I find myself in a familiar, endless white space. For a moment, I thought I was back in Ms. Obina’s ‘office,’ but the atmosphere here feels different from that. That’s because instead of me sitting down facing an Immortal, a familiar person in front of me is the one sitting in this ‘room.’ Her back is facing me, as well as the familiar bleach-blonde straight locks that hang from her head.

“Do you know what it is that you want? The life that you truly desire?”

“Huh? I thought I was living in it already? Being here with you, that’s all that really matters to me. Are you happy with this like I am?” I ask her before she stands up.

“It’s time for me to go,” she says without looking back. I wonder if she even heard me.

“H-Huh? Go? Go where? Can I come with?”

“You’ll find what you’re looking for if you look at the world around you. Just know that wherever it is you decide to go, I will always love you, and I couldn’t be prouder of you.” She then starts walking away, I can’t even hear her footsteps.

“W-Wait! Where are you going?!” I try to chase after her until I hit an invisible wall. Something is in front of me, like a pane of glass, cruel to stop me from getting to my cherished one who’s right there. Is this why she can’t hear me? But I can hear her, so why?

“Good-bye, Jin-chan.”

“Wait! Stop! Don’t leave me, please! Mom!” I practically scream while hitting and punching the wall of glass as hard as I can to break it. Mom’s back quickly grows smaller until I couldn’t even see her anymore.

“It’s just you and me now …” another familiar voice says, but I wonder if that was actually me who said something off just now.

I look behind me to see another person in a chair with his back facing me. He has short black hair and wearing a formal-casual suit. He turns his head back … in a complete 180 without popping a bone socket.

Demonic eyes and a malicious smile are looking at my direction. It takes me a second to realize this guy was me.

“We’re going to have some fun from now on, you and I—”





I suddenly find myself gasping for breath and in cold sweat, almost drenched like I just came out from drowning. My heart is racing as fast as I was facing my traumatic fear of heights.

“Master! Are you all right?!”

I look to the person on my left who asked that and see a familiar petite girl with long white hair and two-piece set of rags with great concern on her face. It takes a glance at her wolf ears to recognize who this is.

“… Ren? What are you …” Something feels off to me, so I pat myself down from my head to my legs. Despite the sweat, I find myself wearing a new white long-sleeve shirt—smooth like silk to the touch—and the same roughed-up slacks I was wearing yesterday. That’s when I notice the large bed below me, as well as a spacious, luxurious room. There’s a vase of lilies decorating a small table and two knapsacks sitting at the corner of the room.

“… Where am I?”

“You’re in one of Lady Tephalia’s guest rooms in her mansion, Master.”

“Huh?!” I jolt to apparently the second girl in this room in surprise and find the mismatched horns popping out of her head, as well as the messy blonde hair and the bombshells that are her breasts pressed together between her arms. “Erizora?”

“You look really pale. Are you feeling all right?” Ren asks me with great concern in her eyes.

“Y-Yeah, I think so. I just had a really bad dream … wait.” Taking a closer inspection on the bed, I notice large indents at each of my sides that look to match the girls’ sizes. “Uh … did you two just call me ‘Master,’ and were you both lying with me in bed moments ago?”

““Yes, Master.””

Their synchronized response caught me off guard. I put a hand to my head that feels like it’s about to explode from how confused I am right now. “Okay, could one of you please tell me what’s going on? What happened after I blacked out? And keep it under three minutes, please.”

“Yes, Master,” Ren volunteers with her hand up. “The lord of Dondegarm, Lady Tephalia, returned from out of town not too long after you passed out. She ordered everyone to gather the casualties and injured for treatment before they got to work on the city’s reparations. She also confiscated the cursed tanto under her custody as well as yourself in her residence until you woke up to discuss negotiations. Ms. Lili was the one who made you the shirt you’re wearing from her own spider silk and is currently in possession of your belongings at her place. Also, a Lizardman female named Ms. Umeiyon healed your injuries and muscle fatigue with her healing magic and would like to speak with you in private when you have the time.”

Ah, that explains why I feel so light right now despite how heavy I felt last night. I’ll have to thank her properly when I see her in town.

“Finally, as for Eri and I, we were instructed by Mistress Carmen to stay by your side and give you a message when you woke up. Eri?”

“Mm.” With a nod in understanding, Erizora reaches into her large cleavage and pull out a letter with a wax seal before passing it to me.

“Uh … thanks.” While thinking about what else Erizora could put in there, I take the envelope and break the seal—


Suddenly, lots of dotted lights appear on both of Ren’s and Erizora’s rings around their necks. It made me jump a little. They stand at each side of the bed without even flinching.

“Are you two … okay?”

““Yes, Master,”” they answer in sync before they stand in attention like soldiers, waiting for further orders with cool, calm expressions.

