The leader of the group turned towards Anna and asked: "Miss, how much damage can these clothes resist?"

Anna thought it wouldn't be a bad thing to reveal it, so she said: "If it's a human, it should be able to withstand a force comparable to the First level of Elemental Realm, if it is a demonic beast it should be able to withstand one in the Realm of Qi Gathering as for the specific level it depends on its type" hearing this the leader along with the whole group were dumbfounded, she could not believe what Anna had just spoken, this was utterly impossible.

"Are you sure?" The leader asked Anna skeptically. This was too shocking.

to that Anna inflated her chest while saying: "Our store never lies," After saying those words she remained silent, as she knew that no other word would convince them since they had already witnessed the resistance of her dress If even that couldn't convince them than Nothing else would.

One of the women in bronze armor stepped forward and said: "Chief, I do not know about you but I'll buy a couple of these outfits, as these will be very comfortable to wear at the same time proving us with better protection, plus I do not like to wear armor as its heavy and resist movements. and most of all these cost the same as the common clothes."

Seeing that one of them choose, those who were still hesitant also decided to buy these clothes, Soon only the leader was left undecided, She had just purchased her iron armor. Being said that, she felt a little sad, if she had just waited a bit more then she could have saved that money which went into the armor.

In the end, she too gritted her teeth and chose a pair of clothes, if what the store owner said is true, she could not let her subordinates be stronger than her, her pride would not allow it.

As many of them did not have much money, they could only buy clothes from the first floor, While Anna saw that scene, involuntarily a small smile formed on her face, Her business was going well and she believed that she had a competitive advantage.

But a moment later they heard footsteps of soldiers approaching quickly. Seeing this, Anna frowned and left the shop. When he came out she heard the voice of a man saying: "On the orders of his Majesty King Lewis Alba, and on charges of selling stolen goods, the owner of the establishment is found guilty and sentenced to five years in prison. I Gerard Fenton, heir to the house of Marquis Fenton and head of the law enforcement squad of the capital city will Arrest the criminal for the sake of justice."

What surprised Anna was that the charges were towards her shop! That man in armor was saying he was going to arrest her. This made Anna very angry, she had never been so angry in her life. In a somber voice, she shouted: "What did you say?"

Gerard saw a woman leave the store and assumed that she was the owner of the store, he didn't observe her carefully and said: "You are under arrest by the order of his majesty, you better not Resist otherwise, we will not be kind," After a pause he used his finger to point and ordered:" Capture her, also search for her accomplices."

After that, his men advanced towards Anna, meanwhile, Gerard was very quiet while his men executing the arrest, he thought it was only a matter of time before they captured this woman. Then he would just handover this woman to Walter's people and get a lot of money by completing this task. thinking that he crossed his arms over his chest as he waited for his subordinates to do the dirty work.

But very soon he felt something approaching him fast, So he took measures to avoid it, He moved to the left side, and the object just passed by. When he saw what it was he was dumbfounded, it was one of his subordinates. So he turned his gaze back towards the woman, and what he saw was quite shocking. he brought more than twenty of his men along with him to make this arrest and now they were all on the ground moaning in pain, some had broken arms and some had broken legs while some bled from all the orifices, and standing in front of him was a woman with her knuckles torn and full of blood.

This filled Gerard with fear and in his trembling voice he said: "You, you are resisting arrest, If you do not cooperate you will be condemned to death."

Anna was so furious when she heard those words, She approached slowly towards Gerard while saying: "Do you know who I am?"

When Gerard heard that he felt a tingling sensation in his spine, he could only shake his head as he fell to the ground on his ass while saying: "No, I do not know who you are"

Anna kept walking towards him and said: "I'm the ninth concubine Anna Webber Now that you know, are you saying that my husband gave orders to arrest me?"

When Gerard heard that he could only stutter: "But, but, but, the king signed this order right in front of me," Upon hearing that Anna stopped, she raised her eyebrow and said: "Pass me the arrest warrant."

Gerard did not hesitate, he knew that this woman was strong, he was only in the sixth stage in the Realm of body refinement while his men were in the second to fourth, He could not do what this woman just did a few seconds ago, she must at least be on the ninth level of body refinement, Someone he cannot afford to offend, So he takes out an order he had kept with him and passed it to the woman.

Anna received the order and began to read it, This thing was signed by the king, and this order had her name, According to this she was accused of selling stolen goods, So she would have to spend five years in prison, When she finished reading it, Anna's heart was on fire, her heart was broken, she had never loved that garbage, as she was never interested in love, she just wanted to have a child, and when she married the king it was only to bear her son nothing else, After that, she never wanted to be intimate with him.

she still respected him as a husband because of his family's reputation, but this was the straw that broke the camel's back, (this garbage sent someone to arrest me even though I am his legal wife, I could tolerate many things but not this), with that she gave a Killer look to Gerarda and attacked without any mercy, and broke his limbs and three ribs, Although he is not dead, he needs to spend more than a year in bed, Anna felt it was still very light for what he dared to do.

Gerard by her side was lying unconscious on the middle of the street, he didn't even have an opportunity to speak and could only accept the blows.

After Gerard was beaten black and blue, Anna returned to the store, Calmed her mood and assured the crowd, "Dear customers, Due to some complications we will close earlier than expected, so, those who have already picked the clothes they want to purchase please stop by to pay, others please come back tomorrow."

Customers could only follow her instructions, they had just seen how strong she was, so some quickly paid while others left, as they did not have enough time to decide, Besides they wanted to spread the most recent gossip about the king sending someone to arrest the ninth concubine. This was something that will inevitably cause a great wave in the kingdom.


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