You don’t need to fret about owing me anything else.”

“But I need to properly express my gratitude to thee for saving my life! Is there not something I can do to pay my debt?!”

“Um … how about I take a raincheck for now and get back to you on that?”

“… What is this ‘raincheck’ thou speak of? Unfortunately, I am incapable of predicting the weather.”

“No, not like that, I mean you can do a favor for me at a later time when I figure out what I want you to do.”

“Ah, I see! Very well, then I will prepare myself for the opportunity to return thy favor at any given moment!”

Sheesh, someone’s in a good mood today. I think as we all follow her at a calm, walking pace.

<“Maybe you could ask her to let you ride her in exchange if you know what I mean~?”>

… Nyra, considering who we’re talking about, I’m not sure if you’re serious or fucking with me at this point.

<“Hey, you have a chance to go doggy style with a real bitch and take your dick on a journey through the large valley between mountains where no dick has gone before. What’s the harm of creating a whole new meaning of ‘riding cowgirl’ on top of it? Wait, no, I should hold on to that when we meet a Minotaur. What about ‘becoming the steer for her steed?’ No, that doesn’t work, either.”>

Where do you even get this stuff?

<“I have my resources … hold on.”>

What’s up? I ask, noticing Nyra’s tone turning serious.

<“My ‘Magic Sense’ is picking up something fierce close by. The crowd is making this difficult to see where it’s coming from, but I can sense it following us. It doesn’t feel threatening, but stay on your guard.”>

All right, I think as I rest a hand on the tanto holstered at my side, ready to pull out at a moment’s notice.


We arrive at Dondegarm’s adventurer’s guild a couple of minutes late. Nyra’s been cueing me in on our follower’s movements all the while. The first thing that comes to mind when seeing this building was ‘huge.’ I think I recall one of the conference rooms to a Comiket I visited once was about as big as the entirety of this building with two stories. As if the place wasn’t big enough, the large coliseum I saw earlier from the field also stands out behind the guild, along with a few large arena-like platforms between them. That could perhaps be the training area where adventurers spar and the like. It may be because most of Dondegarm’s residents are large-bodied that everything else has to be big for them to move around in freely. Considering some that don’t even have legs, or have feet that could easily slip, it makes sense that most ‘stairs’ that go to the upper floors are more like ramps with small wooden hedges for footing—something one might see with chicken coops—while the majority of homes in the city are only one story. I think I recall a few buildings we passed by having stone ramps for entrances being at a higher elevation.

When we get inside, I feel like how I was when I got to Comiket for the first time with one of Mom’s friends, one of my close aunts, to provide help in her circle in exchange for doing me a big favor in the past. There are many people with a variety of armors and weapons on their persons scattered around the ground floor, with most being Centaurs. I could see others from a few different races are also included. One that stands out to me is a girl that has light purple skin, pointy ears, bluish-black horns, and straight dark pink hair. She caught my eye because she was wearing a dirtied white robe and I almost mistook her for one of the cultists last night until I saw the features on her face. For being a cult that goes against anything non-human, it wouldn’t make sense to have a demon among them. Upon closer inspection, there’s no emblem anywhere on the robe like the cultists had on theirs, but hers has yellow trimmings around her collar and ends of her sleeves. I also notice she’s been staring at me with quite the shock on her face since I came in. Looking above her head, I see her name reads ‘Winny,’ same place as the others’ as they all move about thanks to ‘Size Up.’ It’s actually a bit overwhelming seeing so many at once that I get a bit of a headache.

[You have reached ‘Size Up’ LV 5!]

Speaking of which, I see that ‘Size Up’ has leveled up, probably with seeing all of those names at once. I look at the girl, Ms. Winny, again.

Excuse me in advance for what I’m about to do, Ms. Winny. Okay, Mr. Size Up, can you show me some stuff about her without revealing her measurements, please?

[Name: Winny

Race: Arch Imp

Class: Priestess

Measurements: 163 cm in height [~5 ft, 4 in], 71 kg in weight [~156 lbs], the three sizes are 85E-80-88

Titles: Adventurer (29th Black), Holy Bishop, Studious, Blessmancer, Master of Sanctity, Atmomancer, Master of Winds [error; other titles can't be revealed at this time]

HP: 1379/1379

MP: 1863/1863]

Can’t block them out even if I don’t want to see them, huh? Great, as if it wasn’t bad enough that I searched a Priestess, but apparently, she’s a very strong adventurer, too, if me being unable to see her other titles mean anything, or it could be my level of 'Size Up' isn't high enough to see all of them right now.

<“An Arch Imp, huh? Well, she wouldn’t even hold a candle to you, anyway, so you’re fine. Still, that Priestess is certainly curvier under those robes than she looks. Hubba, hubba~.”>

What are you, some kind of perverted old man?

“Mr. Jinma~! Yoo-hoo~! Remember me?! A certain someone’s mother?!”

“Mom! Cut that out!”

I recognize that bicker anywhere. I follow the source and see Ms. Raize waving at us behind what looks like the reception counter while Lili rubs her two lower-most eyes in embarrassment.

“Oh, right, if thou art acquainted with Ms. Lili, then, of course, thou would know her mother.” Seems Ms. Gallofree can be a bit slow on the uptake for her to take this long to figure it out.

<“So, that’s Lili’s mom? Looks pretty good.”>

Despite Nyra’s comment, I urge the others to follow along and we head to the reception where the mother-daughter Arachne pair wait.

“Lili told me all about it. So, you’re wanting to register as an adventurer? I can help you get started right away.”

“That is indeed the case, but first, we need to speak to the guild master. Could thou please tell him that I have brought the man I told him about?” Ms. Gallofree asks.

“Ah, yes, we were told to expect a visitor to meet with him today. So, you’re the man of the hour, huh? Not much of a surprise, really, since you saved us all last night, especially me. I’m honestly surprised you weren’t one already.”

“Well … things happened.”

“Anyway, go ahead and have a seat anywhere and I’ll be back in a sec.” Ms. Raize then steps out of her station and makes a move.

Looking around, there are a number of large wooden tables that one might see in a cafeteria sort of way. Some adventurer parties gather around to talk while eating food. Off to one side of the building, I see a sort of bar where some were having drinks. I guess this place also serves as a sort of pub. We all go over to one of the vacant tables and I slide onto a bench with Ren and Erizora taking my side. Since there aren’t chairs big enough for Centaurs, Ms. Gallofree just lowers her horse body to the floor in a sort of lying position while Lili keeps herself stationary.

“So … I heard the tanto has side-effects for those who were previously possessed by the being that dwells in it. Did thou … experience any, by any chance?” Ms. Gallofree asks.

“There was a slight setback, but I was able to quell it down after beating a bunch of monsters.”

“It was worrying that he left for a few hours, but I was relieved Master managed to return safely,” Ren says.

“That’s an understatement. You tackled him to the floor at first sight.”

“Don’t remind me …”

I guess even these two have a sort of exchange like this from time to time, too. Though, I have to admit the attention I received then wasn’t unwelcome.

“Well, it is good thou art not harmed, at least. Did thou happen to talk to the Lizardman who goes by Ms. Umeiyon, yet? She looked to have quite an interest in thee over the courses of last night.”

“Yeah … we talked, and I need to speak to her again to have something settled.”

“Really? Have you come to a decision to my offer that quickly?”

““AUGH!”” We all jump when we suddenly notice a certain Dragon in Lizardman Form sitting right next to me as she spoke, wearing the same rags she tore off prior to turning into her true form before she left earlier.

Of all the times for her to show up when the other girls are here … I really hope things don’t get ugly quickly.


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