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I guess I'll just look around while I wait for Andria to finish. Honestly though, this place is dark and dreary. It is well made; the walls have no spaces in between the planks the floor is a hard and wax treated marble. The shelves are made with ent wood and has enchantments to increase durability and to create a small barrier around the products.
Ooh. What's this? On the bottom shelf there is a ring with an ominous aura. It is a silver ring with a gold band and a large black and red gem fitted in it. It also has dark purple aura it seems almost poisonous and the temperature around it is visibly lower then the surrounding's.
It is probably a cursed item. Cursed items are similar to enchanted or blessed items. An enchant allows a passive effect on a weapon; they can also have more then one. Blessed items are similar but only have a single random effect that is more powerful then an equivalent enchantment. Cursed Items have even more powerful effects but come with a powerful down side. Some will have effects that will kill the user in some gruesome means after an arbitrary time limit, others will cause the user to go into an unstoppable rage.
The most famous is a katana that's blade becomes sharper with the blood it consumes and strengthens the users body but it eats away at the sanity of the wielder. It is currently wielded by the S class adventurer Skylar 'The Blood Samurai'. Skylar is a vampire female who has a unique ability that allows her to recover her sanity while feeding on monster blood. All people over A class have one or more unique abilities of some sort. Mother had over forty.
I got off topic; for now, let's just appraise it.
-Name: None -Crafting Quality: ??? -Material Quality: ???
-Durability: ??? -Effects: All Defensive Up, All Ability Up, Reflection shield, Energy Control, Poison User-
-A ring that has a long history and has been blessed, cursed and enchanted. It started as a ring that was enchanted with three effects; increasing magic resistance, increasing physical resistance, and increased overall ability. It was given to a noblewoman who was blessed by god and gained an ability to summon a mobile shield that can reflect projectiles and magic. That noblewoman spent his life as a hero until he was betrayed by his companions and his hatred stained the ring but instead of consuming the blessing somehow fused with it allowing all three enhancements to exist simultaneously. The curse gave the ring the ability absorb some of the power from those you have slain, and control the energy in the surroundings. However it will poison all living people who wear it.
This seems really powerful and it's downside won't effect me. After all, I technically not a 'living being'; I'm only built in the image of one. I won't be effected by having no air or being poisoned. Also although rare items with a curse and a blessing existing at the same time are rare they aren't unheard off. Even rarer are items that are enchanted as well. Magic tools occasionally become cursed tools and holy tools as well.
"Ms. Vendor-san Could you tell me about this silver and gold ring with the red black gem?"
"Yes, but first, my name is Reon. That ring is a troublesome cursed item I got my hands on. It is pretty cheap, but you have to prove that it won't effect you before I can let you take it. The guild will punish me if I let a stupid amateur take it and die."
"May I try?"
"Sure, if your poisoned I can recover you."
Reon gets off her chair and grabs the ring with a blessing cloth. and hands it to me. I put it on with no hesitation. Hehe. I'll get a cheap and powerful item; not only that it is also fashionable. I can't help but smile as I wear this ring.
"Done! Nothing!"
"Wow... You're not effected! Most people would have dropped by now. I'll sell it to you for half price if you can take another cursed item off my hands."
"I'll look at it an then I'll think about it."
She nods and heads into the back and comes out with a purple bracer with a rainbow colored gems. I'll appraise it real quick. She brought out other items as well I'll appraise those as well.
-Name: Blessed Madmen's Toolset -Crafting Quality: S -Material Quality: A
-Durability: ??? -Effect: Recreation, Poison User-
-A magic tool in the form of a bracer that has been blessed and cursed. It uses a vampire kraken's shell in it's creation so it has self repair functions. It was a life work of a blacksmith and was blessed by the god of smithing but he soon died in an bandit attack and his grudge lives in his last creation. This tool can temporarily recreate anything it the user has touched before at the cost of mana. The curse just strengthened the original blessing and added an effect that poisons the user
-Name: None -Crafting Quality: A -Material Quality: SS
-Durability: ??? -Effect: Sanctuary, Poison User-
-A pair of earrings one white and one black. The history of this Item has been lost to time but it has been in many bloody battles. It has the effect of Sanctuary that strengthens allies and weakens enemies. The effects are random due to the curse so there is no predictability so no one can plan against it.
-Name: None -Crafting Quality: SS- -Material Quality: B
-Durability: ??? -Effect: Strengthen Equipment, Spell Storage, Poison User-
-A mithril bracelet that is a magic tool and has a curse and an enchantment. It uses untreated mithril ore to strengthen the mana conductivity. It has the ability to store 10 spells and strengthen all other equiped equipment. It still has room to grow with use.
"Wow... I'll buy it all."
"It costs a lot, are you sure?"
"It's 1,000 gold coins for it all."
I drop the money from my chronus ring and equip all the equipment. Then it alls starts shining and changing size...

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