Legacy: Lord Alba

by Fatty is Cute

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy High Fantasy Male Lead Martial Arts Multiple Lead Characters Reincarnation War and Military Wuxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content

There was one person who resigned himself to death, No matter what he would do I knew he would die. So he made an Array, One where he would be immortal, There he lived countless Eons, He made countless Investigations, But even so he could not save himself from death, During his voyage he made several Discoveries that revolutionized the real world and would break the balance in the universe, making it return to the Golden Age an era in which countless Geniuses were Born. 

A New World Was Created

A world in which all the beings in the universe wanted to live. 

"Congratulations Ninth concubine, It's a Boy. The third prince is born"

"If that's so, then I'll give you Alexander my son Alexander Alba."

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Hello Second life ago
Everyone talks about me ago
I Have two Years ago
Let's purify it ago
It is Supreme ago
Chapter 6: Let's use it without questions ago
Chapter 7: Let's take a bath ago
Chapter 8: You do not know anything, right? ago
Chapter 9: Frog in the well ago
Chapter 10: When you know it will be too late. ago
Chapter 11: Coincidence or not? ago
Chapter 12: I am your Young Master ago
Chapter 13: Contract? ago
Chapter 14: Let's talk about the real business ago
Chapter 15: Too much... ago
Chapter 16: Everything is about background ago
Chapter 17: Couple of fools ago
Chapter 18: There is no way back ago
Chapter 19: Someone... ago
Chapter 20: Do not throw it away ago
Chapter 21: Six Animals Forms ago
Chapter 22: The king is crazy ago
Chapter 23: She Left ago
Chapter 24: I want to see ago
Chapter 25: Uncomfortable ago
Chapter 26: News ago
Chapter 27: Reward ago
Test ago
interesting ago
I will give you a lesson ago
Chapter 31: Theory ago
Chapter 32: Thank you ago
Chapter 33: False Cultivator ago
Chapter 34: This is common ago
Chapter 35: At night ago
Chapter 36: SHUT UP ago
Chapter 37: The past ago
Chapter 38: Scheme ago
Chapter 39: Space Objects ago
Chapter 40: Interrogation ago
Chapter 41: I'm rich ago
Chapter 42: Snake ago
Chapter 43: A new day ago
Chapter 44: Trouble is coming ago
Chapter 45: First day of business ago
Chapter 46: Furious ago
Chapter 47: I told you. ago
Chapter 48: It can not end like this! ago
Chapter 49: Why? ago
Chapter 50: Ants ago
Chapter 51: Deadpool ago
Chapter 52: Start the calm ago
Chapter 53: You're so predictable ago
Chapter 54: Fool after fool ago
Change the Model ago
Why would they do it? ago
Professions ago
Rain ago
I do not trust you ago
Blinded by greed ago
Chapter 61: Anna ago
Chapter 62: Slave Market ago
Chapter 63: Shameless salesman ago
Chapter 64: I almost fell in love ago
Chapter 65: Don't be so arrogant! ago
Chapter 66: How'd you do that? ago
Chapter 67: We're finally here! ago
Chapter 68: Helena ago

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I do not invest in this work my time

I understand that giving a review only after 27 chapter is not something to do, but I want to tell you what or seen in this work: and I have not seen anything, nothing that may be worth reading

(of course if you're one who likes reading books in particular the fact that the character is underestimated but then turns out to be one that has more talent and this is enough for you, I want to tell you that this book is for you)


p.s saying all the truth I think it does not hurt reading the book (for now) and if you like the kind wuxia I would give a couple of hours of life to make a personal judgment. 

p.s (2) my main language is not English and I have not the slightest idea of its grammar.

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Decent Wuxia Reincarnation but terrible grammar

Review at chapter 44


As the title says, this novel has terrible grammar.

That said, the story itself is a decent rendition of a wuxia novel starting with a reincarnation. It's not groundbreaking or anything, but it definitely isn't garbage either.

It's a fun read with fairly well developed characters. This early, it's hard to truely score the story as we have to see how things go, but it looks promising.

  • Overall Score

Needs a editor to look over

This novel needs a editor as it is hard to read without trying to translate in your head, as some sentences are quite strange and are not explicit enough to express the situation the protagonist is in. 

Personally I give this. .5 because it needs a editor fast, if it can be improved. I had read this story on Webnovel a long time ago and when I had read the first chapter it clicked in my head what this novel was. In Webnovel most of the reviews are fraudulent, as they don’t even explain why they rate it that way.