~Andria's side~
A huge seed. It is the size of a watermelon and is pulsing. It is brown with green vein-like structures. What should I do with this? What should I tell Sapphire? I'm sure Sapphire won't care too much but still. Is it alive? It's impossible to store living things in the magic bag. It doesn't enter. I'll have Sapphire store it in {Dimension Home}.
But before that, I have to finish cleaning the garden. Where's Nina?
2 hours later
Finished. Whew, I used quite a bit mana. It was also quite good practice for mana control. Now, let's meet up with Sapphire whose doing around the entire mansion. She's probably almost done about now. I walk out of the fully mowed garden with the seed temporarily stored in my {Shadow Tent} and follow the mowed grass until I find Sapphire fighting mantrikes.
Mantrikes are similar to mandrakes but instead of having a soul-piercing screech they have roots that have thorns to attach to their ends that has poison and a high magic resistance if they are not collected correctly. I don't think I need to help her because... well she seems to be enjoying herself cutting them down with her scythe. She has a huge smile pasted on her face as she cuts nearly twenty that are surrounding her and then thrusts the bladeless end into another, rips it up from the ground and throws it into another group.
She dodges and cuts down all the roots heading her way then jumps into a large group and spins on her heel and decapitates them all. It's beautiful and kind of scary or it may be beautiful because it's scary. The battle doesn't last much longer with Sapphire cleaning up the remaining enemies. After she was finished she collected all the corpses into Richt's storage.
"Oh, Andria. Sorry, I didn't see you there. How long were you watching?" She was clearly a bit embarrassed, blushing slightly and squirming cutely.
"You don't need to worry, I didn't see anything." I mean I saw everything but I can't exactly tell her that. Especially because of this gap moe, I'm keeping this all to myself. Huhuhu.
"Yes, really."
She let out a sigh of relief and calmed down.
"Are you finished with the garden?"
"Yes, but I ran into a giant monsterified Ibil weed and this came out after defeating it."
I pull the seed out of my {Shadow Tent} and show it to her.
"{Plant Appraisal} it didn't work. {Monster Appraisal} it worked and my proficiency increased. I'll show you the result."
Name: Yet to be determined-----Race: Ibil Alraune Seed
Job: Yet to be determined-----Class: Medic(New!)
Skill--Plant Manipulation--Support Magic(New!)--Wood Magic--Yet to be determined--
Title--Survivor--Unique Individual--Plant with a Mind(New!)--???(???)--
"I see, can you store the seed in your {Dimension Home} for now. We can grow it at a later, and we can have a shopping date tomorrow to get the necessary stuff."
"Yeah, I'll finish the mowing real quick with some wind magic."
She casts a couple of instances {Wind Razor} and cuts all the grass short in a couple of seconds.
"Let's make a report to the maids. Where do you think she is?"
"Right here."
She was apparently right behind us. I wasn't able to detect her, she must be quite the quality maid.
"I have checked your work here is the completion page. I have also included the bonus. I have to get back to work. You may leave through the front gate."
She then turned and left.
"Sapphire lets go."
We go around the mansion to the front gate. Until we see a 5-year-old little girl with fox ears and tail happily swinging a small sword. She notices us and waves and runs over.
"Hi. How are you? Who are you? Are you adventurers? Did you come to get rid of the Beastie in the garden? I'm May. What's your name? You're pretty. Your horns are cool. Can I touch them? Your tails are cool too. Mine's fluffy not scaly or thin like yours. Can I touch those?"
Sapphire seems confused and has no idea what to do. I know how to handle this, I kneel down and bring my tail close to her.
"Good. Andria, and this is Sapphire. Yes. No, but I did anyway. As I said earlier, Andria. Thank you, you're cute too. Yes, if you're careful."
"REALLY, thank you!"
She carefully touches my tail and horns. My tail is quite sensitive, but she seems to understand intuitively. Her tail might be similar. Once she was done with me she goes over to Sapphire who is kneeling completely frozen from not knowing what to do.
She lightly pulled Sapphires tail after fondling her horns but stopped after hearing Sapphire. She played with us until Mia came to pick her up while apologizing. We left soon going to Isis house. Sapphire seemed a bit tired but okay. She fell asleep quickly after having lunch. I can't wait for our date tomorrow but looking at her sleeping face is good to.

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