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~Sapphire's side~
Ugh. It's already morning? When did I fall asleep? Whatever. I roll over slightly and see Andria still asleep with a little drool dripping from her mouth onto her pillow. She's taking short breaths in and out.
While she sleeps I can ogle all I'd like at her luscious figure. Her slim muscular and toned body with large breasts and a thick ass is nothing but sensual. Her tail is moving in a wave pattern while mine is wrapped between her legs.
Andria raised her body slightly with a sleepy expression on her face, which may I say is adorable. Normally I am woken up by Andria, but I woke up first today and I understand why she watches my sleepy face while waking me up. I lean in and give her a light kiss on her bright red lips. Which caused her to blush because I caught her off gaurd. Normally I'm the one attacked but not today, I plan to do the attacking. Huhu
"Good morning. We can relax today, but let's leave early so we can eat out for lunch."
I retrieve my tail from the cage made from her legs and start to get changed. I drop my pajamas and current underwear so I can wear a diffrent style of clothing. A pair of jeans and long sleeve shirt and turned my coat into an over shirt. Once I finish getting dressed I see Andria fell back to sleep with her wrapped around my pillow. Is she grinding on it? You know what? I saw nothing. I go down stairs and meet Isis.
"How are you this morning?"
"Good, I fell asleep early and slept well. What's your plan for the day?"
"A date with Andria, and getting the things for nessisary for raising a monster plant. You?"
"I'll be talking and training with grandma."
"Do you know which store will have herbology materials?"
"The Fallen Tree or The Drunken Root. The two of them are known for their quality and expertice. You will know where they are without me telling you, well, because they are quite... unique in design."
"Really? Thank you for the information."
We continue talking for a while until a smell starts drifting in from the kitchen causing Isis to drool. It is probably time to wake Andria up. I go up stairs back to our room and the door was slightly open. Did I not close the door correctly when I left?
"Mmhm... Ahh... Haa... Ahh... Mmhmhmm"
A sweet smell and a muffled voice leaks out from the room. I look through the crack in the door and see Andria touching herself while pressing my panties I forgot to clean up after changing against her face. 
"Sapphire... more... ahmhh"
As much as I'd like to continue watching but if I don't stop her to go down for breakfast someone else will. I rather no one else see so I start to stand up and knock on the door. She stops the show and changes out of her pajamas extremely quickly and moves to the door. I might want to convince Andria to get our own house soon or move into an inn.
"Yes, who is it?"
Andria opened the door with a slightly flushed face.
"Me. It's breakfast time and let me fix this."
I lean in on her and fix her shirt. She's wearing a long sleeve button up which she has buttoned wrong. her robe was switched into a light hoodie that she has wrapped around her waste. She is wearing grey baggy pants that match with her hoodie and her shoes are a red matching with the color of blood.
Once I was finished I then bring my lips up to her ear and whisper. "That was a alluring show." And when she started blushing I felt a sense of satisfaction. 
We then head down stairs eat breakfast and make preparations for our date. We already chose our clothes but we put on simple make up and brush Nina's hair. Once we're done make our way out to the middle of the mercantile district.

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