~Sapphire's side~
As we walk around we start to smell a hunger inducing scent coming from a small store that is a little off to the side. It is a simple two-storied wooden building with a thick dark handmade wooden sign. The door and windows are left open and people are slowly walking over. I look over to Andria to see her drooling.
"Andria, let's go there. People are making their way over, if we don't go quick we won't make it in time."
Andria nods and we quickly made our way over. Going through the door we see that the whole place is packed and a line for lunches to go. We head to the end of the line and start to wait.
About ten minutes later at the front of the line there is a commotion. Someone is shouting at the black haired young man who is handing out the food.
"I have been waiting for 40 minutes already! how much longer am I going to have to wait! I am a noble, my order should have been prioritized!"
"I'm sorry Sir. The materials we use for you order ran out so we sent someone to get the ingredients. We gave priority to the peoples food we have all the ingredients for. We told you this twenty minutes ago last time you have complained. We even gave you the chance to change your order. We could give you a refund."
The man is handling the noble quite well but the noble is getting furious and his face is becoming red. Most nobles aren't like this, but some are and give them an awful reputation. Especially from guild affiliates. Most adventurers try to avoid noble's quests because occasionally people with high pride pop out.
"Don't talk back to me peasant. I am Viscount Sheilmen!"
He is about to swing on the black haired man. I dash out of the line right behind him and grab his elbow to keep him from swinging.
"I suggest you calm down and stop."
"What are you doing! Get your discussing hands off me!"
I show him that everyone in the surroundings is looking right at him. As he sees the surroundings his face pales.
"You will regret publicly shaming me like this!"
He starts to storm off after shouting while mumbling something.
"Thank you. I'll have your order prioritized."
"I haven't had the chance to order yet. I also have a companion who hasn't had the chance to order."
"Is that right? Pick out your orders then tell me and I'll had them made next."
He hands me a menu and I call Andria over. I give it a quick look over and most of the food is cheap and looks good. It is all made of average ingredients but made with amazing skill.
"Do you want orc sandwich set or the curry bread with the side set? I'm getting the sandwich set."
"I'll take a few curry breads with a dessert."
I turn in our order and wait while we talk. After a few minutes we are handed our orders.
"Which park should we go to?"
"I think we should go to the central park. I heard that there is a good balance of benches and shade."
"Alright, let's go."
~World Info~
The way appraisal collects information is by accessing the Akashic Records though the world trees. The Akashic Records are exactly that a set of records that holds all the information of everything on this planet. It is unknown how or why it is recorded, but it is known that deities somehow gain access to a part of it when they become a deity. Appraisal uses a forceful method in which it uses the world tree's source to force open the door to the Akashic Records allowing a little information to be read.
It is hypothesized that the record was created by the first god that ever existed. The first god was a human from a parallel world and that is all the information that remains discerning his origons. His name has been lost to time but the Old Spirit King refers to him as the incarnation of energy and the progenitor god. He rallied the races and villages and created the first community to save them from the threats of devils and was worshiped as a god
Or so the legends say.

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