Sorry for not posting a chapter recently. The school quarter is ending this week so I have a plethora of tests, projects, honor bands, and other things that are clogging my schedule. I should be able to release a new chapter this Saturday, or this Sunday at the latest. After this week the schedule will be back to normal as my days will open up again. Sorry for the delay.

IGNORE THIS: Since something has to be here and I need characters....This is really annoying. Why is it not 500 characters yet. work work work work work work work work work work work work. Why is this not five hundred characters yet I am sure I have entered that many characters now this chapter can be published this time hopefully. Oh my goodness this is the most annoying thing, who made the 500 character limit anyway. Does it not count the pr


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Bio: I am someone who loves to read and loves to write. I do it for fun and to improve my writing.

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