~Sapphire's side~
We are in the main street main street walking around looking at stalls and jewelry stands. Everything is okay in quality, nothing spectacular though. None of them are magic items, however a few of them can easily turned to them. We have very little in the way of jewelry type magic items for some reason. I have a vague memory that mother had an awful sense of fashion when it came to accessories. I know how to use alchemy. Should I buy some and give a nice necklace to Andria? Maybe I should give a gift some bracelets to Isis and Jeane too.
"Sapphire, look here!"
All of the sudden Andria grabbed my arm and ran into a store behind one of the stalls. It looks a bit simple but the store seems to sell magic tools. It has an axe that restores physical strength, a lock picking set that repairs itself over time and other simple yet useful tools. They have a single thing in common and that is the quality. All these tools are exceptionally well made while being made of the lowest grade of material.
"Look! Look at this spell holding device! And this flow band!..."
She keeps showing me all of the tools she finds interesting around the store. I appraised the ones I found interesting using {Item Appraisal}.
-Name: Flow band -Crafting Quality: SSS+ -Material Quality: E-
-Durability: 1000/1000
-An elastic band created with alchemy that reacts to nearby mana. It was created using a goblin's tendon treated with mana grass and a goblin's magic stone as a catalyst. Because of the skill of creator it shows the amount of wasted mana when casting spells while worn.
-Name: Item Stick -Crafting Quality: SSS+ -Material Quality: E-
-Durability: 1/1
-An ice cream stick that has been turned into a magic tool through alchemy that stores a weapon until it is broken summoning it. It used kobold's fangs, fingernails, magic stone, and slime cores in its creation.
-Name: Spell Storing Stick -Crafting Quality: SSS+ -Material Quality: E-
-Durability: 1/1
-An ice cream stick that has been turned into a magic tool through alchemy that stores a spell until it is broken instantly casting it. It used kobold's eyes, bones, fingernails, magic stones, Ibil weeds, slime jelly and slime cores in its creation.
-Name: Restoration Gem -Crafting Quality: SSS+ -Material Quality: E-
-Durability: 1/1
-Heals ones light wounds when broken. Uses the hearts of many monsters and a petal of a glass flare flower.
-Name: Healing Potion -Crafting Quality: SS+ -Material Quality: E-
-Durability: 5/5
-Heals ones median wounds and increases recovery speed when drank. It uses Ibil weed and mana grass.
We bought everything. I have no regrets seeing Andria's smiling face as we bought it. The one selling it was an elf who looked like an onee-san type woman who was bored at the counter. I didn't hear anyone from the back so my gut tells me she is the one who made the magic items.
We walked around but it didn't take long until Andria dragged me into another store. This time it was a jewelry store that was only a little bit creepy. I'm lying, it is hella creepy the store is all black and filled with skulls and embryos in jars on shelves there are also old alchemy tools being used as set pieces. The blank places on the walls have creepy and depressing paintings.
"Hello, welcome to the Goblin's Heart. If you're not satisfied with the stuff on show, you can ask about what you are looking for."
It is a young girl in a gothic lolita dress standing on the chair speaking to us as we enter. She looks like a brownie and cat beastkin mix with her short stature, huge breasts and her twitching ears and tail.
The stuff on show is used for ritual magic. There are various catalysts and chalk. There seems to be sacrifices sold as well, which is rare due to the necessary permits. Don't get me wrong the sacrifices aren't humans, they are artificial lifeforms created through alchemy.
Artificial lifeforms are similar to the chimera eggs given to us by mother however they don't grow up and look different based on it's purpose. The ones in here primarily look like large eyes connected by a large grotesque tentacle to a thick body with no other appendages. They have a pseudo-soul allowing them to be sacrificed to devils for a contract. They, for some reason, aren't counted as living beings so they an be store in magic bags and Chronos rings.
According to the history book that was left behind for me 500 years ago a mage used 1,000,000 of these to summon and contract a devil who leads a force of 10,000 lesser devils. He used this army to conquer the surrounding countries becoming the king of the nation called Retaillier. It didn't last long however it was taken over by his son and ran into the ground after his death.
"Andria, we don't need anything from here. So why?"
"Gut feeling."
"That doesn't explain anything."
Andria walks off leaving me behind ignoring my tsukkomi.

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