Deeper Darker

by mooderino

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Sci-fi Cyberpunk Dungeon Multiple Lead Characters Space Opera

Sci-fi dungeon crawler.

Set in the far future when humanity has reached the stars and finds it is not the first to do so. Alien technology has been left behind by a long dead race. Ancient cities, abandoned starships, temples and fortified bunkers all contain artefacts and devices far in advance of what humans have been able to produce. Technology that feels more akin to magic, so powerful it can allow a single person to dominate a star system. But these relics of another time have been left well-defended and behind bewildering and impenetrable security measures. 

There are those who are compatible with the alien technology, who can augment themselves to face the evermore extreme protocols in the depths of the alien ruins, and by doing so attain greater power. And there are those who just want to sell what they find to the highest bidder.

The rewards are high, but you have to be prepared to go further and risk more to discover the greatest secrets of a civilisation that vanished long before the first human walked upright. Secrets that could irrevocably change humanity's future, or end it.


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
1: Thief ago
2: Warrior ago
3: Prince ago
4: Shopping ago
5: Escape Routes ago
6: Getting Away ago
7: Fixer Upper ago
8: Rule of Law ago
9: Planning for the Future ago
10: Tournament Challenger ago
11: Sister Killer ago
12: Litigation ago
13: Defence of the Realm ago
14: Prepared for Battle ago
15: In Memoriam ago
16: Disproportional Retaliation ago
17: Executive Order ago
18: City Heights ago
19: Recruiter's Dream ago
20: The Sweet Spot ago
21: Launch Window ago
22: SS Brinkman ago
23: Dust Man ago
24: Lift Off ago
25: Swing Shift ago
26: Initiate ago
27: Unpacking ago
28: New Boys ago
29: Team Ubik ago
30: The Nominees Are ago
31: Bonding ago
32: Uniform Beliefs ago
33: Lessons Learned ago
34: Meeting Room ago
35: Suited and Booted ago
36: Alienated ago
37: Directions ago
38: Explorer ago
39: Showman ago
40: Willing Prisoner ago
41: Hidden Purpose ago
42: Chaos Theory ago
43: New Skin ago
44: Faith Electronic ago
45: Honest Work ago
46: Nondisclosure Agreement ago
47: Nighthawks ago
48: Refreshed ago
49: Team Elite ago
50: Take Out ago
51: Enough Rope ago
52: Isolated ago
53: System Breach ago
54: Night Out ago
55: Focus Group ago
56: Criminal Damage ago
57: Worlds Apart ago
58: Hearts and Minds ago
59: To the Rescue ago
60: Planning Ahead ago
61: Public Announcement ago
62: Conflict of Interests ago
63: Enabled ago
64: Uniquely Suited ago
65: Top Percentile ago
66: Raise the Dead ago
67: Dead Zone ago
68: Comprehensive Cover ago
69: Limited Time Offer ago
70: Restrictions May Apply ago
71: Choice Assignments ago
72: Bonus Round ago
73: Network Stability ago
74: Braced for Space ago
75: Stowaways ago
76: Extra Guidance ago
77: Defend Yourself ago
78: Mentally Prepared ago
79: Break Time ago

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  • Overall Score

A good story but with its flaws.

Reviewing this as of chapter 28 and while there may not be much to review as concerns the content,I have to say that the grammar,style and general premise is quite good, we haven't gotten to the main dungeon diving and mad adventure yet,but the world building and character introductions have been interesting, heck even me that doesn't really enjoy multiple povs all that much is interested in reading about these character's...atleast for now.

But what I would like to know is why the author refuses to engage his readers on what is obviously a logical inconsistency in his world building?, I don't really expect you to change *your* story because of your readers but atleast clarifying something that seems to be baffling people isn't too much is it. An author shouldn't have to spoon feed the readers every bit of information, sometimes you drop hints and tips then let us draw up conclusions about the story by ourselves, for me that's like half the fun of a good story, but when things in your story just aren't adding up it really kills any immersion that you have built up and yes I'm referring to the Seneca corps, how exactly are they able to carry out mass genocide and the entire galactic community is just there watching them? How can they at will decide to deploy biological weapons against an entire gender and again people just allow them,they don't corporate with the rest of the galactic community and yet they allowed to roam free and haven't been hunted down to the ends of the galaxy? It's not like there are no alliances, you made mention of some kind of treaty that other nations seem to be a part of but which the Seneca corps proudly state that they are not a signatory,that's all good..nobody is forcing them to sign but why are they still allowed into other planets airspace?...the power and threat levels you are doling out to this group doesn't make sense and we don't exactly understand why the rest of the human race aren't pushing back, this people can literally walk up and murder an entire generation of people and the populace would just nod their head like sheep and accept it, are you sure we are still talking about humans?

