~Andria's side~
We head home anyway and meet up with Jeane along the way. We talked about what Sapphire did and what Jeane found out during her search. It turns out that they managed to seal the undead but they need someone to go and purify it.
We get to her house to eat dinner go to bed. The next day we take a lawn mowing request and get paid for yesterdays request plus the bonus. We head over to the mowing request. We go into the noble district into a small house with only a single guard. It looks a little worn down but still is well taken care of.
"Hello, we came to complete the request lawn mowing from the guild. Here are our guild cards."
"I've checked please come in, the maid will guide you."
We go through the gate and meat a young maid who has fiery red hair.
"Hello my name is Mia, I'll guide you to the Master's room."
"Thank you."
We walk inside and it is pretty bare. There is less than the bare minimum normally present. You would normally have statues, works of arts and magic tools but this place doesn't have any of those. It also seems that there aren't very many employees. We haven't run into another maid and we are almost at the lord's room. It is still extremely clean and the building has no damage that would come with a building with some age. We make it to a simple yet elegant door and the made knocks.
Knock knock
"You may enter."
"Yes, master."
We walk in and see a clean and proper man a little over thirty sitting in a leather chair seeming extremely tired.
"Hello, I'm baron Bagdue. The request is quite simple. All you have to do is mow the lawn and the same for the garden since it has overgrown for a bonus."
We accept and split up with Sapphire dealing with the front lawn and I go to the 'garden'. It is seriously over-grown the ibil weeds have covered all the walls. Let see, I'll use {Shadow Manipulation} to create a blade connected to a tentacle and slice the Ibil weed...or not. It is too hard to be cut with this it seems. I pull out a dagger and all of a sudden the ground starts shaking.
Three thick stems come out of the ground. Shit, how do you leave it here like this and let monsterfication happen? Ibil weeds are weeds because they bite people but they are also magical plants so they help the plants around them to grow faster. If you plant them and raise them on magic power it is possible to tame them as long as you don't leave them to grow out of control. If you do let it go out of control it has a high chance of monsterfication.
Monsterfication is the phenomena when non-monsters turn into monsters, simple. When mana is absorbed if it goes over that creatures limit it goes through monsterfication. It will cause it to become stronger and overall more aggressive. Normally Ibil weed would be removed before monsterfication or would be tamed when it happened and be a tamed monster. It is a crime not to report it though, and then you have to put a demonic neckless on it.
Well, I don't have a choice, let's kill it. I dash forward while doging wood magic and tentacles fron the vines. I reach the main stem cover my body and weapon in a layer of mana and slice into the stalck but failed to cut through it. I jumped back to retreat and started avoiding the increased flurry of earth magic that was added on top of all the previous attacks. After two minutes an opening apeared and I took the chance and cast the {Light Speed} enhancement and finish cutting through the main stalk.
The ground started shaking and the corpse of the Monsterfied Ibil weed started glowing and compressing into...
~World Info~
There are a few types of political structures the main one is the monarchy. The largest country is an empire with an emperor and even the Millea kingdom with the king.
The noble ranks go in the Millea kingdom:
The King
The Prince- Canidit for next king
Pro-Kings- Child of the king but not a canidit for the next king, tends to become a minister.
Grand Duke-The person who can act in place for the king in case of emergancy. It can not be passed down.
Duke-Has the blood of the royal family running in them and is a back up royal family.
Marquis-The highest noble rank without any royal blood.
Earl- Ministers are treated as this rank even if the aren't nobles.
Baron- Lowest land owning noble.
Chevilier- Higher than knight but can be passed down, normally called knight families.
Knights- A noble right given to those who are serving other nobles.

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