After all the customers have left, Anna closed her store and looked towards the direction of the palace where the king resides, Her eyes became very cold, This time the king has passed the line which was unforgivable. Anna was not the only one with that look but so were Audrey and Alexander, so the three of them started on their way to the palace.

Meanwhile in the palace.

A pair of old people barge into the king's office without any prior notice, whereupon they focused their eyes on a middle-aged man who was at the desk busy with his paperwork totally ignoring the others present in the room, Upon seeing someone has entered, the middle-aged man looked up to see the people who had just entered and said: "Father, mother, what are you doing here?"

when he heard that question, the old man from the pair just answered: "As if you did not know, why we are here."

The middle-aged man was, of course, the current king of kingdom alba, Lewis Alba, While the elders were his parents Adam and Beth Alba, Faced with such a statement Lewis calmly replied: "If it is regarding the matter of the ninth concubine, you have to understand it was Joanna's request, as she was sure that all the merchandise inside the store of the ninth came from her father's warehouse which was robbed last night."

Beth just stared at her son, while Adam only shook his head and asked: "do you have any proof that proves her allegation?"

Lewis only replied: "do you mean evidence?, why do I need evidence, I'm the king and if I want to put someone in jail I'll do it, This act will also be a reminder to the nobles that no one can escape from my law, as for the ninth, she just to convey that message to all the nobles."

Beth and Adam were disappointed with their son, they could not believe that their son has become someone like this, he took his preference so far as to get rid of one of his wives at the instigation of another, and the worst was that he even gave an excuse that not even a child would believe, making it even more obvious why he did it.

while this was going on, footsteps were heard coming from outside the door.

"It must be Gerard, Now if you excuse me I have work to do," Saying that Lewis returned to reading the documents present on his desk.

from outside the door, voices were heard: "Ladies, the king is not receiving people at the movement please visit him at another time," it was the voice of the guard guarding the king's office. Upon hearing that everyone inside the office wanted to know who could it be, so they paid attention to hear the conversation but all they heard was a broken door, which surprised them as someone dared to do this inside the palace. when the guard saw this he immediately attacked the pair of women but was stopped midway by one of them who sent his ass flying. When he landed nobody knew if he was dead or alive.

After the pair entered the office, their eyes were completed focused on Lewis.

Now Lewis was surprised, he did not understand how come the ninth concubine be here, as he sent Gerard who should be more than enough to arrest her, but she was now standing right in front of him seeing this he asked: "What are you doing here?"

Anna only stared at her husband coldly as if to say "I'm the one asking the questions here."

Seeing that the other side didn't answer his question, Lewis got angry and ordered the person behind him to "Bring the guards to catch this criminal."

But even after Lewis finished his sentence, The man behind him did not dare to move, he could feel a murderous aura which was suffocating him, he knew that if he moved he would die for sure, soon after his face began to turn pale and his knees became weak. Seeing that the man was not moving, Lewis turned his head to see him, but all he saw was a man shaking in his boots with a pale face and about to collapse. Before Lewis could ask what was wrong with him, he heard a gloomy voice: "Who did you call a criminal!" saying that Anna moved towards him, and with a bang, she broke his desk right in front of him.

Lewis, seeing that Anna broke his desk got angry: "How dare you break my desk," just when he was going to say that, he felt a hand coming towards his face which he failed to avoid, which resulted in him being slapped by Anna, but most surprising is that she slapped him so hard that made him bleed and many of his teeth flew out of his mouth while he was knocked off from his chair, leaving him lying on the floor. lewis seeing this could only shout at Anna "You!"

Lewis (I didn't know that she's so strong! she must be at least at the ninth level of Realm of body refinement) It was something he could not deal with.

Anna was preparing to slap this imbecile once again when an old voice sounded: "Haha, who would have thought that the daughter of the duke was so strong, it is completely unexpected."

Soon an Elder appeared in front of them donning the robes of the sea palace. It was obvious that she was sent here by the sea palace for the protection of the royal family. This old woman observed Anna while saying: "haha, what do you say if we let this matter rest here, it is true that he ...," just when she was about to finish her sentence she was attacked. it was too fast for her to avoid so she could only receive the attack crashing through the wall of the room, almost passing through it.

The Elder became pale after receiving the attack, she had never expected that someone present inside this office was stronger than her, Currently she was in the fourth level of Realm of Qi Gathering, In this whole kingdom there were only a few who could rival her and she knew every one of them but none of them were inside this room.

So she looked skeptically at the one who attacked her. She was the servant of the Ninth Concubine, the woman who followed Anna without saying anything till now, but from one moment to the next she had turned violent and attacked her. when she saw her attacker she asked in a low voice. "Why did you attacked me?"

Audrey stared at her with her cold eyes " You were about to defend that imbecile isn't that true? That simply makes you our enemy, Now shut up or I will cripple your cultivation," After saying that Audrey looked away from her.

The old woman hearing Audrey's response became very angry, she could not believe that a simple servant dared to treat her like this and rebuked "I am an Elder of the Sea Palace, how dare.....," again before she finished speaking, Audrey approached her and attacked mercilessly by sending a Palm to her chest crippling her cultivation.

after crippling her cultivation Audrey just said: "Didn't I warn you or not?"


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Kreldor @Kreldor ago

And the cost keeps rising. Crippling the elder may have been too far though, will be intersting to see how this pans out. Good luck to mister merchant prooving those are his clothing, he will not be able to produce an outfit with the same improvment. With out that no court will be able to to find against Anna.hehe