These are my thoughts 28 chapters in,all said so far it's a good story and would be better if this plot hole in the world building can be addressed. 


Steve Moss
  • Overall Score

An Outstanding Beginning to a SciFi Adventure

This review is current as of chapter 10.

Three protagonists, a techie gutter thief, a wealthy aristo, and a calculating fighter type.  Each is from a different portion of the galaxy. 

So far the author is just laying background.  So far the setting is rich and complex, the characters interesting. I will be following this story closely. 

  • Overall Score

Every chapter makes me genuinely smile.

The writing is good, characters have some actual depth. More importantly they are all completely unique and so very quircky. Especially, Ubick. Everytime I read a new chapter, I pretty much always laugh at his shenanigans, not to mention the digs at everthing else. 11/10 worth a read.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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High expectations weren't disappointed

I'm a big fan of Moodie's other story The Good Student and I followed a link from that to get here. I had pretty high expectations going in and I was't disapointed in the slightest, only 14 chapters released at the moment and it's all the opening moves so far but I'm already seeing the bones of a great story here. Loving the three primary characters so far and as always reading Moodie's dialog is a true joy, can't wait to see them interact with each other.

  • Overall Score

5/5 as of Chapter 39. The Main Characters are all great in their own ways. Ubik is hilarious! The buildup to the first major arc is long, but totally worth it. Don't skip out after the perspective change, even if we all want more Ubik. Keep up the amazing work mooderino! 

  • Overall Score

I guess some will like it.

Was fairly interested in this story up until the introduction of the misandrist supersoldier space nazi amazons threatening genocide en masse for going against them. Even using those tactics as a form of intimidation against entire planets to capitulate to their demands in gross approximation of kangaroo courts with nearly planet wide sterilization on the line.

Yet rather than being viewed as the insane extremists they are they're depicted as a slightly fanatical police force of entire galactic societies.

Not sure if they're supposed to be some kind of commentary on feminism or something but I couldn't get past them.

mike karr
  • Overall Score

I thought this was a dungeon crawler???

so the first part of the summary is sci fi dungeon crawler, i read 20 chapters in and not even the slightest hint of that being the case.

The author has taken the monumentous task of putting 3 main characters and switching points of view. While he has been marginally successful in making the readers want to know what hapens to the characters,  hes completely failed in driving the plot or quickly grabbing the readers attention to the plot. 

I CANNOT  state this enough to authors on royalroad in particular, if you want to build a huge backstory for your characters, do it within the confines of the plot. If you adertise a dungeon crawler, start with that and either use flashbacks or some other literary device to teach the reader why the character is doing what he is doing. This is the 3rd book ive ready like this on this site this week and I simply cannot continue ont saying anything. 

Sanguine Rayzel
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Only 27 chapters in and already the story has a diverse list of interesting characters and vivid universe for them to live within. the story follows a handful of core characters (Point-2 FTW) while not enogh has been released for me to comment on the plot as the gang is only just now getting together I can comment of the writing itself... It's Mooderino, what more do you want? this dude can write and boy should we be gratful towards him the grammer, spelling paacing and anything else you can think of is flawless. 


Look just read it or anyone of his myriad of other excellent stories you'll enjoy yourself. 

Michael Huang
  • Overall Score

Great World Building. Great Characters.

Making a story from 3 characters' POVs seems like a great and ambitious undertaking, especially set in such a seemingly rich and galaxy-scaled world. So far, the author is doing an amazing job :)

  • Overall Score

I was not expeting that when I started reading, didn't even see it was Mooderino who was writing this at first.

I usually think that the Sci fi story on this site don't hold up well or don't last long but with the world building you've done I can see it go far.

Your main three characters are really different from one another and really engaging, the fact that the chapters are usually split between them delays a bit the character building you can do but that's to be expected.