… Doesn’t sound like they’re hurt. That surprised me. I continue opening the envelope and pull out a folded letter. When I see the contents …

Fuck. I can’t read. I guess Ms. Obina’s magic allowed me to decipher any vocal language but none of the written ones? I feel really awkward thinking what I’m about to do, but I’m left with no further options.

“Can the both of you read?”

My blunt question makes them twitch, yet they try to look unfazed. “Yes, Master, we are both fluent in reading Padimonian,” Erizora answers.

I hold the letter out to Ren. “Read this to me, please.”

“Yes, Master.” Ren takes the letter and clears her throat. “To Mr. Jinma Kotori, as my way of giving thanks to breaking us out of the White Rapture’s captivity and taking good care of my girls over the course of last night’s battles, please accept this special one-of-a-kind, slave rental free trial serviced by Ren and Erizora. By the time the wax seal from this letter is broken, they’ll be under your servitude for the next 36 hours as indicated by the number of lights on the slave rings. These two girls will provide the full gold-level service with no restrictions to you until all the lights on their rings disappear and are under my ownership again, of which you must bring them back to my tent. Please ask the two of them for any further details.

“Enjoy your 36 hours, and we hope you may consider us for future slave redemption or rental needs. Yours truly, Carmen Todoka of the Todoka Family’s Slavery Services.”

My mouth is agape by the time Ren finishes reading the letter, folds it up, and gently set it to the side. I noticed her tail was wagging ecstatically sometime in the middle of her reading, too. Also, this notice window came up some time in the beginning, around right after the dotted lights appeared on their necks, but I was too surprised to say anything.

[Ren and Erizora are now under your ownership for a temporary time. Swipe to the ‘Slaves’ page as you open your status to confirm settings.]

So, this is what that meant.

“As you have heard, Eri and I have been assigned as your slaves for the next 36 hours with no restrictions to what we can and are able to do,” Ren says as she and Erizora stand together on one side of the bed now. They then get to the floor and prostrate themselves.

““We hope our services will please you, Master Jinma Kotori.””



“Uh … are you two all right with this?” I finally ask after what felt like an hour of awkward silence.

“What do you mean?” Ren asks as she and Erizora sit up. The two of them look at me with confusion.

“I mean, I know what I did to all those guys last night with the dagger was more than terrifying to just about anyone. If you two aren’t comfortable just being near me, let alone serve me as my slaves, I’m willing to take you both back and negotiate Ms. Carmen with something else as payment—”

““Absolutely not!””

Their sudden upfront denial was so loud I almost fell backward to the floor on the other side. They’re practically in my face with their hands on the edge of the bed.

“Master, I can’t deny that I was surprised,” Ren begins. “I’ve never been surprised so many times on one day like last night. I was even a little scared of what other surprises you might pull up next, but what you did to save everyone here in this city last night was amazing. You saved my life, and even when you were barely standing, you were more worried about a little cut on myself, a disposable slave, than your own valuable body. I volunteered to stay by your side and agreed to Mistress Carmen’s conditions because I owe you so much for everything you did.”

With all the shit I’ve been through, I wouldn’t exactly call myself ‘valuable,’ and don’t label yourself something so demeaning as ‘disposable.’ You’re too cute to be thrown away. I wanted to say stuff like that, but I couldn’t get it in there.

“It’s not just her, either,” Erizora says. “You kept throwing potion after potion in my way and the others when I wasn’t even sure if you needed them more after everything you’ve been through. I consider Ren my closest friend, a sister even. If someone cared enough for her to save her life, then I’m indebted to you as well. Most importantly, I was in awe of the way you fought last night. Such raw power, such cruelty to those bastards, especially when you overcame the cursed tanto’s possession, and finally that slow, creative torture to Ren’s assaulter that held her hostage. Being exposed to it and witnessing it all, I’ve never felt so … *gokin*”

Then from out of nowhere, Erizora grabs my hand and practically hits herself in the incredible bosom with it, pressing my palm hard and close enough to her chest where her heart is. I didn’t even notice until now, but she even grew as red in the face like a strawberry while she was describing my actions from last night.

The incredible sensation suddenly makes my heart jump and I feel something new stirring inside me.

“Can you not feel how fast my chest is racing right now as I’m just thinking about it last night?! Can you not feel the passion burning inside me?! I’ve never felt so alive and sure that I want to learn more about you as a man! To see more of your incredible strength! To be on the receiving end of—”


Ren’s outburst snaps me out of my trance and shuts Erizora up. She then takes a moment to assess the current situation. The redness of ‘passion’ on her face becomes one of great embarrassment as she quickly pulls my hand out of her chest, gently sets it down on my side, and prostrates herself more than she was doing earlier.

