Doomsday Pillars

by Avan

Original HIATUS Action Contemporary Mystery Sci-fi Male Lead Martial Arts Post Apocalyptic Reincarnation War and Military
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

2030 and the world has come to an end.. The human race has been fighting for survival for 11 consecutive years. When the plague started it, it brought death upon 80% of the population. Soon after, the death toll kept rising and more than half of the survivors had died. 
When the survivors thought there was no more hope.. They came. 1008 pillars dropped from the sky and spread all around the world in more than 100 countries. The pillars become defensive bases to the of the survivors left. But in the end.. Thr human race still lost. 
This is a story of Alex, given a second chance to start anew, one month before it all started. This time it will be different for his family, friend, and the human race

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
001. A Second Chance ago
002. Where to Start ago
003. Land of God ago
004.Money Money Money Money ago
005.Shopping List ago
006.The General ago
007.The Priest ago
008.The Bay City ago
009.Assembled ago
010.The Main Base ago
011.The Temple Relic ago
012.Power Up ago
013.More Artifact ago
014.The Smugglers Den ago
015.Black Snake Island ago
016.Spirit Enhancer ago
017.Not Enough ago
018.The 9 Dragons ago
019.Special Forces ago
020Break Out ago
021.Free Lunch ago
022.West Regent ago
023.Death Squad ago
024.The Ice Queen ago
025.Bulls's Eye ago
026.Martial Art ago
027.Hexagram Step ago
028.A Resolve ago
029.The Professor ago
30. Mexico Ruins ago
31. 1 vs 30 ago
32. Amulet of Sun ago
33. The Slaughter ago
34. Back Home ago
35. The Navy ago
36. The Scenario ago
37. The Plant Whisperer ago
38. The Duel ago
39. Make it Viral ago
40. Reaction ago
41. Special Friend ago
42.The Doomsday Festival ago
43. The Doomsday Secrets ago
44. Silent Night ago
45. The Decision ago
46. Christmas Present ago
47. Last Preparation ago
48. Its Nonsense ago
49. Red Eyes ago
50. Dead Rises ago
51. Run and Run ago
52. No Hopes ago
53. Commander in Chief ago
54. Doomsday Restart ago
55. Dusk till Dawn ago
56. Execute the Plan ago
57. Last Duty ago
58. The Bait ago
59. Mutiny ago
60. Surrounded ago

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  • Overall Score

Fabulous ideas, lacking polish

The story is based in modern-day Indonesia (which is different and therefore awesome).
Standard premise of MC being sent back to help humanity survive the oncoming catastrophe. But Avan (the author) has managed to build a complex set of characters inside a believable world (massive plus).

Unfortunately, the grammar, as mentioned by most of the other reviews, is quite poor. Below the standards of most RR stories, which already suffer from luck lustre grammar IMO.

 Avan has addressed these concerns multiple times and with the more recent chapters there has been some slight improvements.
Hopefully we will continue to see growth in this area and it is the only thing holding the story back from being truly excellent! 

  • Overall Score

The author needs an editor

The grammar is horrible. Cool cover pic though. 

  • Overall Score

Grammar and a little over the top

From chapter 20ish, the grammar takes a serious nosedive in quality. I recommend that you spend some time and go back through and fix the grammar. The other complant I have is the fact that you actually used Nazis and the Illuminati as actual factions, it's just so outrageously cliche that it takes a reader out of the immersion. Beyond that the story is fine so far.

  • Overall Score
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The story is great, it has a great plot and interesting characters. The grammar is terrible however. It goes beyond just a few errors, with the author basically never conjugating any words. If you don’t mind bad grammar, give the story a go. But if grammar is important to you, then this story will be unreadable.

  • Overall Score

The story concept isn't too bad and the MC seems to be proactive.  It's still early days so we'll see how it develops.  The author does make an effort to develop secondary characters with fleshed out backgrounds.  There's a bit of a tendency to tell more than show and the grammar could use some work, but great job overall. 

  • Overall Score

The Grammar my dude

It's a nice plot,my cup of tea,really liking it so far.The grammar makes it unreadable,and it's not things like youre or something like that.Some sentences just don't make sense and leads me to belive that you simply don't know how to wirte in proper english,rather than making mistakes.

  • Overall Score

This is one of those underrated Novel. love it. Lots of logic and thought in each chapter. keep it up author

  • Overall Score

Good story. The story is interesting and well thought out. The preparation phase is complete, the characters set up, and I can't wait to see how it goes from here.  Yes the grammar could use some work, though it's much better than what I'd write in another language. 

  • Overall Score

Need to take a little more time.

It's obvious that English is your 2nd language, so take some time to really feel out what your writing.  Thought the author did a great job in the beginning of proof reading his work, but it steadily gets worse.

  • Overall Score

Sorry interesting story but just not enough action for me, found myself skipping chapters and paragraphs.