“I am so sorry for my aggressive rudeness! Do with me as you must for discipline, but I beg of you, please forgive me—!”

“O-Okay! Okay! I get it! I forgive you, so just calm down!”

“… You won’t smack me for discipline?” she asks while peeking up from her prostration.

“No! Why would I want to for, well, that?On the contrary, I feel should pay you as thanks for giving me the chance to feel such a wonderful sensation of a woman’s body.

My other friend of mine back on Earth, Komiwa Karuga, or ‘Komi’ as she wanted me to call her while she called me ‘Jin-chi,’ always teased and tempted me by pressing her own sizeable breasts on me before backing off and not go too far, but that’s another story for another day. Komi’s were certainly one of the biggest out of the whole school, but Erizora’s pretty much destroyed the competition with her own two wrecking balls, and after getting a feel, my hand never felt so cold before now.

On another note, what the hell was that sudden rush earlier? Did I seriously have such a strong urge to pin Erizora down and do unspeakable things just from touching her breast?

Erizora stares off to the side as she sits up in seiza. “Oh … well, okay then.”

“Wait, are you disappointed?”

“I—” Erizora starts before the ring around her neck suddenly glows a bright whitish-blue. She paused midsentence and then says something I’d never expect a girl to say in front of me.

“I feel neglected, but that kind of play while I was just getting a rise is also a bit of a turn on that I’m okay with!”

As soon as Erizora said that, I thought her head might turn into a tomato from how red she is right now while covering her mouth.

“… Well, at least with that, you can now say that our intentions are confirmed,” Ren says while trying to get back on topic. Erizora sits over at a corner in a fetal position, hugging her knees and putting her head down to hide her shame the best she could.

“What do you mean?” I ask. While I do feel bad for Erizora looking like that, I thought getting back on track might be a better choice.

“The slaves’ ‘Control’ and ‘Confession’ settings default to the middle of a scale between 0 to 5 when they’re rented or redeemed to a new master. With our ‘Confession’ set at 1 and above, we can’t ever tell a lie. While Eri partially didn’t want you to know some of that, you can be certain that everything we’ve told you up to now was true and done at our own will, which includes us wanting to serve you as your slaves for the next 36 hours.”

I sigh and scratch my head. “Well, if that’s what you say, then I guess it’d be rude to turn down the favor, huh?” I mutter, deciding to play along for the time being and not get too out of hand. “Okay, I’ll bite, what is this ‘no restrictions gold-level service’ that was written in the letter?”

“Ah, allow me to explain what each of our services in Mistress Carmen’s family business entails. The bronze-level service, or ‘All Work and No Play’ service, gets us doing laborious tasks and chores like farm work, housekeeping, and going on adventuring quests with our clients. This is the most common that adventurers use, especially going into dungeons if it’s close enough. Then there’s the silver-level, or ‘Look, but No Touch’ service that includes what’s in the bronze-level, plus entertainment like strip shows and fetish plays of the client’s choosing to a certain extent. Finally, the gold-level, or ‘Anything You Want’ service, is what the name implies. Labor work, more intimate fetish plays, including free reign to touch your rented slave(s) anywhere on his/her body at your discretion, even have full intercourse with them.”

“Uh … what?” By the time Ren got to discussing the silver-level service, my head was already scrambling.

“There are only a few restrictions where the client cannot have penetrative sex like anal or vaginal without any argument,” Ren continues, “and that is when the slave is a virgin. It is because one’s virginity, or ‘purity,’ has value for selling slaves and must be maintained until they’re legally redeemed and owned by a master. If a client crosses the line and proceeds to penetrative sex, the slave merchant has the right to charge a fine with a law enforcement’s warrant on the client that’s the same as said slave’s market price, plus 50% interest, or be subjected to a trial for additional charges.”

“Uh-huh …”

“Each of these three services is charged by every hour with special deals for certain periods, and the price varies between slaves that have value in different areas like race, adventurer rank, age, attractiveness, and others, including whether they’re a virgin or not. Master Todoka usually gives first-time customers a free-trial with a bronze-level service at 36 hours. Mistress Carmen, of course, follows her father’s policies and does the same for her clients. For her to provide two virgin slaves, Eri and I, on gold-level service as a ‘free-trial’ with no restrictions, meaning there will be no consequences brought to you should you take our virginities, this is truly a one-of-a-kind deal as it was stated in her letter. Though Eri and I are inexperienced in actual intercourse, we will do our best to service and entertain you within our capabilities, and we are more than honored to serve such an astounding and esteemed client such as yourself, Master.”

“…” I hang my head and sigh deeply.

“Master? Is there something wrong?” Ren asks as she tilts her head.

The only thing I could think of in that very moment is that this will be a loooooong 36 hours.


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